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wifi needs passwords and thats where router heygen comes in

By Kevin Kimaita

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014



This is an android application that enables one to unlock wifi hotspots that have passwords so as to enable usres to use the internat free of charge.It can also be used in circumstances where you have lost your wifi password,or you went to check your wifi security.The software must be compatible to the wifi router for it to work.


Download the application

Select the network that you want to connect to and press start scan.

It will bring to you a password then copy and paste the wifi password on the area that apassword is required.


Easy to use interface.

Regular updates which notify a user the routers that can support the application that you have added.

it also checks your your wifi security.


The minimum requirements to use this application on your phone are

Android gingerbread 2.3 or higher.


Router keygen is an application that makes one check ones onw wifi security as well as unlocks passwords of other wifi networks therefore use it responsibly.


  • freeware so one doesnt have to buy it.
  • easy to use so can be accesses by anyone widely.


  • a dictionary is needed to decipher some
Ease to access guides and manuals:



Router Keygen is a simple downloadable app that will help decipher WiFi passwords

By Beatrice Tan

On Thursday, August 7, 2014

Router Keygen is a free downloadable application available in the Android market. This app is used in generating the default WPA keys of different router devices. The list of all the routers supported is available in the developer’s page. It is most especially helpful in cases when you have lost or forgotten your WiFi password or you want to check your network connection’s security. These are the best times for the app to be used because it has the capability of deciphering numerous networks. However, there are certain router devices that are not compatible with the app’s software and in that case, it won’t be able to decipher default keys. What’s good about Router Keygen is it doesn’t require too much technical knowledge from its user. It works very simply from the installation process until such time you have downloaded the dictionary file. The rest would be easier because the software’s interface is noncomplex. This app is really useful. My only advise is for everyone to maximize its functionalities not with other people’s networks.


  • Generates WEP/WPA default keys of different routers
  • Wide variety of supported router devices
  • App is simple and has a noncomplex interface


  • It requires user to download a dictionary file automatically stored in SD card
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have you forgoten you router password and would like to recover it in simple steps??

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, June 1, 2015

The internet has come out in a burst and is basically used for the day to day activities.. Those call you make has to be conveyed somehow and a after a few thought the word internet will pop up.. We are still in the 4g speeds but hope is in that 5G has just been achieved with over 1tera byte a second. Thats great, the thought of downloading 10 terabytes in ten seconds feels like a dream come true..

Internet is everywhere and with just the right tools you can use it freely or by paying.. Hacking is also an option but is mostly illegal in many countries.. To access the internet you can use either a modulated demodulator or short name ( modem), you can use cables from your isp. this are what are called faiber optics, you can use routers and many others..

For all of this items your isp (internet service provider) makes sure that the bandwith is allocated to a specific person and not just anyone who wants it. They will set personal passwords for you so as to give you control of who you want to access the internet. But with all the frenzy all around you will at sometime forget what your password was. Maybe by just a mere confusion between your email password and your phone password. Now you dont need password for internally placed internet gadgets like modems since they are in the house and are mostly connected directly to a computer.

But when it comes to routers, these are used to share internet to multiple computer and at times you will need to enable it with a password.. This will be in a category of locked or private wifi and is used in offices and other private places and there are free or public wifi used in hotels and other public places.this dont have passwords..

When you forget a password you can either flash your router but this will void your warranty or you can use the router keygen.. The router keygen is designed in a way that it will try and use a back door in your router and give a set of keys which you can try as the password.. It not 100% guaranteed but it has an 89% success rate, this is much better than you stressing all day to remember the password..Once you recover the password change it to something simpler to remember..


The router keygen can be used in many exploits if handled by with care.


  • Supports many router, linksys
  • it is very simple to use


  • Is not always successful .
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • well first i need to see if this program is even going to work on my pc the last one i downloaded didnt work for windows 10 and that bumbed me out

  • My and my friends are working in a school project to find out wifi conectivitiies and be able to messure the distances right there. check conectivity

  • for fun only ,thanks if it going work well,that desturbing a lot to look for wifi code ,you have forgot so it's easy having such tool in hand

  • to use a wifi personal for researching a project from the university and creat a report. besides I have to send some emails for job positions

  • research and security. pentesting , improving services and shoring up holes in defenses. also, verifying no outdated equipment is in factory setting


Router Keygen is a free Android app which is used to generate default WPA/WEP keys for many router devices. For instance, it is especially useful when you have lost your WiFi password or want to check the security of your network. In this kind of situations is when the application is especially recommendable since it will be able to decipher multiple networks.

On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that if the router is not compatible with this software, the application will not be able to decipher the key. Router Keygen is suitable for any kind of user, no matter if novice or experienced, as it has a very simple interface that enables the access to its features in a very quick way.

As we already mentioned, Router Keygen can be very serviceable inasmuch it can help you in any situation in which you need Internet connection and you have no data or no WiFi access. Besides, this application is able to audit the security of your network. However, we recommend you to use this free app in a responsible way and avoid getting any password without the consent of its owner.

How to use this application

Once you download this app, you will see that its use is pretty simple. When the installation process in done, all you have to do is open Router Keygen on your mobile phone. Then, you can select the Internet network for which you want the password and choose the "Start Scan" option you will find on your screen. This way, Router Keygen will generate the password in some minutes and you will be able to copy it on the clipboard.

After that, you will need to copy the password where the network asks you for it, which is on the WiFi configuration panel of you Android device. Once you finish this simple process, you will have access to that network. It is important to notice that you will need to download a dictionary file to decipher certain keys. However, it just takes a few seconds and its size is very light. The file will be downloaded to your SD card by default, so be aware of selecting the folder where you want it to be downloaded.

Router Keygen 1.0.0 Features

In this section you will find the unique features of this password deciphering application:

  • Generates default WPA/WEP keys
  • Audits the security of your own network
  • Very clear and easy-to-use interface
  • Wide range of supported routers
  • Regular updates which increase the supported routers

If you want to find out more information about the download of Router Keygen, you can visit the developer's website .

System requirements

The minimum system requirements needed to use and enjoy Router Keygen for free in your Android mobile are the following:

  • Android 2.3 Gingerbread or higher


If you need a free efficient tool to get the key of an Internet network, this application is a good choice. However, we encourage you to use it in a responsible way and take advantage of its functionality with your own networks.

  • Wide router formats support
  • Easy-to-use
  • Free
  • WPA/WEP keys generated by default
  • Updated regularly
  • To decipher some router formats, a dictionary file is needed