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Mame32 0.177

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By Kevin Kimaita

On Friday, June 12, 2015


This is a certain software that makes you have the games of long time ago and then you just play them like the way you used to play them and get to enjoy and this made me get a lot of fun and this is because the old games such as pokeman I just got to find it here in this version of mame.Here also in this game emulator there is also a games arcade and here you will be able to get the various categories of games that you so wish desire to play them and then there will be filters in which you will get to fill in the details of the game that you want to play.


The features of this game are as follows

It is a game emulator in that you get to have the games of long time ago here

There are also filters to help you choose the game that you want.


It is very a very amazing software I must say.


  • It is free to download
  • It is very simple to use


  • when I used it sometimes it could hang up a lot



Play your favorite arcade games in the comfort of your PC

By Daren Garius

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014

If you missed playing your favorite old arcade games, this is your chance. Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator or simply called MAME is what you need. As the name suggests, the application reproduces various games and you can use it on your desktop computer. You can play your cherished games from the previous decades and it is like playing the real thing. It has even improved some games which is great. This is the main purpose of this program - to maintain the old games so that it can still be enjoyed by the old and new generations. You can play around three thousand games so your choices are almost endless. You can enjoy playing Space Invaders, Donkey Kong, Metal Slug and many more. Even with the new and exciting games available today, it is always nice to go back and play your old favorites. Go back in time and have fun playing classic games at the comfort of your PC with this great program.


  • Wide selection of games available
  • Does not eat up your PC resources


  • There are games that freeze sometimes



One of the Most Powerful Game Emulators That Can Emulate Classic Arcade Games

By Sam James

On Thursday, February 19, 2015

I’m sure that most of us have already experienced that wonderful feeling when playing arcade games, and honestly I’d really love to play arcade games particularly all the popular classic titles. Every time I’m playing some of my favorite classic arcade games it really feels like I am brought back to my high school days. That’s why I’m so happy when I used this wonderful application that can emulate arcade games using our own computer at home. So now, you don’t need to go to any arcade center or a mall just to play your favorite arcade games. By using this application you can possibly play all of your favorite arcade games even without having all those expensive arcade machines, and this amazing application is called the MAME32. MAME is a powerful application that can emulate lots of arcade games even if it is a classic or a modern game. However, its function is very limited when it comes to its commands via consoles so therefore running this application is tedious for some users. On the other hand, MAME allow us to play real arcade games, instead of playing only the copied or cloned ones. Honestly, this application is quite tricky to set-up and use, but in the end it’s all worth the effort, because you will have the access with lots of vintage yet still playable arcade games using your desktop computer.


  • You can play the original arcade games
  • You don’t need to spend money


  • Some of the games frequently freeze




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to use the mame to play arcade ld games at home with my friends during my free time after wrk or weekends when i have nothing to do

  • for my own personal use; I currently am using Mame32 v0.89 and I'm interested to see what improvements have been made to the code. Interesting that there is a requirement on number of characters.

  • for playing games and more apps from this emulator i so happy to use this application or i dont know what is this thank you s much php nuke s

  • I want to get retro and play some of ne good old games just for fun with a few beers and bros. Ikari warriors is my fav and I also like asteroids

  • playing a old school shooters on a modern pc with a keyboard cool graphics shooting is fun gun and run fun space invaders, sega genesis knights of mystaria,

What similar programs have you used?
  • I never used similar programs yet, is the first time that I gona use something like this stuff and also I dont know what else write for this

  • Just MAME alomg time ago(not sure which version). was fun to replay all the old games i dumped millions of quarters into playing are you serious

  • i have been using neogeo emulator since 2014 and now i want to download mame because my best friend told me that it has 3600 games with including contra my best game

  • Andy Android games player did not work thought i think it would be great if it actually worked I'm just talking bullshit because you asked me

  • mame 32 older version since 1989 and enjoy it ever sinse download new version, but seems there is problems with settings, to fast or to slow

What do you like most about this program?
  • was looking for a new mame eulator and found this site on google. playing the classics games again, reminds me of the longer easyer days plaving games

  • historic preservation of childhood memories and the understanding of technical details for future generations. Games are kinda cool too, ha ha

  • Memories of my childhood standing in a corner cafe laying these arcade games for hours on end. Eventually so bad that our parents would want to close the place down

  • It gives me what I want most and that is the ability to have MAME in my possession. With this, I can get anything I want to without having any problems.

  • the nice games are free if you've downloaded it and it has good graphics so you can play nicely without any problems my best game is marvel super heros vs street fighter

Mame is a game emulator which let users to play arcade games in their PC. It is actually an acronym for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator.

This game application has a wide range of games to play, some of them which may have been forgotten since they are old ones offered in arcades years ago. Now they are reproduced and gathered all in one single application without needing to install them separately, just run them in this emulator.

Options and titles

All Mame’s games are the same as the arcade version, this way you can be sure to be playing the same games you remember. Among its most popular titles there are Space Invaders or Metal Slug.

You will avoid flaws and bothering low-quality emulation, Mame offers high quality filters and you will feel as if you were really playing your old video game console or the arcade.

This multiplatform emulator will work with the commands and its use is pretty simple. Furthermore, you will be able to find lots of tutorials about how to use this software on the internet, and MAME itself comes with a help file.

Another good feature is that you will be able to play your games in any PC. Once you have downloaded this program the only thing you will need to do is to storage it in a portable device, this way you could later run it in any other computer or laptop.

Alternative software

There are several software on the Internet which play the same role as MAME, and one of the most recommendable ones is KEmulator Lite, which will simulate Java games, with 3D graphics; thus you will not have to use them from the small window of you mobile phone.

However, if the games you enjoy the most are those of you Play Station, there is also an option for you. PSX Emulator will be the software that will allow you to play those games on your PC, no matter if you lost the disk or want to try something new.

Mame32 0.177 Features

Below you can check the features of this emulator for PC:

  • Complete compatibility with ROMs of arcade games
  • Perfect emulation of the games you run
  • Different filters available for enhancing the technical aspect of your titles
  • External devices supported, such as gamepads or joysticks
  • You can enable cheats from the menu
  • Allows instant save at any moment
  • It improves the performance of your old games

If you want to check more features and information of this application visit the official webpage .


MAME allows users to play a huge number of arcade games in an easy way just emulating them. Remember the classics you played years ago.

  • Original games
  • Variety of games to choose
  • Portable
  • Light on resources
  • Works with commands