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Dragon Ball Online 1.51.72

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Become the Best Warrior and Search all Seven Dragon Balls

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014

As an avid fan of DBZ, Dragon Ball Online is such a pleasant game to have. It is an online role-playing game where you can select different DBZ characters and play it in real-time. This game has three different races: the humans, Majins and Namekians. Plus, you are also allowed here to become a Super Saiyan. I also like that it has a World Martial Arts tournament where you can fight one on one against other players. On the other hand, I find its graphics and animations splendid. The characters here are very detailed. Also, their moves and special powers are very similar to the anime. I also like the characters’ voices. It is very appealing and catchy. Just like any other online games, this game allows you to upgrade your equipments and skills for you to dominate and become much stronger. All in all, Dragon Ball Online is simply an amazing MMORPG. This game will certainly give you a nostalgic feel especially if you are a truly a fan of this anime series.


  • Graphics and animations are nicely done
  • It has lots of different characters


  • It has a minor lagging issue



One of the Best Anime Series is Now Also Available in Online Gaming

By Daren Garius

On Thursday, October 9, 2014

I never expected that Namco Bandai would release an online game for Dragon Ball. So, as a fan, I downloaded it on my PC and I have to say it is pretty good. The main goal of the game is, just like the TV and manga series, locate all seven dragon balls. You can play the original characters of Dragon Ball here. You can choose human, majins and nameks. Every class has their own abilities and strength which you can use to defeat enemies and gain exp to level-up your character and become more powerful. Furthermore, you can also compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament where you will fight against other players and become the best warrior. In terms of its graphics, I would say that it is done nicely. Characters and scenery are in details. Plus, I like its sound effects and the voice-acting. It definitely adds flavor to the game. I think the only problem with this game is that it is only available in Korean and Chinese languages. Nevertheless, if you are a passionate fan of Dragon Ball, you shouldn’t miss Dragon Ball Online. I’m sure you will love it.


  • Duels and tournaments are pretty good
  • It has exciting and fun gameplay


  • It is quite confusing at first



mmet with other gamers online and have a chance to beat them out

By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, October 19, 2015


This is an online based game in which you will need the internet so as to be able to play it which I first found out that it was a major challenge facing the gamers especially those that do not have an already internet connection at their homes and also at their schools or also their work places. The main objective of this game is to meet online with the other gamers and as you fight and win against the other gamers online then you will be able gain more skills and also abilities and also as well as be able to gain a lot of experience in playing this game even much better.


The following are the features of dragon ball online 1.51.72

Compete against many other players online around the world

Gain more skills and also knowledge and also experience as you play against the other players.


It is a classic game that is all that I can say.


  • You get to play against other people in the world
  • The game has a great soundtrack


  • It needs internet connection to play




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i want to use the program to have fun i looked up its reviews and heard it was goodso this is the main reason i wanna join i love mmorpg games

  • to play if I become very bored and for a lot of entertainment and admire the dragon ball characters who are the coolest in anime history that is the truth

  • I am a DBZ (Dragon Ball Z) fan and i really want to play multiplayer game with all the other people who also like DBZ and it would be an experience

  • For Gaming,fun etc.Cuz i like dragon ball z and i can play with other players online level up battle,fight alongside goku and others like vegeta

  • because i can socialize, meet new people,make new friends,playing a good game, becoming the greatest warrior in dragon ball online, creating an awesome character

What similar programs have you used?
  • minecraft java script and many other different types of downloading software free of dangerous computer virus so I do not get hacked or anything

  • dragon ball z games for other websites but always they cant work not responding and some time harm my computer windows so i want to try this

  • i havent used many programs this is my first download from this site and i really love dragon ball z my inspiration even tho he dosent appear much is bardock

  • just the regular rpg games that have came out this year so far.call of duty naurato madden nba 2k16 and alot of other gAMMES ONLINE ON MY LAPTOP

  • Wizard 101 Pirate 101 Minecraft i have played all these games on my Windows PC they were fun and easy to use bit i want to play a dbz game so i download this

What do you like most about this program?
  • free downloads get to pay my favorite game it has mmorpg so i could play against others i love it its exciting it excellent its fantasticaly

  • because i can meet new people and be introduced to someone, learning new things about he game, havig fun with fiends, havin g fun socializing and more

  • because I can make friends online and you can time patrol the graphics are awsome its an mmo and like mmos also dragon ball z is my favorite

  • Its a very good dragon ball game designed by a smart person or people,but anyway, this game is worth downloading for alot...It is interesting

  • i love dbz i have ever since i was a kid and i always wanted a full scale mass mutyplayer version plus this also gives me the chance to make my dream character.

Dragon Ball Online is a MMORPG developed by Namco Bandai and based on the worldwide known anime of the same name.

If you were a fan of Goku’s adventures in your childhood, then this game will give the nostalgic feeling you were looking for. Set 216 years after the events of Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Online will allow you to play an original character whether you decide to be human, a majin or a namekian, and travel through the world meeting other characters and searching for the seven dragon balls.

However, if you are worried about the game’s loyalty to the original manga, you have nothing to be scared of as the game has been completely supervised by Dragon Ball’s original creator, Akira Toriyama. Furthermore, events that have not been created by Toriyama, such as Dragon Ball GT, will not be considered in this game.

Interesting gameplay

As an MMORPG, in Dragon Ball Online you will have to go through the entire world fighting against the enemies in order to gain experience and increase your level of abilities while interacting with other gamers from all over the world. The missions you’ll have to achieve are divided into different categories such as the training to compete in the Tenkaichi Budokai Tournament or the searching for the dragon balls, among others.

Moreover, some of the original characters of the manga will make their appearance on the game from time to time, so you better watch out and look for them.

Other alternatives

There is a bunch of similar possibilities to Dragon Ball Online that you can find for free around the Net. For instance, you can check SilkRoad Online, which is also a MMORPG in which you travel to an ancient times and be a merchant, a hunter or even a thief as the story develops.

Another possibility, more similar to Dragon Ball in terms of setting is Digimon Battle, based on the anime of the same name, in which you will take control of a Digimon Tamer and fight against different players while your Digimons increase their powers.

Dragon Ball Online 1.51.72 Features

Below you can find the unique features of this multiplayer game:

  • You will have the opportunity of going back in time being helped by the Time Patrol (Time Machine Quests)
  • Players control a character from a third-person point of view
  • Massively Online Multiplayer
  • Three types of races: Humans, Namekians and Majins
  • Three different kinds of Humans: Martial artist (after level 30 they can become Swordsmaster or Polemaster); Spiritualist (Chiaotzu and Tien) or Engineer (Bulma)
  • Two classes of Namekians: Dragon Clan (who have the ability of healing) and Warriors
  • Two different types of Majins: Wonder Majin (Plasma Majin, Karma Majin) and Mighty Majin (Grand Chef Majin and Ultimate Majin)
  • After taking the 7 Dragon Balls, Humans can get Super Saiyan form, Namekians a giant form, and the Majins the Majin Buu
  • Possibility of teleporting via the Yardrats
  • High Tension Blows from level 30
  • Players can start some crafts to upgrade items, equipment or weapons. As they increase their crafting skills, they will get better items
  • One-to-one duels and tournaments (The World Martial Arts Tournament)

For more information, click on the .


If you were a Dragon Ball fan then this game is an ideal choice for you. However, even if you were not one of them you can also enjoy this fun and entertaining game thanks to its fluent gameplay, as well as its beautiful graphics that will make you feel as if you were watching one of the series’ episodes.

  • Free software
  • Entertaining
  • Loyal to the manga and anime
  • Graphics are a bit outdated