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After the immense taste that left us the reappearance of the young Prince of Persia in this new generation, a sequel was more than expected.

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, August 17, 2015

You can not change the fate and destiny of Warrior Within, as having a parent had, was to become a good shooter and platforms, perhaps the strongest bet for Christmas hybrid. Reformatting the game, more dark and bloody, adds a peculiar breath of fresh air that can not be liked by everyone. We are no longer at a noble aristocrat, this is a Neo pissed in period clothing that speaks of you. 21_65.jpg Screenshot Prince of Persia 2: Warrior Within (PC) Prince of Persia was the 44th game of this generation I get finished. Its duration in the normal level must be about 15 hours or more depending if collected all the 'extras' (images, artwork, etc.), slightly higher than its predecessor. It is faster, denser, less intelligent and inspired and slightly more difficult ?? but it is certainly a good continuation that will appeal to all who dazzled his predecessor and not disappoint the rookie.


  • This game has some very good scenes
  • The animations are very good


  • Many combat options but impractical



The curse follows the one who used the sand of time on Prince of Persia: Warrior Within

By Vowcay Rwigi

On Monday, January 11, 2016

After the sands of time many fans thought that the story ended there. The creators of Prince of Persia had a different idea on how this story would unfold itself to bring another title on the story of the Prince. Who new the sands of time carried a curse for the person that was going to use them. Years after the Prince used the sands his curse finally caught up with him and the user must die. In this edition you will find that the game has changed a lot. The story line is different and the move combos are insane. The acrobatics however are a good touch so they did well not to do away with them. The story begins as an old man leads the Prince to the Island of time. Here he has to fight with Dahakas creatures made from the sand. He also gets a new guide a lady who is said to be a native of the Island. She directs the Prince and shows him when there are traps laid out for him by the Time Empress. There are many gifts to collect as the game continues and you will be required to collect and equip them to be able to defeat your enemies. The Prince can also wield double weapons and the combination of his acrobatics and the weapons will surely be of help to the success of the mission. Collect swords along the paths and use them to beat your enemies. The water sword is the only weapon that is powerful enough to take you to your missions success so be sure to equip it in the final battle. The Prince has surely matured since the last edition of POP, so has his fighting style agility and speed. This is going to be a great gaming experience.


  • It has a great new storyline from its predecessor.
  • It has great soundtracks and the sound track and effects are exceptional.


  • A POP fan will find repetitions of the previous title.



A Mature and Darker Adventure Game with Insane Fighting Scenes and Mind-Boggling Acrobatics

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Warrior Within is an incredible game, I think it certainly demands respect since lots of people criticizing this game for not following the footsteps of its predecessor. Yes, maybe they changed the concept, but in my opinion, they just did that to make the game much better and more intense. In this game, the fighting system has been overhauled; the combos are more insane and unbelievable. Of course, its acrobatics is still there like jumping and running of the walls, and spinning around poles. It also becomes much darker and more aggressive than the previous one. In addition, its storyline becomes more complex that will make you think and unquestionably provokes you to play this game more. However, I find its camera angles a bit infuriating and the voice sync is quite weak but that is only the minor problems to this fantastic game. All in all, Warrior Within is a brilliant game and utterly moves away from the shadows of its predecessor. With darker and fast-paced gameplay I am sure you will enjoy this one, too.


  • Fighting system is much better
  • It has a more aggressive gameplay


  • Camera angles is quite annoying




For what are you going to use the program?
  • I will use the program for playing and maybe streaming the locations of all life upgrade because i know them and also some fighting skills that's it.


What similar programs have you used?
  • prince of persia sands of time (demo) devil may cry 6 ASSASINS CREED BROTHER HOOD GTA VICE CITY NARUTO THE WAY OF THE NINJA need for speed most wanted

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like its action especially while fighting against Dhaka with water sword and activating mechanical tower and Dhaka killing crow man in han

  • graphics and quality of sound and image as well as character imagination is also mind blowing.and i love to play prince of persia game.thank u

  • Graphics of the game and also characters plus movments and attacks,sound quality enemies character cloths,wepens,slow motion repley,challeng


Having defeated the evil Visir, the Prince’s life went back to normal, or so he thought. By playing with the Sands of Time, he woke a horrible beast, now seeking to claim his life.

“Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within” is the second part of the Ubisoft saga based on Jordan Mechner’s Prince of Persia character.

In this new videogame, the Prince has matured, is more aggressive and combative, and is looking for a way to overcome his devastating curse. After the success of “The Sands of Time”, “The Warrior Within,” has a different feel to it. This is a much darker and more aggressive game, inspired less by “A Thousand and One Nights” and more by the principal character.

With new and impressive graphics, a new combat system and a perfect integration into the saga’s storyline, this game is a must for fans and new players alike.

A year after “Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time”, Ubisoft released this second installment. "The Warrior Within” is set 7 years after the Asad incident. The Prince is more mature, the scars on his body revealing years of vigorous combat. “The person who used the Sands of Time must die”, but the Prince won’t go quietly. He is now a rogue warrior with astounding fighting abilities. His expression is grim and his body is a testament to his unrelenting battles against the Dahaka, a horrible creature spawned by the Sands.

