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Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.62

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  • Too have fun with mate and on singleplayer gameplayy. I have always wanted to play wih friends so this is great and extrrememly awesome for me

  • Fun , my internet is potato to download it on steam, i already own this game but i need the game files , so please help me out with great speeds okay thanks bye

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  • Free downloads all of them are great i really do appreciate them and i do like this site i cant wait to play arma 2 its gonna be the best ever

  • its free therefore it will be great to play. Why have you got this stupid thing here? it is really annoying. So go fk urselfs. /msg2shortlol

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead is the first expansion package for the tactical shooter game Arma 2 developed by Bohemia Interactive Studio, in which you will be able to play a whole new campaign.

Experiment real war tactics and take the role of different military duties in order to defeat the enemy and fight for your honor in this entertaining game. If you enjoyed playing Arma 2 and you would like to expand its possibilities and hours of enjoyment, then this tool is the ideal software for you.

With this game you will have access to a new and exclusive campaign for the above mentioned game. Develop your tactical skills in a new hostile environment while leading your team through the battle in order to reach the victory. Enjoy this game’s realism along with its good graphics and practical gameplay.

How to play this game

Three years have passed since the events that took place in Arma 2, when a new conflict in Takistan is unleashed and the US Army is sent to the area in order to help the civilians and eliminate the threat. Along this new campaign, Arma 2 incorporates new vehicles and factions, as well as enhanced equipment and three exclusive multiplayer maps.

Use your military equipment to go through the vast desert and eliminate your opponents while the war lasts. This game will put your mind to the test as you will need to think deeply how to administrate your resources and which move you are going to take next in order to not to fall in your enemies’ hands.

Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead 1.62 Features

The main features of this videogame are listed below:

  • New story campaign for multiplayer and single player gameplay
  • Three new large maps which include mountainous, desert and urban terrain
  • More than 300 new units, vehicles and weapons
  • Air, land and sea vehicles
  • Player versus Player (PvP) battles: air, land and sea
  • Integration with the original Arma 2
  • Extra gameplay elements: advanced weapon optics or remote real-time simulation
  • Advanced mission editor

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Similar alternatives

There are a bunch of different possibilities you can find for free. For instance, the above mentioned Arma 2, in which you will take the role of different military duties in order to become victorious in different conflicts that take place in the former Soviet State.

Another possibility is DayZ, in which you will have to escape from a whole city infested by zombies, while helping the rest of the survivors and fighting against the hordes of non-dead.


If you want to experiment the real taste of war and tactic strategies, then Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead will give you a taste of this as you survive this warlike conflict.

  • Free software
  • Good graphics and fun gameplay
  • Will test your skills
  • Requires Arma 2 to be installed