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An Excellent Strategy Game that still Retain the Attention of many Gamers

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, August 22, 2014

Medieval II: Total War maybe a bit outdated but it is certainly one of the best strategy games. In my opinion, this game is way better than its past editions. The gameplay has definitely improved. It provides an enormous selection of factions and each has their own skills and attributes. However, it takes a lot of time to unlock all factions. You need to have a lot of patience to be able to access all of them. It also has balanced and action-packed battles which I find very entertaining and satisfying. Moreover, I think the graphics is not that very striking as it was years ago. But with awesome gameplay and intense battles, I am sure you will still be entertained. I also like the sound effects and the voice-acting. It is very appealing and adds certain elements to the game. All in all, Medieval II: Total War is a brilliant strategy game that offers a fantastic gaming experience and you will definitely learn something about medieval history. This game is a must try.


  • The game has very good sounds
  • It has an incredible gameplay


  • It is a bit outdated



Be Amazed With The Gameplay And Learn Something About The Medieval Times

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, October 13, 2014

Strategy games are made not just to entertain and to help someone kill time but strategic games are great factors of teaching users to be wise and intelligent in every decision and action that they will do. I’m really fascinated on how this version, Medieval II: Total War, was made and developed. There are just a lot of things to commend and to enjoy about this game.

It’s the best strategic game that I’ve played so far. In the beginning of the game, users can choose five factions since the 16 other factions are still needed to be unlocked which I find really interesting because gamers will surely see something new as they go on with the game. There are two settlements in the game which are the Cities and the Castles and both of them has different thrilling features that I believe added a great impact in the total game play of this version. What’s really unique about this game is that users got to learn something about the medieval period. I have also observed that characters are named depending on their trait, whether they are corrupt or brave for instance. Users got to be wise in everything like for example in empowering their city and on how are they going to expand their territory and have lots of armors.

There are really a lot of things to discover in this game. I advise everyone to try this. This is an excellent one.


  • Many factions to be unlocked
  • Quality of graphics is very good


  • Some factions are really hard to unlock




For what are you going to use the program?
  • For learning about the history of medieval times and to have the best experience that i can ever have of this game it will be so much fun to play with my friends but its a demo

  • i will use it as an opportunity to relieve stress from work, to be entertained because i live strategic games which i used to play when i was young.

  • it is very nice and i want new game for spending time and have good journey with my frind. i hope that medival 2 total war cn give me what i want

  • research purposes for college paper on medeivel times and wars along with the way medevial society worked within eachother in history or something like that

  • i want to play and learn new stragetiys while not at school i have been watching total war for along time so i decided to downlowd it right now

What similar programs have you used?
  • Nothing yet, I wdont know why you ar wondering. It seems like an dumb qeustion. I am having trouble getting enought Chars so Ill spam something random

  • i have used no other programs like this and i was looking for one when i found this sight.i cant wait to play the game so thank you an goodbye

  • i never used programs like that and i hope it s works for now this is good i will use it again later if i need something like a game or anything

What do you like most about this program?
  • Medieval 2 rocks so much that it is very awesome and makes me happy. I like pie. Have you ever heard of the tragedy of Darth Pelagius the wise?

  • Best Graphics,Swords,Factions,Total war's Best games,Horses,Spearmen,Castles,Custom Battles,And other stuff which i like its the best game :3

  • Everything about this site is awesome please keep making games you're so good at helping people with this stuff I just love it the way and it

  • the fight is incredible and also i like th deep tough of thinking about an answer to some question asked ansering is important is such a most

  • Combat and strategy and the ability to manage your own kingdom conquer the world play with friends this is by far my favourite game of all time

Medieval II: Total War is a strategy game developed by The Creative Assembly and launched for PC.

It is set up in the same period: Europe, North Africa and Middle East on the medieval era, between 1080 and 1530. A Multiplayer mode, battles and arms give shape to this PC game in a well-achieved historical environment.

Turn-based strategy with more factions

You can choose among 21 different factions based on real-life facts, with the same characteristics as the real battle units. At first you will only play five of them, as the rest will have to be unlocked.

When you choose a faction to start playing, the game gives you only a few settlements and you will have to conquer more as the story progresses, as similar strategy games as Age of Empires: III. Settlements are classified in two different types: castles and cities, each of them with particular features. For example, castles have more soldiers and arms but they don’t have income and buildings to provide social benefits.

Each faction has special characters who can act as diplomats to influence their enemies. Priests, princesses or spies will be in charge of negotiating for what is best for their faction.

Something new about this version is that players of Medieval II: Total War are witnesses of the conquest of the New World by Christopher Columbus.

Multiplayer battles

This game has two modes, single campaign and battles. While campaign mode lets players to choose a faction and control it, second ones are multiplayer, where players can define scenarios and even choose among real battles. This game mode looks like the ones played on Rome: Total War, where you have to choose troops and finish with the enemy or conquer their settlements.

In this version soldiers are different from each other since in previous editions it was criticized they had the same appearance.

Medieval II: Total War Features

This game includes the following features:

  • Two games modes: single-player campaign and battles (the last one has multiplayer option)
  • Short campaign mode requires defeating some enemy faction and owning 15 settlements
  • If you want to win in Long campaign mode, you will have to control 45 territories and some significant cities such as Granada, Constantinople, Rome or Jerusalem
  • Two different kinds of settlements: cities and castles
  • You have to build some buildings for training troops, expanding the economy or upgrading weapons and armour, among others
  • Some grants provides you new units like Sherwood Archers
  • Character’s actions change his attributes and how they behave
  • If your character has a strong trait, it can be named ‘the Brave’, ‘the Lewd’ or ‘the Corrupt’ among others
  • Seventeen factions are playable but only five from the beginning: England, Spain, France, Roman Empire and the Republic of Venice
  • Some are unplayable factions such as the Mongols, the Aztecs, the Papal States, the rebels and the Timurids
  • Great compatibility with some Total War games

If you are interested in reading more about this game, you can do it


Medieval II: Total War is a PC strategy game in which you will be able to travel to the past and feel the pressure of being part of a real army with multiplayer battles and a wide range of civilizations.

Only some levels are playable

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Good graphics
  • Loads of factions to take
  • Weak AI