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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Write documents in connection with studies in archaelogy at the university of Gothenburg, Sweden. At the same time use it for my work as a language teacher.

  • Personal use letters, spread sheets, resume's, policies and procedures for drug mental health programs' compelting evauations for staff, notetaking when reading a book

  • private correspondens and various office paperwork What is this? Do I have to write a lot of words for a reason I dont fully understand completly

  • I am going to use the Open Office program for doing my homework,reading textson internet, typing of presentationmaterial and calculations etc.

  • Just got new laptop that did not come with a document writing program. I have used MS Word but would like to try Open Office as an alternative. I need it for writing documents.

What similar programs have you used?
  • Over the years I have used many of the Microsoft office programs like word, excel, outlook, powerpoint, publisher. I hope that this is as good.

  • I have used Microsoft office: picture manager, excel, word, access, powerpoint, adobe. And basically Windows 7 features as well, notepad, calculator...

  • I have used Microsoft wordpad and OpenOffice long time ago. And I would like to write a book witch is about treehundred pages and I need even a good dictionary.

  • In past i used open office with a different computerand i was very pleased with now on my own computer i think it;s normal to upload the same

What do you like most about this program?
  • Haven't downloaded or used it yet and I am hoping it will interface with Microsoft Office 2010 and my Excel Spreadsheets and Word Documents.

  • it is easy to use for writing letters, presentation and various calculations, tables and chars wiht the excel application. Unfortunately, it is not available

  • its free, and it is very good programe, what more could I say? I would nlike every one useing this application.! hope it will work as well here.

  • its quite the same as the MS Office which is also can be an essential alternative for making our paper works and school/class room demonstrations using power points.

  • It's free and I can type docomentation very well. It has all the typing colurs, text, underlining, bold and checking printing errors if there are any

The dominance of Windows in Office Suites has been curbed by OpenOffice. The software is by far the most complete suite of software for work, database, and presentation creation among others.

This program can be summed up as the alternative version of Microsoft Office minus specific functions. Indeed, OpenOffice has an all-in-one suite of software each with an equivalent in the Microsoft version. If you need Microsoft Word, then Office Writer is the way to go. For a Presentation tool such as Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer 2003, OpenOffice answers with Impress. Last but not least, Office Base is the database alternative of Access.

Get the same functions for free

All the components of OpenOffice are free and have nothing at all to envy the competition. The download of additional plugins can enhance your experience in the good. Although files saved in OpenOffice have a different extension, the compatibility with Microsoft Office is unquestioned. In fact, OpenOffice files can be saved in the Microsoft Office extension. The only problem is that versions higher than Office 2003 cannot open the files.

For a software with such a wealth of features and alternative, it is surprising to know that OpenOffice is open source. Anyone with a degree of programming knowledge can improve on the assets of the software. Furthermore, OpenOffice has a community of users that collaborate on fixing bugs among others. Often, patches for the software are available to download for free.

Anyone is invited to help the project get even better over time. It will not take long before OpenOffice fast surpasses the competition as the number one name in the field.

Formats Supported


OpenOffice 4.1.0 Features

The main features of OpenOffice are listed below:

  • Word processor
  • It has a complete set of tools to create and edit spreadsheets in which you can calculate and analyze your data
  • Multimedia presentations creator
  • It lets you draw diagrams with 3D illustrations
  • It allows you to create databases, forms, tables or reports
  • You can create mathematics equations (equation editor included)
  • It can read many formats

For more information, check the author's site .

  • Most Microsoft formats supported
  • Efficient integration of components
  • Several extensions available
  • Free upgrades
  • No mail reader alternative
  • Uses a lot of local space