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WiFi Hotspot Creator 2



The wireless way to convert all your machines into wireless connected machines

By Kim Kiruma

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

There is hope for people who have been limited to cables for connections. There is a new application that has been developed and made possible to ensure you enjoy the same services but on a wireless platform. WiFi Hotspot Creator 2 is a network utility that is very free to acquire. The application being free then means it’s easy to access.

How then do you convert your machine into a hot spot? Many will be pose this question. There is only one important requirement; the machine you want to use should have internet connection and also have a working network card. This application is mainly beneficial to those people who do not have a WiFi router. The application is also very tiny and thus it helps to save on in computer random access memory. The setup is made even easy; it comes with a setup wizard that helps to take the setup step by step.

The application also comes with building security features like password encryption to avoid unwanted users on using your bandwidth.


  • The application is free to download.
  • WiFi Hotspot creator is very easy to set up.
  • The application has security features in place


  • There are already other applications with the same functionalities.
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Marketing your business with the most accessible network to entatain your customers using WIFI hotspot creator.

By Shikoh Kariuki

On Thursday, September 18, 2014

If you have especially entertainment business for instance a club, restaurant or hotel there is no need of protecting your wifi with maybe who is on my wifi app. You can easily use this app to market your business and customers will always want to use your services oftenly.This saves you from buying assets like computers for every customer since they will come with their devices and use your network. This is because it shares your internet connection using mobile broadband cards or dial up or a DSL cable to the built-in wireless card.

Your computer acts as a wifi router and it covers a wide area of your environment in the organization. Securing your internet can be challenging with this application since it is free to use and it shares your internet connection to anyone. The best thing is that you use this application even without using a wifi modem.


  • It is easy to use and has unlimited access.
  • It has a good WIFI internet connection.


  • Its program that is ad-supported.
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Easiest Way to Turn Your Desktop Computer into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

By Sam James

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Some of Internet modems today doesn't support WiFi connection, so you must buy some expensive wireless router first to be able to connect your wireless gadgets with your Internet connection. What’s the point in purchasing these expensive modems if you already have this incredible application that can make a WiFi connection using your desktop computer or laptop? This amazing application is called WiFi Hotspot Creator. WiFi HotSpot Creator is a software solution that allows you to have your own computer a portable WiFi connection. This software is very useful when you are connected to the Internet using wired connection, and you want to share it through WiFi Hotspot. This software includes some useful options and these options are suitable with any types of users. Generally, WiFi Hotspot Creator is the perfect solution to have a wireless connection instantly without using a wireless modem. This software is not complicated to configure compared to the others, that’s why this application become more popular these days.


  • You can use your PC as your wireless modem
  • You can connect all of your gadgets


  • Some antivirus detected it as a malicious threat
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Personal use. I live in a kot and i need the wifi connection from the ethernet also for my smartphone and tablet. I tried other programs but they didn't word

  • i need this app becauce of it is important as i think it provide good chance to find hiden networkb around my area so wifi hostpot creator help me better and better

  • home internet sharing _i have a usb modem so i need to share internet_aafrica is a tough place to get connectioons so it seems worthwhile to be using it

  • test perso wifi win 32 - 64 b o acer touch and compare performance to other softs like connectivity plus verify security of oses like windows all versions

  • to share my network with friends at home so that friends can use it for internt surfing like chatting, facebook and reading newspapers online and many more.

What similar programs have you used?
  • ostoto hotspot it is expensive ihavr read the installation read me file on the desktop ofmy computer its work correctly i m very surprised to know

  • I have used no similar programs, as this is my first time downloading anything related to this. These characters are just for making sure tghe

  • Have used WiFi router seems works well not sure about this one. The whole idea is to maximize or better use internet sometimes under difficult environments. Let me try it. Thanks. James.

  • I have attempted to use the Virtual Wifi Router 3 with no success in downloading installer. The only download I got seemed to be that of an XML file type.

  • I have used hp connection manager. I cannot use it anymore due to the fact that it is incompatible with windows 10. Therefor I searched for a alternative such that i could make a hotspot again

What do you like most about this program?
  • the program you have is really awesome because i can access internet from my computer to my phone with out getting any problems so thats why

  • everything is pretty cool about this amazing software that you have made for us and are not charging for using it. Too many characters required

  • internet wifi through this is really fast enjoyable; it easy toshare with family members, on all devices in the household; it enables faster connection and fluent communication

  • Mainly that it is free, but also that it works better than most of its competitors such as connectify or even a phone wifi network, really .

This program is a network utility that allows you to turn your own computer into a WiFi router in order to easily share your connection with other devices.

This application is designed for those users who don’t have a WiFi router in order to get Internet Wireless. The application is very simple and tiny so you won’t have any problem to run it correctly in any computer as well as it fulfills the low requirements.

Save money with this application since you won’t need to buy a new router in order to get connected to the Internet as it creates private hotspots for your friends.

Simple use

The only thing you need to run this application is your computer with a wireless card and your Internet connection. With WiFi HotSpot Creator share your connection with the users you want since you can set your own password and the Network Interface Controller which is your way to connect to the Internet.

The procedure is really simple. Once you get the application installed you have to set the name of your new network in order to identify it. Then set the password and spread it to your friends. Finally set the connection source and click on the start button. As simple as that, WiFi HotSpot Creator permits connections without limits.


In case you want to try some other applications that are similar to this one you can check Virtual WiFi Router which allows you to manage your connection easily without the need of having great knowledge about networking.

TunnelBear is also available and it will create a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection for you in order to get access to Internet from different countries to avoid geographical restrictions.

WiFi Hotspot Creator 2 Features

Below you can find the most important features included in this program:

  • Turn your computer into a Wi-Fi Router
  • Unlimited number of users
  • It supports different languages such as Portuguese, Korean, Spanish or English
  • Really easy to install even for beginners
  • Keep everything under control with its WPA2 PSK password security
  • Ask any doubt or problem through its email support

For further information, you can check developer’s website


This software is a useful utility for every user who doesn’t have a WiFi router to create a new way to access to your own connection. Share your Internet with your friends without limits.

  • WiFi network creation
  • Unlimited access
  • Easy to use
  • No advanced features