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Counter-Strike Online 0.64

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experience a huge war between the terrorists and the antiterrorists

By Joeli Mut

On Tuesday, March 29, 2016

this game has some new features that i must commend even before i continue writing this review and they are some new maps,weapons,characters and also a new a new enemy which is the zombie!For you to kills the zombies you need good weapons and you can as well as upgrade this weapons from the points thatyou are earn from the game by completing some several challenges.New game modes have been introduced.This game is fun to play because you either join one of the two teams that is the the terrorists or the aniterrorists and then you battle it out at your enemy and kill them make sure you do this!There some game modes available here and they are zombie mode 2.zombie mode 3,vip mode,challenge mode,zombie survival mode.What i did not like was the fact that to unlock some game modes such as the vip game mode you have to pay some cash!This isnt intresting at all neither is it encouraging.


  • new additional features like weapons,maps and nods
  • new and improved from its predecessor
  • there are some new game modes introduced from its predecessor


  • the vip mode needs some cash so that it can be unlocked




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to entertain myself and for its own purposes that i must need to prevent pagkabagot. ins short, i want to install this application daming cheche bureche punyeta

  • for playing counterstrike online with my friends from university and having a good time without moving out of my that enough?

  • I would like to use this program for gaming with my friends as of now we are on holidays so we do not want to get bored and enjoy our free time that is why I wanna download, understand?

  • play in my system foe entertainment. this comment is too long than required. How much should i add to complete required length to download it

  • or having fun. also to sharpen my skills and accuracy. i just bought a new pc gamming spec. i missed counter strike for a long time. hope i can enjoy it XD

What do you like most about this program?
  • havent used it yet so know nothing to comment. tried downloading but couldnot may be because of some pop blocked. let me try again hope it be good now thnaks

  • its fun to play and is a great game also your able to shoot people its just like halo online with the app of course you guys probably already know that by now

  • i love counter strike online because it a fps shooter almost like call of duty modern warfare 3 and you get to shoot at other people online together

Counter-Strike Online is a free version of the famous FPS game Counter-Strike developed by Nexon. With new game modes, this online game of CS maintains the original graphics of previous editions.

You only have to create an account and start playing with the worldwide community of Counter-Strike’s fans. Fun is guaranteed.

Log in and get into it’s universe

From the moment you sign in, you can enjoy this multiplayer FPS. You have to choose a map among a variety of scenes, and join one of the numerous games available. You can play the classic mode or try the new modes that this version offers.

In Counter Strike Online users can play zombie modes. While there are still the classic CS experience of terrorists and counter terrorists, players can also try with dead and undead characters which can pass on their illness if they touch you and turn you into one of them.

Counter-Strike Online also brings new female characters and skins. According to arms, although it is a free edition, there are unlocked weapons and modes that users can get via real money or GASH points.

A game with a big community of fans

The most valuable feature of this action game is all the support that CS fans give to maintain its spirit alive. Thanks to its online multiplayer mode, users can play with a lot of people from any part of the world and share game experiences, all of that with original graphics and sound.

If you like playing action games, you can try with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, in which you will enjoy realistic battles and fulfill different missions.

Counter-Strike Online 0.64 Features

Here you can see the unique features that this game provides:

  • 15 Gamemodes categorized as: Classic, Zombie, Infection, Deathmatches, Funs, Scenarios and others
  • Access to a great weaponry: Machine guns, Grenades, assault rifles, etc.
  • Wide repertory of 11 classes to choose: Terrorist, NPC, etc.
  • 12 Maps to play
  • Easy gameplay

If you want to know more information, you can visit the official website


This game keeps on the same tune of the original action game with new weapons, characters and modes to play along with other users with the same hobbies.

  • A lot of maps
  • Variety of game modes
  • Free
  • Simple to sign in
  • Looks a little outdated