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The Best Call Of Duty Series I Have Ever Played

By Sam James

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015

An exceptional game – that’s how I describe the 2nd Call of Duty game. I have wanted to play this game since I was in college, but now that I have finally played it 6 years after its release, I can totally say that it is a good game. It was the most popular game played on Xbox Live. The controls and the gameplay are very solid. The options are good. The iron sights have the perfect balance between field and zoom view. The graphics are good than World at War in terms of the environments and lighting. The guns are satisfying, and the multiplayer mode is very simple because you just have to choose any weapons that are available for your team. Moreover, this game has a split screen for 4 players and system link for large LAN parties. Also, the campaign of the game is very long, but fairly decent and good. All in all, this game is the best war game I have ever played!


  • Meaningful and clever additions to multiplayer
  • A campaign driven by outstanding pacing and varied encounters


  • The maps are too large




By Jackson Mbindyo

On Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The twentieth century was a century of wars especially between the world super powers trying to get supremacy fame and rule the world. Germany, USA, Russia and England fought endless all in the name of supremacy to win the world most superior power. At the end of the day the United States of America become the super power.

Call of Duty: World At War is a game that has been personalized and synchronized to give the player a feeling of how wars were fought in the last seventy or so years ago. this game can be played either in split mode where two player splay together or in an online mode. It allows players to practice their techniques while ate the same time surging forward and ensuring that their friends are protected.

This game comes with wonderful graphics and animation including explosions which is all meant to give the players the true taste of a battle field. The speeches and words used in the game are those of war fields


  • • Game supports multiplayer mode and online modes
  • • Graphics and wonderful speech makes it look real.


  • • One can spend a lot of time on this game



Survive this Shooting Game with Massive Explosions and Intelligent Enemies

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Call of Duty two is the 2nd installment of the popular COD series. This game was released many years ago. Nonetheless, it is one of the exceptional World War II scenario games I have ever played. I still play this game because it has full of actions and authentic combat experience. I also like how the AI enemies interact. They are intelligent and will give you a real challenge. I find the graphics good even though this game is a bit old. The sound is very striking and appealing. It has a brilliant voice acting and real life sound explosions. In addition, it has a fine game-play with awesome abilities. However, your health bar is no longer displayed. Every time you get shot, you just need to hide a let your health automatically restored. Overall, Call of Duty two is an outstanding shooting game that everyone will love. It delivers what you expect, fantastic game-play, challenging enemies and a real WWII experience.


  • It has a remarkable sound
  • Enemies are aggressive and challenging


  • Graphics is a bit outdated




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for leisure purpose and to have some fun with my family and friends.i will be using this game also to enlighten my knowledge on the efforts th

  • because it is very fun and fantastic game also the story about the world war 2 america versus japan are full with adventure andteammates yess

  • for playng this beautiful game with my friends and alone at my home were i descovered these magnifique game and i want to play it right now o

  • just for fun playing this, kind naturalistic games, because i cant afford to buy the original disc here in the phillippines because is very expensive.

  • for playing my dreams its my dream of many years to play but all the sites are giving trial and options to sign up i cam here and saw that its free of signup optins so im usings it

What similar programs have you used?
  • for enjoy and use call of duty is very good but some people played it an hose in school hows how to play frist followed play first took out

  • for entertainment .i am booring in home please give me idea of this game call of duty that how it is download for my system core 2 dou.and i

  • I have used cod 2, united offensive, world at war, and other action games. I like this one but cannot buy versions that are made for the newer microsoft applications.

  • I havn't used any programs like these before I'm not sure why there is a minimum of charecters that you have to provide it seems rediculous

  • My other similar programs that I used is Call of Duty 1, When I first played that game, it was fun experiencing the the histiry happened during world war 2

What do you like most about this program?
  • Quick and clean. very easy to use with clear and precise instructions. theres not much more i can say apart from i have told all my friends about this site and highly recommend it.

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  • the most games are for free and this is pretty interiesting because that is not at every website the case. so i hope you guys continue this way.

