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A Game about Life Evolution and the History of the First Creature on the Planet

By Sam James

On Friday, April 10, 2015

This game has its own unique style of gameplay. It gives me a variety of strong and useful tools so I can make any aspects of the universe like vehicles, creatures, buildings and starships. While it is a single player game, all of my creations are automatically shared with its other players. Personally, Spore is a great game. The graphics of it are extremely beautiful and very realistic. Also the concept and its gameplay are really good, too! Plus, the game presented a very funny detail which makes it more very attractive and entertaining to its users. Every missions of it are really challenging that’s why I play it for a very long hours. I just don’t other stand some people who don’t like this one and they think that this is a bad game. But, for me it may not be the best for others, it is still a great game.


  • Nice graphics and style of gameplay
  • Very realistic and fun to play


  • The other missions are very repetitive




By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, October 6, 2014



This is a spore game that is developed by maxis and designed by will wright.In this game a player develops a species when its starts to grow until it becomes a complex animal.In the various stages in this game players are able to create new contents.Various missions are involved and when a player completes a mission they get a bonus inform of money or also they can get a new ability.In this game a player has a very great opportunity in which they create for themselves a playfield on which to play on also they create also characters of their own choice and are able to control them and achieve their desired results in short in this game you as the player you have control over your characters.


The following are the features of spores game

Asymmentry is available for all creatures

several improvements have been made to sopres for example the graphics

In the space game several crashes can be fixed.


Spore enables a play to contol a species from the time it develops from a micro organism to a complex animal.


  • Has stunning graphics so it looks real
  • has a good sound track and this makes the game fun to play
  • makes one think very hard and this sharpens ones wits


  • can be monotonous and makes it boring
  • can be very very addictive if ones keeps playing the game



It is an amazing game that is more than just evolution

By Sam James

On Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I am always fascinated about life especially when it comes to evolution. It is nice to know that there is a game dedicated to such topic. It may appear childish because of the vibrant colors and entertaining creatures, but it is definitely a good game. The plot of the story kicks off from a comet that slams into a planet. After that, tiny cells evolved. In order to survive, the organisms have to eat so that it can develop into the next stage. It is interesting to note the different parts that you can use since it will give you various skills like fins, spikes and many more. You can use it to protect yourself and move faster. You have to defend yourself from the various predators lurking to eat you. From being a simple organism, you evolve into different stages until you form your own civilization. The characters in the game are cute and their expressions are entertaining. Also, the music is nice but it could be better. The gameplay is addicting because there are so many options available especially in creating characters and different environments. Overall, the game is good.


  • Colorful graphics and nice music
  • The gameplay is addicting and entertaining


  • There is no depth in the game




For what are you going to use the program?
  • To enjoy it, obviously. I am always interested in stuff like this, and the game just caught my eye. Also, it's Genetics-themed. Who doesn't like that?

  • playing and having fun messing around creating thing and trying to complete the game and strat it all over again untill it gets too repetive for me

  • to play ingoy the game on a way that may not kill me coumputer so thanks for this danlowed and ets good also becueas after a while it make great complex

  • To play Spore. All i want is to play the amazing game. I was first show by one of my favorite youtubers. Hopefully this works other then some othe

  • To play a game and have lots of fun. It will be awesome playing spore for my first time. I'm going to love it so much. I hope its free. Cause

What similar programs have you used?
  • the sims, a lot of versions. but this game is different from everyone else, because of his originality and continuous change of directions and style

  • sims and i have a friend that recomended this game to me byt i didnt want to spend money on something i wasnt sure about thats why i wanted to try a free trial

  • I have not used any program simmular to this file. I want spore for free and I am glad with this .Please no long writing .Thanks you very much

  • none, there are no other similar programs that I have used in the past. That is why I want to use spore and see what it is about. Does minecraft maybe count?

What do you like most about this program?
  • it hasn't had a pop up ad yet which is nice. I dont know if spore will sucessfull download though. I just wanted to make a creature or something idk

  • I like the part that you make some building and eating kinds of food you want even your a meotior bites and chosig planets and everythinging

  • what I like best about this program is that it has a great variety in creating creatures, a good gameplay, lasting gameplay, and plenty of freeplay

  • the choices are very amazing and i also really enjoy the way you can customize all of your character which is very interesting although i should be free.

  • its easyer than any other web ive tryed. thanks. it was really really helpful. now im gonna type randomly to use up a fer chars. jhdebhhdsbbbc

Spore is a free life simulator PC trial in which you completely build your playfield, your characters, and any item of your fictional world.

You can start making unicellular living beings, and then control their development as societies until you have your own cosmos.

With Spore you are the master of your creation, and responsible for their permanence in the surface of the world and even of other planets. Adventure yourself to new worlds and discover the outer space

Develop your imagination with the tools that Spore offers to you. Create monsters and unique creatures, mix them, and customize all their appearance.

Be careful of your enemies in this demo

The main goal of the game is to produce beings and to guide them in their process of evolution. But it does not stop here, you will have to reach the center of the Galaxy to fight against and eliminate a tribe of cyborgs.

Making strong one’s own occupiers would be a good tip. Spore is not just creating and managing your characters.

You will have to bear in mind that in Spore you can be invaded by other species, may be stronger than you. Try to repulse all of them and to conquest other civilizations to domain the whole outer space.

It is also necessary for you to use a bit of strategy and planning, and not only to fight against enemies. Users can design multiple environments to place their inhabitants.

It runs in the family

This computer game has been produced after years of development by the author of the acclaimed life simulator The Sims. In this computer game you can also create all your characters, as well as your house, and interact with your neighbours.

If you like simulation games but you don’t want to have the responsibility of taking care of a whole population, you can try Rail Simulator. This is a computer game in which you will experience how it feels to drive a real train.

Spore Features

The unique features of this game are listed below:

  • Three options: Create, Play and Share
  • The game is classified in five dependent Stages: Cell, Creature, Tribe, Civilization and Space
  • “Create” tool included in order to build structures, vehicles, etc.
  • “Share” option to upload what you made in the Sporepedia
  • Explore other players’ galaxies and creatures
  • Win achievements each time your creature evolves
  • Players must accomplish an objective to make progress and pass levels
  • Your fate depends on finishing with cyborgs that live in the center of the Galaxy

If you want to know more about this game, check the developer's website .


Download Spore if you want to feel the power of controlling a whole macrocosm with all its inhabitants and backgrounds.

  • No restricted tools
  • Original thematic
  • Short demo version
  • Lack of tutorials