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Zombie Shooter 2

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Zombie Shooter 2 is an action game in which you will have to eliminate all the dangerous living dead men you encounter.

The beginning of this story is set in a laboratory, where Scientifics have created zombies and subsequently unleashed them on the Earth. This way, the player takes the role of one of the few people who are chosen to stop these monsters.

Once you have decided to assume this role, you will be a soldier who is armed with different weapons such as pistols and rifles, as well as explosives. The action of this game takes place in a city in ruins which has been invaded by these creatures. The key of Zombie Shooter 2 is to exterminate zombies using all kind of methods.

Two game modes

Besides that, Zombie Shooter 2 offers the player some customizable features. For example, it allows you to choose between a male and a female character. In addition, you can decide the type of adventure you want to join thanks to its two modes: survival and gun stand. For instance, you can spend your time trying to survive the zombies or making your best effort to solve the situation of your city.

On the other hand, the graphics have a great level of detail and help to bring realism to the different scenarios you can play. Besides that, you will be able to upgrade your collection of weapons thanks to the achievements you get while combating your enemies.

Similar alternatives

If you like this kind of games in which zombies and strange creatures are the main characters, there are some available alternatives, such as Counter-Strike Zombie 2 or Alien Shooter 2.

The first game allows you to choose if joining a humans or zombies and has varied game modes. The second one is able to display up to 100 monsters on your screen simultaneously and counts with three game modes and over 50 weapons.

Zombie Shooter 2 Features

Take a look at the features of this action game:

  • Over 100 zombies at a time on the map
  • RPG elements such as increasing your character’s skills
  • Different game modes for getting more action
  • Variety of vehicles
  • Gadgets and skills for surviving
  • Over 60 different weapons
  • Detailed environment

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This is an action video game especially indicated for those users who like shooting zombies and experience some risky adventures.

  • Two different game modes
  • Wide range of weapons
  • Good graphics
  • You will have to take your time to progress