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For what are you going to use the program?
  • I'm gonna use this program to install drivers for my integrated intel gma 3100 graphic card.I don't need it for anything else.Let me download now please

  • am going to use it to enable 3d games on my computer especially football manager 2014. am having lots of problems and this will solve the it

  • i am going to use it to play vidiogames and do an chanel of minecraft tank you very much for having this disponibilization for the people o needs

  • increase my pc performance because i only these very old pc that runs very slow and i can barely used it for work or casual gaming, help me please

  • i am going to use it to play vidiogames and do an chanel of minecraft tank you very much for having this disponibilization for the people o need

What similar programs have you used?
  • I used an old graphics tha are not allowing my pc to perform faster so that i can be happy if you offer me this intel gma 3100 from your server

  • none i bought a dell vostro 200 2.67ghz 1gb and 160gb with dvdrw i tried playing games on it like pes 2013 but it wont play says it needs shader 3.0 figured to try the driver

  • None yet, I haent used any program of this type yet, i just put in generic drivers with driver pack solution installer on my latitude d63n. dfd

  • i have mostly used driver tools for drivers updates but yet got no any adventage from them but i did not loose hope and iam still working on it

What do you like most about this program?
  • I don't know as I have not downloaded the program yet and I'm trying to fix a graphics problem so we shall find out if I like it all if it fi

  • runs in old pcs and very usefull .need to run my old pc with windows 7 so needed this software to do it .. by the way its too slow in proseccing tooo

  • perfect menu and contents, also always make people comfortable with this serving of web, no hesitate to give good rate if available, thank you

  • i don't know. I am just trying to fix a problem on my computer since i can't install printers. The system keeps up telling me that my print spooler is not running

  • it is very nice and good processing in notebook small laptops easy to insattall and reliable and user friendly graphic option in which it installed

If you have a Windows machine that is not equipped with one of the latest Graphics Cards from Intel, there is no need to worry because of the release of the free Intel GMA 3100.

Intel GMA 3100 is a driver from Intel that will accelerate graphics on your system. The accelerator is designed to meet all the advanced and standard requirements all modern drivers must have. Besides the graphic components, this driver will make the bit rate and frame rate of videos being played on your system run fast. Its free character is an indication that it should be compatible with most Intel chips.

An easy integration

This tool is very easy to download and install. If you encounter problems in the process, there are several help files and white papers available. These help documents are well explained with online links. The goal of this driver is to make your life easier and the community of users can contribute to this goal. No matter what the type of issue you encounter, the help files or the community of users might have an answer. This utility is a great accelerator that once downloaded does not have to be configured in the same manner as the Intel GMA 900 or another Intel driver like the Intel GMA 950.

Intel is the recognized leader in the industry of microprocessor and integrated circuits. This fact is also true for graphic cards. It is a free component you must have for viewing graphic contents and 3D in stunning fashion. It is undeniable that games are better when played in a system with a modern graphic card hence the useful character of this utility for gamers.

Intel GMA 3100 Features

Below you can find the unique features of this utility:

  • G31 and G33 chipset graphics integration
  • Direct X9 support
  • HDR and Hardware T&L support
  • Occlusion Query
  • Available for light laptops

For further information, you can check the developer's website .

The Intel GMA 3100 accelerator is surely on its way to become the best.

  • Has a good support group
  • Small in size
  • No configuration required
  • Easy to install
  • Does not have a summary of contents
  • No interface