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eMule 0.50a

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The installation of eMule will provide a peer to peerplatform where files can be shared over a secure network with accepted friends. The community of users constitutes the sharing platform that the software depends on.

One thing that is distinctive of this software is that it is totally free. As open source software, the users will have the power to modify the functions of eMule as needed. By default, the interface of eMule has a panel-like view with files that are being downloaded and/or shared. Various sharing statistics on Windows machines will also be revealed.

You get what you pay

As free software, the number one worry with eMule is the lack of advanced and reliable features. We found that worry to be unfounded with eMule. The software seems to have some of the most advanced functions among its many peers. For instance, Ares and uTorrent do not have a chart where the download stats of the host machines are displayed. In addition, using a grid as server is an indication that the speed with eMule is fast.

The method used by eMule is both a blessing for the reasons mentioned above and a curse at the same time. The grid does not permit the reorganization of priorities. As a result, the bandwidth allocated to each file can suffer.

eMule is not necessarily the number one name that comes to mind when one thinks about P2P software. However, eMule is open source hence free of many annoyances one receives with other competitors. There are no ads or messages on its platform. The staple grid platform has some advantages and few downsides as well.

eMule 0.50a Features

The main features of this software are the following:

  • Queue option to ensure users that everybody will have their files
  • It provides error-free files (file checker thanks to eMule Intelligent Corruption Control)
  • Priority function to put your most important files first in the queue
  • Preview option
  • Organize your files by categories
  • Search function to find files
  • Message service to be in contact with other users (IRC chat client included)

For more information, you can check the developer's site .

Given the reliable interface and abundance in features provided, it is not hard to see why many users prefer using eMule despite the one major problem aforementioned.

  • Free open source
  • Easy to use interface
  • Grid connection
  • File tracking enabled
  • No option for sharing priority
  • Arbitrary bandwidth allocation