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Spice up your Windows desktop with this totally cool and awesome desktop enhancement tool

By Beatrice Tan

On Wednesday, September 24, 2014

For a software that has already been phased out of development over 5 years ago, BumpTop is continuously being downloaded by many Windows users even today. This is probably because it's currently the only software able to change your Windows desktop environment from a flat – and rather lifeless – 2D world, into a highly interactive and dynamic 3D environment. Now why hasn’t anybody thought of developing that for operating systems?

Downloading the software, I noticed that BumpTop is pretty heavy on resource requirements. For a 3D software application, I wasn't really surprised at this. Once up and running, I was pleasantly surprised on what a supposedly long-running software can do. Suddenly, I could change my Windows 7 desktop into a three dimension, real-life physics environment. I was able to manipulate, change and edit my desktop into an X-Y axis, spatial world. Its like staring into a room with a view from the ceiling or from the walls. Icons can be on the floor or on any of the walls. Really cool. I could also change the viewpoint to a wall-based scenario. I was also able to apply an array of themes that changed the appearance of my desktop even more drastically. The software is currently supported on Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7. Some users are even reporting online that BumpTop runs smoothly on Windows 8.

Being heavy on resources may be one of the reasons why BumpTop hasn't gone mainstream. Or maybe Google (the current owners and developers of the application) just needs to reinvent BumpTop and re-launch it again with new and improved features, perfect for both desktop and mobile platforms. Which is what many are hoping to happen because BumpTop is really a 3D desktop enhancement tool that is still being searched for by many PC users, and downloaded to this day.


  • Changes your Windows desktop from 2D to 3D
  • A variety of themes can be applied
  • Real-world physics makes your desktop interactive and dynamic


  • There is no longer any support from the developers or software’s current owner
  • Software is really heavy on system resources
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • im using this softwer differt with my friends and school project al so like vwery much but i dont no bump top so i nead soft pls impru more effect

  • im using this softwer differt with my friends and school project al so like vwery much but i dont no bump top so i nead soft pls impru more effect

  • i am used my computer thisYou are about to download BumpTop 2.1.6225 from our server application ownload is always availableThe best download speed

  • to decorate my windows 7 32 bit desktop for looking good. and yop make is feel like 3d, wich is really awesome and grea. 1234567891234567890

  • to make my screen beautiful and different than others. so I really thanked the person who made this program for users. A great thanks, I wish you luck

What similar programs have you used?
  • i did not use any program like this one.but now i wanne try it for the first time and i hope i will satesfide muche more and finally thnakes

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  • no i have never ever used this appication before this time now i want to use this appliction because it is nice app for buerifiction my destop

  • I have used several programs like bumptop pro like real desktop rocketdock splash dock bump top 2.0 along with nexus and windows 10 customs file

  • bump top has always been the best desktop customizer i have ever seen in my life its not a complement its a reality which is unchanged.i hope

What do you like most about this program?
  • beautiful structure & 3D stylish designing which is really imressive. A good software indeed to show off the skills to motivate ur benefical str

  • This is an awesome software. i have a first hand experience with it. and i came to know through a fb link.i like the idea of 3D desktop. great work done.

  • this program have a very high definition quality of 3d graphics and also display that makes desktops very beautiful and creatively amazing too

BumpTop is an application desktop which allows you to change the appearance of your screen in a 3D environment.

Thanks to this utility, you will be able to administer all the icons, files and folders you have on your desktop with the particularity of seeing them as 3D objects. For instance, you will be able to integrate your social networks on it and quickly access to them from a single click. In addition, this original application allows you to group icons by functionality.

Despite that fact, the application integrates the same kind of functionalities than any other desktop management tool.

Main functions

BumpTop allows you to manage icons and files in 3D. This application is a good alternative for those users who are tired of managing objects in a classical desktop since BumpTop will dramatically modify its appearance in a quick and simple way.

The program is very easy to install. As soon as the process is done, you will be able to manage your desktop in a more original way than before. Besides that, BumpTop lets you add post-it notes, photos or themes as well as print a document by placing it on the printer’s icon thanks to the drag and drop feature.

Similar alternatives to BumpTop

If you are looking for similar software which allows you to organize the icons of your desktop, there are some other alternatives available. For example, XUS Desktop is an application which helps you to classify similar icons into the same category as well as launch your favourite ones from the desktop. Besides that, it is able to detect and remove duplicated icons.

On the other hand, there is another useful desktop tool which can help you in case you need other kinds of functionalities. TeamViewer is a utility which allows you to access different desktops. It is used for those people who need to remotely control other computers and for less experienced users that need assistance while using their computers.

BumpTop 2.1.6225 Features

The unique features of this software are listed below:

  • Classify your desktop icons in 3D
  • Facebook and Twitter support (drag and drop function to upload photos directly from your desktop)
  • Dynamic graphic engine
  • A variety of themes to apply
  • Users have to write the name of the program when they want to search something on their desktop

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BumpTop is a good application for those users who enjoy customizing their desktop and add a beautiful touch to their icons, files or folders. However, it is more attractive than useful since it mainly provides originality.

Please note: BumpTop is no longer available since it has been acquired by Google and it won’t be updated.

  • Makes your desktop attractive
  • Customizable
  • Intuitive
  • No longer available