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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Talk to people and have fun while becoming friends with everyone on their. Also, maybe find a sweet and romantic boyfriend or girlfriend to me

  • lot's of fun i cant wait to use it im so excited i like to dress up and and do crazy things with my friends they are real cool too i think most

  • talking with different people and making new decorting the rooms and listening to various music from everyone tht comes in...

  • chat and have a bunch of fun.I really need to use this because its for a very important thing that i need.If you let me download it ima be ha

  • Im using this program to play and experience the world of imvu because it's really fun and entertaining you can do so much just like in the real world

What similar programs have you used?
  • i used meez befor it was realy fun to use kinda like imvu but only i dont have as much choices but so far both of them are pretty cool to play

  • i have used this app before but on a tottaly different computer because it was my sisters computer and not freaking mine so i got introuble.

  • second life veiwers it waz good but only sticking orcutting of i like these virtual games can dateand do watever u want it is awesome and i really love it

  • The other similar programs I used were Second Life and instant messaging websites, but I did not like those at all. I hope IMVU will be a better experience for me.

  • the sims 4 and stardoll. but imvu is the best for dressing and chat with all people around the world. let me dowload this please i cant talk

What do you like most about this program?
  • creative characters and world the shop is filled with unique creations i love it been pn and off for a few years now also good conversations

  • that is cool them a difrent game a bin in my life and you chart whit difent friends or people do you like this gameand you felt in love the p

  • I like to customize my avatar in the coolest, meeting new people from around the world. Its a positive experience for all. I hope more will join.

  • The features and the similarities to softsonic and from my understanding there is nothing wrong with being like a website that takes you right to the link

  • its awesome,fun there is no words to describe it but i want k1ngburna back on pls and i would appreciate it because i love him apart from that i enjoy it


IMVU is an instant message system that you can download for free. In this social network you will have to create your own avatar, in order to interact with other users in different chat rooms. Chat rooms can be either private or public depending on the settings that you perform. Avatars can interact and talk with other people through chatting. The chat conversation appears in big bubbles that both sides can visualize.

IMVU is more than a social place to find friends, it also includes different kinds of games. You can share objects with your friends and play with them. You can exchange credits for any utilities that you want. You can get 200 free credits when you first start the game just by trying clothes on. IMVU aims mostly to people between 18 and 24 years old.

IMVU 517.0 Features

Below we’ve summarized the most interesting features of IMVU:

  • Private and public chat rooms
  • Meet people from anywhere in the world in the chat rooms of IMVU
  • Create your own groups and customize them
  • Select the members of your chat rooms
  • When you start playing you will be granted 200 credits to spend in clothes, accessories, furniture, etc
  • You can buy more credits to increase your number of items
  • IMVU verifies your age for which if you are an adult, you can get access to a private part of the game only for adults
  • Avatars can perform real life actions
  • You can play different kind of games
  • You can share experiences with people with the same interests as you

If you want to take to know more about the features of IMVU, you can visit the official website

INVU Software Download
INVU Software Download

Some tips about this chat rooms software

When you finish the download of IMVU you will be requested to register your own account. During the installation process you’ll be asked to give your avatar a name to complete the sign up process and be able to login to IMVU. You can choose the gender of your avatar, clothing, its appearance, etc. These options make this application to be very customizable, and also try to fit your likes.

If you right click on you avatar, you will see that a pop up menu will display, in this menu you can choose several actions that your avatar can do, like laughing, make faces, dance, etc. You can create chat rooms and customize them the way you like, incorporating furniture and ornaments that you can get by exchanging credits.

System Requirements

In order to be able to download and enjoy IMVU:

  • Windows XP
  • Pentium 4 at 2 GHz
  • 512 MB de RAM
  • Intel GMA 950
  • 2 GB of free space in your hard drive.