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quake 3 arena gameplay is and interesting and funny game to play

By Merci Johnson

On Thursday, November 19, 2015


Quake 3 game is very interesting to play. Its also fun and you enjoy it very much to watch or even to play it. The more you play the more you enjoy it. The animation of dodging the rockets and blowing of muscle pieces is really worth of watching and enjoying this game. The weapons in the game are kept in two types graphics. If you choose to keep simple ones it shows a rocket or shotgun symbol or just a small box but is saves your graphic memory. The other type is 3D animated. This option really activates the game main aim and also increases your adrenaline level towards your fingers making them move and click more faster. The animated 3D ammunitions are now so deep drawn in the game that it takes the actual shape of a rocket launcher or a shotgun.


- Its graphics are well arranged

- Animations and graphics saved in your memory

- Activates the game and increases the adrenaline level


The game is full of fun to play


  • it plays on any system
  • its graphics are low but performs well


  • the game is too complicated to play



Play and Enjoy this Addictive FPS Game with Your Friends

By Sam James

On Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I have to say Quake III Arena is one of the finest first-person shooting games in its series. For me, it has the best graphic engines that made this game more appealing. I like the animations of the characters. It is very detailed. It also blends-in with the environment of the game. Moreover, I like the music selection. It certainly adds some dimensions to the game. Plus, I also like its sound effects and the narrator’s voice. It is very catchy and attractive. Furthermore, I find its gameplay very interesting and exciting. I like that there are lots of weapons that you can use like shotguns, grenade launcher, rail-guns and many more. Every time you kill an enemy, you will gain points and if you get killed, you will just respawn again to the map and try to kill as many enemies again. All in all, QUAKE III Arena is a fantastic FPS game that has a fast-paced and quite addictive gameplay.


  • It has a better graphic engine
  • Lots of weapons to use


  • The game is quite repetitive



The multiplayer mode in this game is truly world-class and addicting

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Personally, I think id Software is one of the best in terms of creating first-person shooting games. One of their famous games is Quake and it is also one of my favorites. I like playing multiplayer games and this game did not disappoint at all. But if you prefer the single-player mode, it is also fun and engaging. You get to fight different bots and they are quite difficult to compete against especially when you reach the higher levels. The various bots have different attributes. There are also many tiers available and you go through a one-on-one fight at the end. On the other hand, if you are looking for extreme action, the multiplayer mode is what you need. The designs of the various levels are great. At the same, the special effects in the game are spectacular. Not to mention the different character models that looks awesome as well. All in all, QUAKE III Arena is a great game to play. With different game modes available, you will never get tired of this FPS game.


  • Outstanding special effects and sounds
  • Great character models and nice graphics


  • There are concerns with the game's balance




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Gonna get my skill game up a bit ya know what I'm saying fam. Gotta keep the mouse buttons flaming n shiet, it's pretty rad game too. So yea 10/10

  • for my fun and entertainment, to enjoy myself make new friends and just have fun and be happy because i always get board at home so thank u

  • Only for santo stefano day with friends for playing each year all togheter as well as drinking beers and many other good things to share well

  • play games have fun a lot fun because i get bored easily and i just miss the old days of quake you know also i have nonthing else to do with my life

  • Because I love this game and that was in the past and now I find it amazing, thank you for putting download free games Angyzayn play one of the best I have ever stayed...

What do you like most about this program?
  • First person play, speed and graphics. Levels and team matches are also awesome. Just blowing bots to pieces makes me feel good and powerful

  • I want dowload this program becausa i love killing people. I am very crazy. I was played this game every day in mi chilhood. Is really fantastic

  • contolls and amimations i love this game it is very intresting the animations were brilliantly made this gives a fantastic experience of gaming

  • 1st shooter and really just having fun so i hope that ill countinue to like this game also i want ther to be more levels even though its the demo

QUAKE III Arena is a first person shooter in which you will have to fight against the enemies and gain points in order to make yourself victorious.

Inheriting the soul and essence of its predecessors, this game gets rid of some of the classical elements of QUAKE’S franchise to focus completely in the multiplayer mode. Nevertheless, there is no need to panic as QUAKE III Arena also includes the traditional single player mode in which you will have to go around the arena shooting the enemies controlled by the game’s AI.

In this mode, you will be able to choose between different bots, and every one of them has its own fighting method. The game will be divided in six tiers with four different fields in every one of them, so in order to go to the next one you will have to defeat all of the enemies in every field. Beat them, complete your aims and go to the next level.

Incorporation of a multiplayer mode

QUAKE III Arena’s main feature is the multiplayer mode. In it, you can play against friends or total strangers on different battle modes. Walk or run through the arena trying to achieve the different objectives and reach the victory. But do not worry if you are defeated, if your points come to zero, your avatar will disappear and reappear in another location of the arena so you will be able to continue playing.

However, the graphics are a little bit outdated due to the fact the game was created in the previous century. Nonetheless, its gameplay is still very fun to interact with and it will provide you long hours of enjoyment and fun. So start thinking about getting rid of those afternoons of boredom in front of your computer.

QUAKE III Arena Features

The features of this software are listed below:

  • 20 new maps
  • New bots: Pi and Fritzkrieg
  • New weapons: Chain Gun, Nailgun and Proximity Launcher
  • New powerups: Kamikaze and Invulneravility Shield
  • New team powerups: Scout, Doubler, Guard, Ammo-Regen and Quake Live
  • Five difficulty levels
  • You can play the different maps in the order you prefer
  • Single player and multiplayer experience
  • Customizable player settings: field of view, enemy model and texture detail
  • Enhanced movement features like rocket-jumping and strafe
  • Statistics and earned medals are displayed on your screen
  • Advanced AI
  • Minimalistic design

If you want to find out more information about this software, you can visit the .

Other possible choices

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Another possibility is Halo: Combat Evolved, in which you will need to fight your way and shoot Covenant enemies in order to leave the planet Halo.


This game is an entertaining FPS where you can put your skills to the test while battling your enemies and achieving your aims.

Some features are restricted

  • Free
  • Entertaining gameplay
  • Multiplayer mode
  • Graphics are a bit outdated