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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am going to study with it and use it for the simulation of the micro controller 8x51 or i will fail all my classes especially that i am a senior

  • for programming a microctroller and use it to display various parameters also study stm series microncontroller from st, then wll check out the


  • i m student of cmpica nd in this semister i have choosen the assembly langusge so i really need it For Study purpose nd the faculty recomadde

  • this is to write a program code for a school project that will operate a 8051 40 pin dip microcontroller to blink led's and sound a piezo device

What similar programs have you used?
  • Hello am martins home of tech I have u adiuno and also c pro compiler software program and lso am working om a project call moving message display circuit diagram

  • eclipse, xcode and other types of compile in the market which are used for normal coding and compiling, basically ide in a nutshell. used during college

  • we have used matlab programming previously. our experience with matlab is good but a little bit solves complex problems of all types of filter

  • writing and debugging of code for arm in other to get familiar with the processor and also for real time products design like audio,video and so on

  • i used dev c a year before now i want to use this for my 8051 controller instead of assembly.because it is more reliable and easy to use and understand.

What do you like most about this program?
  • that is has Keil even available. Win XXP sipport is no longer so difficultues ensue to find trying the software programs for to make benefit me

  • BLE connect, motor control, uart, ad,can bus,BLDC,PID,PI,SPWM,FOC,PWM,light,bike,scotter,car,phone,communication,teacher,something like this

  • I enables you to work on microcontrollers such as 8051,8052 by using simulation. I makes it easy to try and run real life programs without actally having to buy an actual microcontroller

  • A. i am doing a mini project on an topic automatic college bell for i was require this software to run my microcontroller program and burn on IC

  • from my point of view i liked the automatic error displaying controls and varoius features attarcted me to download this so thats why i downloading this


Whether you are a programmer or a hardware developer, Keil MDK-ARM is a development tool for Cortex-R4, ARM9, Cortex –M and ARM7 processor-based devices. This is one of the rarest tools, able to provide a platform for people on more than one spectrum. It is designed for microcontroller applications. Keil MDK-ARM offers a wide range of software and hardware products and also has support for hundreds of processor families. This software has a frequently updated database of products, and all products are ISO/ANSI compliant. But if you are starting programming or developing hardware, there are free manuals available to help you that you can download, because this is not for beginners. As well as this , Keil MDK-ARM does not have an all-in-one interface.

Keil MDK-ARM is a development tool for Cortex-R4, ARM9, Cortex –M and ARM7 processor-based devices.

Many of the products you can download from Keil MDK-ARM have a detailed explanation of their purposes. Although some of these products are free, most of them are not. Keil's products are fully compatible with most Windows components and other modern hardware. Usually, the software automatically updates the products you have purchased whenever possible. Keil MDK-ARM should be the number one tool to consider for worry-free programming of hardware and software. You have four versions of Keil MDK-ARM available to choose from: these are MDK-Basic, MDK Professional, MDK-Lite and MDK-Standard. These four versions provide a complete C/C++ development environment.

Software's Main Menu

A full database of products

The development tools of Keil support most programming languages. For software like this, it is very important that the ability to download additional plugins and to integrate outside components is supported. Thankfully, the program has such supports. Of particular mention is the C/C++ compiler offered by Keil. That compiler can have its output sent to Turbo C++ or Microsoft Visual, for instance. Debugging is another function you can perform quickly from Keil’s neat interface. The database of products and compilers that you get is also frequently updated.

Keil is definitely a product for professional developers in the hardware and software industry. The program has a dedicated list of products and supports that are always available. The ever-increasing list of distributors is another indication of its diverse character. With a full array of template codes, Keil is positioning itself as a go-to reference for industrial development and programming tasks.

Keil 5.13 Features

Below you can find the key features included in Keil MDK-ARM:

  • It has support for Cortex-R4, ARM 9, Cortex-M and ARM 7
  • USB host stacks and USB devices are provided with standard driver classes
  • It includes C/C++ Compiler and debuggers
  • RTOS (Real Time Operating System) integrated
  • ARM, Cortex-M, Cortex-R evaluation boards
  • Macro assemblers included
  • For embedded systems with graphical user interfaces, Keil MDK-ARM has a GUI library
  • Compatible with Acer Labs, Amtel and Intel, among others

If you need more information before you download Keil MDK-ARM, feel free to visit the developer’s website

Here you can see the configuration
Here you can see the configuration

System Requirements

Before downloading Keil MDK-ARM, check the minimum system requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP

Processor: 233 MHz

Memory: 1 GB RAM

HDD: 1, 4 GB of space