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Canon PIXMA iP2700 2.56a

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Resolved Problems with My Printer and Even Provided Updated OS Support

By Daren Garius

On Wednesday, September 3, 2014

I have recently bought a PIXMA iP2700 online, but was not able to find any solution to the problems I encountered with it. There were a few problems that I can’t simply shrug off. I use a laptop and desktop PC at home, and connecting my printer to both devices creates havoc. Also, my printer can’t seem to detect its own ink level. I have to constantly check whenever I print pictures and documents. My third problem is it can’t print Japanese characters. I’m an anime fan, so this is a big problem for me. Luckily and thankfully, I discovered that my only problem was my printer driver. All I have to do is update it! Searching online again, I was able to locate the 2.56a printer driver for my PIXMA. All my printer problems have been taken care of. I can now connect my printer to both my PC and laptop, and use it simultaneously. I can now print Japanese characters. My printer can now detect its ink level. Most importantly, my printer can work with the new Windows OS 8.1. PIXMA iP2700 is the best printer for me. I use it at home, but it produces professional results.


  • It produces professional quality images
  • Supports new Windows OS and various languages


  • Installing Windows 8.1 may disable some functions



get your photos in the very high quality with the application rom the gaints canon

By Faith Mwari

On Tuesday, August 25, 2015


This is just another release from the famous company canon that deals with printers and the main objective of this driver is to improve to images and also for effective performance of the canon printer can you guess what it also ensures that the images of your printer become even clearer and also sharper. For anyone out there who has a canon printer this is a must download driver for you for effective use of the canon printer. It also has a very high resolution of printing the photos and also to add up on that it removes very high qualities of the photos that are being printed by the canon printer.


The features of this driver are

It has very high quality photos

It has a very high resolution

It has very high level improved performance which makes it work very well


It works very well.


  • It has a very high resolution for the photos
  • It gives high quality of the photos that are given


  • it can sometimes lag a lot



get qulaity images and photos if you are using a canon printer

By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Have your had or by any means have the privilege of using the best printers in the world that is canon.If not please buy one and if you have one then this driver is the best that you can have because it has an improved image capability in short the images that you produce this driver makes sure that the best quality is given out of them.When photos of the printer are printed this driver gives it a very high quality and makes sure that the resolution is quite good not compromising on the quality of the photo that is produced.In short in enhances the quality of the images that are being produced.


Improves the quality of your images

The resolution is very high thus making the image look super good

It can be able to support some various languages

It is very easy to use and doesn’t require tutorials as such


It is the best driver for getting quality images


  • it is simple on how to use
  • it is free to download


  • it can lag on some softwares




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Labels , pics , other docs. I have the IP 2700 and it has been working but now i only get the canon logo when i try to print a test page. Bob

  • i have juste receive this old imprimante and i have'nt an pilote for his fonctionnement ; so i decide to cherche it at the internet, thank you

What do you like most about this program?
  • its good and it has the latest update on my printer. it also works o my computer which doesnt hav a cd rom. its very great to downoad . thank you

  • Things i like most to canon PIXMA iP2700 are easy to manage and had a very fast process of printing yet it can improve the quality of images even better.

  • just changed the hd without copied all files and the old hd broken down can't operate at all therefore haveto request a free download for any person to assisted

Canon PIXMA iP2700 is a utility with which you can optimize the performance and the quality of your printer PIXMA iP2700. It’s made by the well-known Japanese company Canon, which is specialist in photographs, videos, printers and photocopiers.

With Canon PIXMA iP2700 you will print perfectly, without any problem in the image thanks to its improvement in results quality. Besides, you have the guarantee of being using the official driver of the product with the professionalism of the company.

Optimize your images

Don’t put your printer at risk using other utility, this driver guarantees good results and you won’t worry about the performance of your printer. It’s quite simple and quite easy.

Then, you could get advantage of all its features such as the good resolution of 4.800x1.200 dpi and the printout without borders of 10x15 centimetres. You can have all of this just in less than 1 minute and with the quality of a professional laboratory.

Other utilities

When you select which driver you want to use, you have to be careful of choosing the appropriate one according to the model of your printer. For example, with the characteristics mentioned above you can also choose Driver Canon PIXMA iP1300. What differences one from the other is that the last is destined to the printer PIXMA iP1300.

Also, you have the possibility of choosing one for a camera, whose name is quite similar to other drivers. Canon LBP-1210 will improve the performance between your computer and your device.

Canon PIXMA iP2700 2.56a Features

Below you can find the main features of this driver:

  • Improves the quality of every printed file
  • Takes advantage of its 4800x1200dpi resolution
  • Improves the photolab-quality with 10x15cm borderless
  • Auto Photo Fix II advanced software
  • Get a better result for long-lasting photos with its ChromaLife100+ system

If you want to read more information about it, you can do it here


Canon PIXMA iP2700 is the ideal utility if you are looking for a driver that improves the quality of your printer PIXMA iP2700 and to take full advantage of all its possibilities.

  • Good quality
  • Guarantees working
  • Really good results
  • Not too difficult for beginners
  • Too simple