The Prince embarks on a new adventure to find solutions to his problems.

An old man guides him to the Island of Time and the Time Empress, who created the Sands and is the only person able to stop the curse. Once on the island, the Prince is trapped, and left facing a strange palace.

In this installment, Kaileena replaces Farah as the female counterpart; she is a native of the island and will help the Prince through traps found in the palace . She will tell the Prince about a divine revelation had by the Empress, where she saw herself being killed by a prince.

This new videogame has an incredible storyline that fits perfectly with its predecessor. With a courageous franchise twist into a more darker and violent game, fans and critics have applauded, and the saga is now full of potential adventures for the future.

How to use

“The Warrior Within” introduces new acrobatic jumps and a more violent fighting style. As the Prince left his dagger in Azad’s palace, he is now able to gather Sands himself, and able to grip weapons in both hands. One weapon can be permanent and powerful, while the other can be broken and/or thrown.

There are different permanent and powerful swords that can be found as the game moves forward. The Water Sword is the only one able to defeat the Dahaka, so don’t try to fight him before equipping it.

The Prince is still able to manipulate time and perform incredible acrobatic movements, necessary for victory. Enemy blades and palace ruins surround the Prince, and he has to use his dexterity to avoid them both.

The Dahaka will search for the Prince through the temporal dimensions that he opens when he use the Sands. His chase will be ruthless and a nerve-racking test of the Prince’s abilities, so be sure that you save a bit of sand for him. You never know when he’ll appear!

The person who used the Sands of Time must die.

The dreamy world developed in “The Sands of Time” has been replaced by a darker and more hostile one. The Prince has matured since the last time we saw him. Constantly craving for battle, he has been travelling around the world trying to face his inevitable and devastating fate.

The soundtrack has been completely revamped. From the soothing Persian sounds of the “Sands of Time”, frenzied heavy metal rhythms add to the tension found in the “The Warrior Within”.

The game has two alternative endings that will depend on your ability to find the nine life upgrades in the game. While not much remains from the first 1989 version, more than one Prince of Persia fan will notice some similarities, especially near the end.

Prince of Persia: Warrior Withinhin Features

Main game characteristics:

  • Much darker than its predecessor, where the Prince is more aggressive and full of rage
  • Fits perfectly in the saga timeline, great successor to “The Sands of Time”
  • Completely new combat system based on combos and projectile weapons
  • Heavy metal-based soundtrack
  • Movements much quicker and more dynamic

System requirements

Before downloading the “Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within”, please validate minimum system requirements:

  • Operating System: 2000/XP
  • Processor: Intel Pentium 3 a 1 GHz / AMD Athlon or higher
  • RAM: At least 256 MB RAM
  • HDD: A minimum of 1.5 GB free space for the installation on the hard drive and 2.2 GB space for the complete installation
  • Graphic Card: GeForce 3 de 64 MB / ATI Radeon 7500 / Intel 915G graphic card or higher
  • DirectX 9.0c or higher
  • For better and deadlier control it’s recommended to play with an analogic gamepad

For more information, please visit developer’s website .


The second installment in the Prince of Persia trilogy is here and it’s full of dark surprises. Ubisoft Montreal developers have outdone themselves with this suite to the critically acclaimed “Sands of Time.” A matured Prince, tired of his infernal existence, travels to the Island of Time, where a stronghold endures the unrelenting passage of time. The divine Empress of Time lives there, and the Prince needs to convince her to go back in time unmake the Sands.

The Prince has changed considerably since the last time we saw him. A stronger warrior, more combative and courageous, he is also tormented. He has limitless skills in battle. He can now use two weapons at the same time, and one of them can be a projectile. The game has received an M rating from the ESRB due to its violent content. Gameplay is modified from previous versions. While new combat controls are introduced, the Prince continues to be able to jump and walk through walls. (editor note: ?)

Prince of Persia: The Warrior Within is a sword-slashing adventure. It’s a perfect game for those who appreciate the storyline and the characters. It is strongly suggested that you play the first installment before this one. Gameplay can be a little repetitive from time to time, but the graphics, controls and story will keep up in front of our screens for hours. Totally recommended for all of those who love adventure games.

The Time Empress is the one who created the Sands and the only person able to stop the Prince
The Time Empress is the one who created the Sands and the only person able to stop the Prince's curse

Game tricks

In order to get the Water Sword and kill the Dahaka you will need to find the nine life upgrades and travel to the hourglass room at the end of the game.

To unblock the secondary ending and kill the Dahaka you will need to get the Water Sword and finish the game.

  • Perfect trilogy storyline continuation
  • Battle system enhanced. Faster and more violent
  • Dark, grim aesthetics. Soundtrack based on heavy metal music, with bands such as Godsmac
  • Two alternative endings. Feel free to choose the one that fits you best.
  • Clear tribute to the classic’s mirror at the end of the game
  • Can be repetitive