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Opera 33.0.1990.58

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Opera is an Internet browser created by Opera Software with open source elements. This application will allow users to get instant news thanks to its Discover feature and will browse quickly your favorite webpages, among other characteristics. In addition, you will be able to enhance its functions thanks to available free add-ons on the official market.

This last version of Opera includes some improvements which make Opera a very competitive option in the browsers war. However, this application is not among the big three composed by Google Chrome, Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. Opera combines a beauty design, very customizable, with a good level of usability including the usual tools for this kind of software such as Bookmarks’ management or extensions to download developed by third-party companies.

The memory consumption has been kept low, being pretty lightweight, easy to use and recommendable for every kind of system. This way you won’t be wasting too much RAM in your browser, it simply doesn’t need it. Its good design and top-quality style enhances the way of understanding surfing the web, just performing searches and saving memory that other applications can’t. Stash, bookmark websites and high speed browsing, Opera is all-in-one.

Style and complements

Opera’s interface reminds of Firefox due to the top button place at right side, where you can find all the options for customizing and configuring the application. This way Opera is kept simple to use, since it only shows what is important for the user any time. Additionally, you can change the aspect of the program, adding new functions that are included in the program or that you can download for free from the store as you wish.

When the user opens a new tab, Opera shows a new menu by default. This includes a Google search field, your favorite websites added to the speed dial features, and the additional functions Stash and Discover. All of these make Opera a unique application, being able to show the news of the world, sorted by country, theme and language thanks to Discover. Besides, with the Stash function you will be able to check several websites at the same time in a single tab.

The available add-ons section allows users to choose among a great variety of additional extensions. These ones vary on their functions, such as blocking advertisements, capture webpages, advanced PDF viewers or email applications. These extensions enhance and increase the utilities of the software, having in mind that everyone can create them and collaborate with the community.

Opera 33.0.1990.58 Features

Here you can find the unique features of Opera:

  • Fast and lightweight Internet browser
  • Additional free functions thanks to its third-party add-ons
  • Better favorite management with Speed Dial
  • Stash feature to check different websites in a single tab
  • The function Discover brings new information about the world automatically
  • Pretty customizable with several available themes
  • Search suggestions incorporated when you look for something in the address bar
  • Share data between different devices with Opera Link

If you want to know more about Opera, visit its official website .

System Requirements

Check the necessary system requirements to download Opera:

  • Operating System: Windows XP of further
  • Memory: 512MB RAM
  • HDD: at least 300MB


The internet browser that is light weight in size but heavy duty in terms of performance

By Kim Kiruma

On Thursday, November 26, 2015

Among the available web browsers in the market Opera stands out as a very unique browser. The developers of Opera came up with this browser in mind that many users are unable to install certain browsers due to their sizes and thus made a very light weight internet browser thus saving on memory used by the browser while giving the user the same excellent services it has. The browser has combined beauty, customizability and good user interface feature to make it an outstanding browser. With the browser one is able to manage the extensions such as add on. The browser has a similar top right side with the Firefox that has the options for customizing and configuration of this browser. The browser allows one to open a new tab that has a menu by default that is mainly composed of recent accessed sites and also the Google search field. The add-on section is charged with the responsibility of adding new extensions that serve various functionalities such as blocking adverts and even capturing web pages.


  • The internet browser is very light
  • The user interface Is very simple to use


  • There are none at this point
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By Mugambi Irene

On Friday, September 19, 2014

Opera is a web browser mostly for microsoft windows, android phones, black berry, windows phones, among many. It is more common than other web browsers and has more features than other browsers. Some browsers adopt some opera features like the speed dial. Speed dial helps the user to add more pages when a new tab is opened. Other opera main features is bookmarks bar, download manager, add-ons.

Another feature of opera is the page zooming where even if you are short sighted you can increase or decrease the size of the images or other contents to your comfortable sight size. It is secure to use opera because it has the option to delete your browsing history, cookies and even password making you feel secure with your private data. It has the ability to protect you against phishing and even warns you in case it detects any.

A great advantage is that it is free to download and install, when browsing the speed is high improving its market although there are some more advanced browsers, opera is still competitive and people are still downloading it. When you want to configure and customize your software it is easy because it has a button placed at the right top, thanks to its good interface. And did you know you can see world news using opera? Yes, you can sort the news of the country you want and the language you need them be displayed. This makes it very unique. Another unique thing with it has more extensions which depend on their functions like for blocking advertisements, email applications and many more. The advantages of these functions is to enhance and increase the usefulness of the software


  • it has many features like the speed dial
  • it is free to download and install
  • you can read news of the country of your choice with your preferred language


  • not fully improved like some browsers
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