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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I truly want to download my favorite music and videos because these months a couldn´t because the problmems with youyube so now please let me do it

  • to complete vajar videos and movies live music, which I like to see him several times yquiero using it personally, to share with family and friends

  • This program is very good and had the previous version I hope this better results, it seems I see several things have changed. well I hope you enjoyed my comment

  • Thanks. I´m going to download the program to do homeworks with mi son. Sometimes We need informative videos or documentals about Math, Science, History, etc

  • for download videos of youtube especially grindcore and noisecore live sets and albums,eps,demos,eps,lps,splits,cds,compilations,rehearsals,et

What similar programs have you used?
  • I had not use other similar program. Just tube catcher, but I did format my hard disc and all programs were deleted. I don't understand why

  • I dont used similar programs yet because i like to use atube catcher for dowload my favorite songs and videos. I think its perfect for me. !

  • until now I have not used any program that performs a task like this and want to use ATube cacher because someone gave me a recommendation of this

  • tubemate youtube downloader 2.2.4 its been good but doesnt have a desktop version apart from the android mobile version. can i download this app now

What do you like most about this program?
  • caus is easy and fast and it has a lot of things like video downloader and music ,, sorry for the kind english i tiping but your program its so nice

  • This small app packs heavy artillery aimed at video downloading and conversion, putting its diversified features at the disposal of all user groups, beginners and experts alike. While other similar programs with a thinner skill set name their price, aTube Catcher is benevolent and supplies its services free of charge (excluding the setup's advertisements).

  • What i loev about this program is the music it has a very fast download and you can use it for a lot of different and absolutely needed things

  • i enjoy converting music videos and song in this program. that why i want to download atube catcher. The sound quality is fantastic ! Thank you

  • The best download speed,very effective to be manageable in its environmentdownload always available, and The free file is virus, and spyware


aTube Catcher is a software specially created to help you to convert videos which have been uploaded to the Net into different formats suitable with your PC or other devices. It is important to notice that it was originally thought to be used by students and individuals, and for only personal and non-commercial purposes. Now you can play offline all of the videos you’ve liked and watched in different websites thanks to this tool.

Among the variety of video formats supported by this software, you will find those which are the most popular ones such as AVI, MPG, MP4, WMV, MOV, FLV or 3GP. Moreover, with this program you will be able to save the videos to the maximum quality supported by each one, admitting even HD quality. Feel free to enjoy the videos and movies as never before with this program.

How does this software transfer videos into your PC?

Presented as a small web browser, aTube Catcher gets into any social site with videos, and by interpreting its content, aTube Catcher can detect the videos and convert them into the format you desire on the PC folder you have previously selected. This way, aTube Catcher does not just download and playback the videos like other programs or browsers do, but also provides a converting tool.

Moreover, aTube Catcher also comes along a Flash Video Player for free, as well as an interesting tool that allows you to obtain comics, fun videos or TV Commercials. In addition, you can encode any video you want to other formats like VCD, IPOD, DVD or PSP among others, with no further requirements. Select and get the video that you want.

aTube Catcher 3.9.7986 Features

Below you will find the outstanding features aTube Catcher provides:

  • Backup videos from a large variety of social sites
  • It supports a wide range of file formats such as MPG, MOV, AVI or FLV among others
  • This program integrates a FLV player for free for playing directly files you get from the Internet
  • Simple and intuitive interface
  • Encode videos to DVD, IPOD, PSP or VCD
  • Conversion can be customized by the user
  • No additional download required
  • Easy to setup, use and uninstall

If you are interested in aTube Catcher and you would like to read more about aTubeCatcher, you can check the author's webpage .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and use this PC software are the following:

  • Operating System: Window XP or higher
  • Hard Disk Space: at least 20 MB available are recommended
  • Internet connection is required


This program is a good choice if what you need is to convert videos into other formats, or to have the possibility of store them on your computer and watch them offline. Its wide variety of formats supported make from this program a very useful tool. You can even use it to change video’s format for mobile devices. You will get benefit from transferring and converting all the videos you want, and replay it with no need of being online.