  • i think its ok m8 like u know u suck m8 just fck off and dont ask me again bitchh go fck yourself m8 apwdj9a8jsdi ijaisdodjia iajsdioaskdaio

  • this is a very beautiful and well defined game about wars and it seems many real incidents happened during warfare and can be played easily perfect


Call of Duty 2 is the second installment released in the extensive Cod franchise. Developed by Infinity Ward with the collaboration of Pi Studios and released in 2005 by Activision, this game has won more than 80 awards, being one of the most awarded games of its generation. This first-person shooter is set in the World War II, recreating the incidents and conflicts of this war in a very realistic way. Several missions of the campaign are based on real life events, but in others the writers have taken some artistic licenses and have changed the historical situations. You will live these events through the eyes of Vassili Ivanovich Koslov, in the Russian team, Sergeant John Davis and Major David Welsh "Fox 3" in the British team, and Corporal Bill Taylor in the USA team. The game does not follow a strict order regarding the campaign development, since it is based on the year we are in each battle. This way, at first you will be fighting in 1941 in Moscow, Russia, and then you will be able to go to other battles of other campaigns.

Become a soldier fighting in the World War II and help your army to achieve the victory. Perform new missions, fight against new enemies, discover new functions of your character, and enjoy new environments full of risky elements. With Call of Duty 2, you will experience the real pressure of being a soldier, the intensity of fighting, and accomplishing missions in a fully chaotic environment. You will sometimes get confused because the noise or the on-screen smoke of grenades, explosions and planes will make the battlefield tremble. Don’t worry and keep playing, even if you don’t really know where you are or what to do, war is this way! Confusion will give this Cod installment more excitement.

Gameplay and modes

In respect of gameplay, this title incorporates new abilities, as the one to climb small-size obstacles, which is great but present some flaws as the arbitrariness about the altitude one can reach. Health-system has also been modified, it will now restrain your short-term injuries, and staying in calm places will restore your health. This may seem so basic now that many Cod titles have been released, but when this game was launched, it was a great novelty.

Regarding game modes, the main one is the campaign. It is divided in three campaigns, each of them in 3 battles, and each battle is divided in several missions. On the other hand, you will have dozens of allied troops by your side, but you cannot give them orders, so they will follow their own path. Sometimes, you will have to use vehicles. An allied soldier will drive it while you neutralize the enemies. In the campaign you will see immense battlefields in the Libyan dessert, Normandy in the D-day, the European streets of Moscow and Stalingrad in Russia. In addition, the war-torn environments of the WWII will provide stunning visuals; thus, this sequel offers you an immersive experience.

Apart from the campaign, you will enjoy its multiplayer modes with which you will be free to play online with your friends or people all over the world. Within you will find various modes such as Search & Destroy, Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, Headquarters or Capture the Flag. Several maps are available to play, 13 in total, and 2 more were added in the 1.2 version. These maps are divided into countries: France, Soviet Union, Egypt and Tunisia. France has maps like Caen or Caretan, the Soviet Union has Moscow, Stalingrad or Leningrad, Egypt has El Alamein, and Tunisia, Matmata and Toujane. On the other hand, the weapons of Cod2 are the ones which were actually used in the WWII. Thus, Americans have weapons such as the M1 Garand or the Mk 2 Grenade, British army have the Webley hand gun or the Thompson automatic rifle, Soviets have the Tokarev TT-33 or the PPSh-41 and Germans have the Luger or the Mauser Kar 98k.

Call Of Duty 2 Features

Here you will find the unique features of Call of Duty 2:

  • 3 different campaigns for single player: Soviet, American and British
  • Multiplayer (online and offline) mode with various modes within: Deathmatch, Capture the Flag, etc.
  • Realistic gameplay and storyline
  • Improved graphics
  • Variety of weapons which were used in the WWII
  • New character’s abilities such as climbing walls
  • Health auto regeneration which redefines the strategy of the game

If you are interested in Call of Duty 2 and you want to know more information before you download it, feel free to visit the developer’s website .

System Requirements to download and use it

The minimum system requirements to download, install and run Call of Duty 2 are listed below:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000 or later
  • Processor: AMD Athlon XP 1700+ or Intel Pentium IV @ 1.4 GHz or higher
  • RAM Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics Card: ATI Radeon 8500 or NVIDIA GeForce 2 Ultra or better
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 4 GB free available
  • Online Multiplayer mode requires broadband Internet connection