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This great game has become a classic over the years.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, June 15, 2015

There are several game modes, but certainly in the most time is going to happen in the imperial campaign, in which we choose one of three factions that given the choice, to try to get hold of the control of Rome. We begin in alliance with the other two and the SPQR ('Populusque Senatus Romanus') representing the Senate and People of Rome.

Now is the possibility that in a province where two different armies and do not engage in combat, as each may be occupying a different place. As we have said, therefore, this makes the strategy is left not only in combat but also in deploying your units on the campaign map, which is a very interesting improvement over the previous two games saga.

The goal for us will be to go creating an ever larger and therefore more powerful army. To do this, the conquest of each of the cities or sites that exist in the regions is essential, because once we have controlled the new units we can educate and create war machine.

But to do this, we must conquer these enclaves and thus much of the battles fought in Rome will focus. Although in this case we will not fight only from outside, but let us break down the walls or doors of the city or assault with towers and be able to fight in it, in the streets and all in an atmosphere perfectly well recreated.


  • The fighting is good and entertaining
  • The technical finish is very good


  • The system used for the camera is not too good




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Playing with this wonderfull game for which my original CD is scratched and refuses to be loaded... A solution such as a download is therefore the last one.

  • im going to use this program to entertain me and give me comfort as i struggle with my alchohol abuse because i want my kids to have a great father

What do you like most about this program?
  • love to play historic antic war like a general of numerous army and conquer very large territory like in this very old real time and administrate them

  • it is very exciting strategy game and have good action battle and management between cities, lands battles and sea with synchronizing by assassin,spy and diplomat

Rome: Total War is a PC strategy game which is set in the early beginning of the Roman Empire.

Rome Total War is a real-time game that users can download for conquering this historical city. While playing this free trial, you will be able to choose between three different armies: the Brutii, the Scipii and the Julii. Whatever your choice is, the full game will present specific missions and objectives you will have to accomplish in order to dominate your enemies and win the final battle.

Moreover, Rome: Total War offers the possibility of choosing the role as a member of your faction. For instance, you can easily become the head of your army and lead your own strategy to defeat your rivals.

Dynamic gameplay

Rome Total War enables you to test your strategy and tactical skills. These kind of games provide both a realistic gameplay and storyline thanks to its graphics and sound effects. Besides, you can get full level of detail while fighting one battle after another, developing military maneuvers or putting offensive and defensive tactics into practice.

On the other hand, this software also simplifies the actions and movements the player has to develop thanks to its handy keyboard commands, which make your progress easier and faster through the different scenarios.

In addition, it offers two different modes: single-player, in which you will be able to play against the machine, and multiplayer, which lets you enjoy this game along with your friends.

Other similar games to Rome Total War

If you like this kind of strategy games, you can also try Command and Conquer: Generals or Age Of Empires II Gold Edition.

In the first one, you will be able to take part of one of three armed forces: China, United States or an Islamic terrorist organization. The second one is set after the fall of the Roman Empire and comes with thirteen civilizations from that time, such as Celts, Vikings or Byzantines among others.

Although they are all a bit different as they count with different characters and are set in different scenarios and periods of time, the key of these three games is practically the same: being stronger than the enemies, dominate them and conquer a part of the world.

Rome: Total War Features

This game has the following features:

  • It’s set between Roman Republic and Roman Empire
  • Choose between belonging to Julii, Brutii or Scipii Roman houses
  • Also, there are 8 additional unlocked factions: Egypt, The Greek Cities, Carthage, Gaul, the Seleucid Empire, Britannia, Parthia and Germania
  • There are 10 more factions but they’re nonplayable ones such as Spain, Macedon, Armenia, Dacia and Numidia among others
  • Real-time tactical battles across Europe, Near East and North Africa
  • You have to develop infrastructures, manage population’s growth and moving armies among others
  • Great variety of buildings such as aqueducts, amphitheatres, academies or temples among others
  • Three types of agents: assassins, diplomats and spies
  • Each building increase different people skills like happiness, wellbeing or economy
  • Single-player and multiplayer modes
  • You have to conquer 50 provinces to win
  • Great variety of units such as cavalry, infantry, artillery or archers among others
  • Short game mode included in which you only need to conquer 15 provinces

If you’re interested in reading more information about it, you can do it here


If you are interested in playing a realistic game with both tactical and strategic features, try Rome Total War and put into practice your skills as a soldier and show your ambition to conquer vast empires.

You can use this software for a limited time

Some functions are restricted

  • Realistic
  • Automated keyboard commands
  • Easy to play
  • There are only two playable battles available