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Rail Simulator 2015




Giving You a Chance to Experience to Drive a Realistic Train

By Sam James

On Friday, August 1, 2014

If you love to ride a train, this simulator will perfectly suit you and it is called the Rail Simulator. This program brings everything you like about riding trains with the high spirits of speed, spectacular graphics, and different types of trains, challenging mission and a realistic route. This simulator has a good quality when it comes to its sounds and graphics and I must say that this simulator is more advanced than the other train simulator out there. This game can easily be installed and runs instantly without having any problem even in a low spec XP computer. On the other hand, Rail Simulator is a good way to experience to drive a realistic train, and you don’t need to become a train enthusiast first before you try this wonderful simulator. You only need to do is to become a broad-minded and always prepared to try something new. Overall, Rail Simulator gives you an enjoyable driving experience to the extent that you actually feel like you are driving a real train.


  • Gives you a brilliant experience
  • It has a good graphics than the other simulator


  • Some missions are kind of boring



Rail Simulator software user review for phpNuke by James Meyette.

By James Meyette

On Monday, October 6, 2014

Rail simulator for pc is in my opinion one of the best train simulators available even in the trial version you have access to a wide variety of trains to try out and you feel fully immersed in the product almost as if you are driving a real train.

If you end up enjoying the software by trying out the trial then you can go to origin.com and download it for the small price of $9.99 which really isn’t bad by any means for a simulation game, as most can be upwards of $40.00 even for the older ones that are available through most publishers.

The aspect of travel while playing this game makes immersion that much greater as you get to see places in the country that you may have never seen before, the country side, or some cities that you have never seen.

As I mentioned a little bit earlier you are able to take control of many different types of trains, whether those are from present day or historic style trains including diesel, and steam engines.

In conclusion, Rail simulator is a great sim game for anyone who enjoys these types of titles.


  • Fun to play for people who enjoy sim games
  • Easy to use interface allows you to get right into playing


  • The full version is not free
  • The graphics are semi low quality even on the best of computers.



Fulfill Your Childhood Dream of Driving a Train with a Well-Established Game Series

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, October 17, 2014

The 2014 edition of Rail Simulator, or Train Simulator, offers a new career system and new menus. It’s the best choice if you have just decided to try out train sims. Its new menus are fresh looking and easier to use compared to its previous editions. It’s a gateway to deciding which routes to take or the season and time of day you want to drive in. On the other hand, its new and rational career system will surprise you with its attempt to imitate racing sims. At first, you will be given a full list of routes you can take as your scenarios. Here, you will be able to earn points for your ability to drive and gather your overall score at the end of each mission or scenario. There are also Steam achievements to unlock. Here, you can buy additional routes or individual locomotives to add in your collection. Sales do happen from time to time, so better check it frequently.


  • Features accurate visuals of trains and sceneries
  • Offers various routes to choose from


  • Only 3 routes are available for free




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to play these game for learning the basics of railway and also wanted to learn new things in it to develop a latest techniques for

  • To play and entertain my holidays by using this program. Even I can learn how to drive train also these type of games are more and more intersting

  • to play and compare it to train simulator 2016 wich requires a lot of memory for my computor. I tried the demo version and it worked fine on my system

  • Educational Purposes. I'm teacher in a professional school of the railroad area. I pretend to use the program for my classes, simulating rail operations.


What similar programs have you used?
  • i have not used any similar program and i am going to use this software for first time i have liked the train games from my childhood and li

  • train simulator 2015 ando other train simulators. I am board of weasting money on that tipe of games so i look for a free download and thisone appear

  • I have never used any similar programs to this and now I'm just trying to fulfill the character limit which will be done right about... now.

What do you like most about this program?
  • the possibility of drive a lot of trains in real conditions. I liked train simulator like this program because it's a very good game for the evening before sleep

  • Its very easy to download and you have provided us a good entertainment. Really happy about it so now focusing further to drive train thank you very much.

Rail Simulator is a train simulator for PC in which players will feel like real machinists driving along thousands of kilometers of different environments.

Player's task is simple: transporting passengers to their destinations or moving merchandise from one place to another. The challenge in Rail Simulator is to manage this vehicle without risking people’s or load’s integrity and fulfilling schedules in order to get a good score.

This game has realistic graphics and sounds. In fact, the landscapes that players can see from the train are views from England.

Can be adapted to players’ preferences

The game provides three difficulty levels: easy, intermediate or expert mode. This allows players to take the most of the driving experience or relax and enjoy the views.

With Rail Simulator users can select different locomotives according to their energy source: diesel, vapor or electric.

They will be able to manage and drive the train using both the mouse and the keyboard. Besides, they can change the viewing angle placing the camera in different points.

Similar software users can download

If you enjoy driving trains but expect more realistic results of your performance, a good option is Trainz: Railroad Simulator 2006. It has 3D graphics and allows players to edit different routes and create geographical layouts according to their preferences.

Another good alternative if you want to drive buses instead of trains is European Bus Simulator 2012, set in an urban environment. The game starts at the bus station once you have selected your line.

Rail Simulator 2015 Features

These are the features of this PC game:

  • Users can choose among diesel, steam or electric traction trains
  • Characters animation
  • Dynamic graphics with weather changes
  • Real trains’ routes: York-Newcastle, Barstow-San Bernardino or Oxford-Paddington set in different periods of time
  • Wide variety of train models: DB 294, ICE 3, BR Class 55 or Black five among others
  • Customized content: new routes and tasks creation thanks to Scenario editor which can be shared with other players
  • Three levels of difficulty: easy, intermediate or expert mode
  • 15 scenarios to play with several missions
  • Free-roam mode to travel with total freedom

If you want more info about this game, visit the .


With Rail Simulator players can experience the job of a machinist without moving from their house. It has quite realistic graphics and sounds and various playing modes.

Some functions are restricted

  • Realistic landscapes
  • Customizable scenarios
  • High quality sounds
  • Free Demo
  • No help support
  • Repetitive storyline