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Hitman: Blood Money

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Agent 47 returns after years of absence in a new adventure.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Monday, January 11, 2016

The game is played in 11 missions in which we must make use of all our gray matter lest we be continually loading the games. It has a terribly dense and much less development, and to all a exorbitant difficulty, but developers do play with our desire to finish the missions in the best way possible. This is because as the objectives reached can give a good account of a rich money will allow us to enhance our arsenal and thus guide our attitude in future missions. ¿Action or stealth? In this game the taste is in the variety, you yourselves have to choose.

In Hitman we found hundreds of combinations of buttons, the truth is that it is a very simple control given all the actions you can undertake, but this does not complicate our lives, but rather provides a fairly large range when carrying out the Secondary objectives that we are constantly checking. One of the drawbacks is that the game is extremely linear and seems to always go in a straight line in which we are emerging targets we have to overcome, tell us where we need to leave the bodies where we have to introduce the cards, leaving little to be the player to decide.

Something very remarkable are the actions taken by the protagonist alone, such as jumping from one place to another or out of a window.

ODO repertoire is given 3 keys consisting catch, stop and use, depending on our situation on stage an object can serve for one thing or another. A clear example is when we snap an enemy and we're pulling it, with animations in this aspect worthy of mention where it looks like people are going hitching and pushing with his own body until we got to a place where we recommend keeping the body, there we see the option to open the closet and then the option of leaving inside easier impossible.


  • The game has a cinematic style
  • We can freely move the camera whenever we want it


  • The absolute protagonist remains impassive throughout the game script



Agent 47 is now ready to kill again and make money!

By Beatrice Tan

On Friday, August 22, 2014

The fourth installment of Hitman series, Hitman: Blood Money which is more suspense, thrilling and exciting missions. Many changes were made from the previous series since the Hitman: Contracts, the third series of the hitman.

It was entitled “Blood Money” because of the so called “Blood Money system,” the more successful and cleaner the mission, the more money you can get and you can use it in customizing weapon, bribing witnesses and police to avoid being notorious.

Agent 47 is now able on melee combats and he can also disarm enemies, you can customize weapons in a variety of ways. Agent 47 is now capable of climbing, hiding, scale ledges and easily pass low obstacles. With the help of newly improved techniques and control system in this series of hitman, many aspiring agents and hitmen will surely enjoy this game.

Not every change is in favor of Agent 47, the AI also improved that makes the game more exciting and thrilling. When 47 caught on CCTV doing strange things, it will automatically raise his notoriety. Guards investigate well and become very strict when it comes to suspicious items and observes well the realistic enemy movement and behavior and become smart in following blood trails.

Those who love action and thrilling games will surely love this series of Hitman. It was released on Xbox, Xbox 360, PC, Playstation 2 and Playstation 3.


  • Money can be use to customize weapon and bribe the witness
  • Agent 47 can now climb, hide and capable of melee combats


  • AI become more strong and strict that will limit Agent 47 in doing strange thing



A Very Entertaining and Fun Action Game with A Great Storyline

By Sam James

On Thursday, September 4, 2014

I have this game for the XBox version, but I play it on my computer monitor as well, to gain HD TV graphics. I must say that this game in the series is really great compared to the other versions of it. The graphics and the visuals are really good and the game itself is so fun. Honestly, I can’t find any errors with this game. I absolutely love the story that played through. The gameplay is very smooth, the sound effects are great and the AI makes the game more realistic. What makes this game more interesting to me is that it gives me the excitement that I can’t have with other war games out there. With this game, I can do whatever I want. So what are you waiting for? You better try it now and see how things work. Explore it as much as you want and play it with your family and friends!


  • Great graphics and simple controls
  • Very entertaining and addictive game


  • The game frequently crashes and lags




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Hitman: Blood Money is an action game, the fourth one of Hitman series, in which Agent 47 returns to perform a new mission. This video game became so popular that even a film was made.

Hitman: Blood Money provides much more realistic graphical effects. This improvement was thought in an effort to take full advantage of the visual characteristics new computers offer.

This installment provides a great interaction with the environment. This is the most remarkable novelty of this version, in which the character, for example, can use the elements of the surroundings to hide his victims’ corpses.


They story starts when all ICA members are eliminated, and Agent 47 expects the same destiny for him. That is why he decides to escape to America to save his life. But he needs money to survive, so he works as a hitman. To run away from enemies, he dresses up, chooses alternatives ways or pay spies, among many other tricks.

Money plays a central role in this game, as with it players will be able to buy items of defense and gather relevant information to perform the missions.

This videogame has four different levels of difficulty. Each scenery progress can be saved a limited number of times; with the exception of the most complicated one, in which it would be possible only once you have completed it.

Similar software

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But if you really want to keep eliminating enemies, then Counter-Strike Zombie 2 will satisfy your needs. On this first-person shooter game, you will have to choose one side to defend: terrorists or counter-terrorists.

Hitman: Blood Money Features

The main features of this game are listed below:

  • Users control Agent 47 who will have to accomplish several missions via a satellite map
  • The character can interact with more obstacles and characters (get rid of dead bodies)
  • Better character animations (new game engine)
  • Users can upgrade weapons and items
  • Users can take certain objects and use them as guns (screwdrivers, stilettos, kitchen knives, etc.)
  • Notoriety option in which if Agent 47 is caught committing a crime, his notoriety will increase

For further information, you can check the developer's site .


Hitman: Blood Money will allow users to enjoy a richer action experience thanks to the realistic graphics and a greater interaction between the character and the environment.

  • Improved enemies’ intelligence
  • Realistic graphics
  • Interaction with environment
  • Storyline can be repetitive