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An Extensive and Varied Collection of Skins for the Popular AIM Player

By Sam James

On Friday, July 18, 2014

AIMP is one of the best multimedia players in the market. Many users are choosing this it because of its high-quality services and its simple customized graphic interface. It is a skin package with more than 200 designs which make the program more attractive. But not all of the skins have the same quality, and several of them make this program a bit more difficult to use. Also, you will see the designs are ranging from simple and attractive color combinations to the graphic designs interfaces simulating any phone devices, multimedia players or even auto stereo. With it, you don’t need to get worry about the installation process because all you have to do is to decompress the file or data within the AIMP installing directory. Of course, the result of that is all of the skins will be listed in the program menu. This program will enhance the appearance of your player, and you can change your skin anytime, from plain colors to a designed one.


  • Loads of skins in one handy collection
  • The program is very easy to install


  • Some skins make the player harder to use
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The Perfect Software Package That Can Modify the Skins of AIMP Media Players

By Sam James

On Friday, June 12, 2015

I've been using an AIMP media player for several years now and I am glad that I have this wonderful software installed in my PC. It can play almost all kinds of media files and you can even customize the skins. This incredible application is called AIMP 200 Skins Pack. With it, you will be able to change the skins of your AIMP media player anytime you want. This software has an awesome collection of more or less 200 skins in varying designs. It will definitely make your AIMP media player look beautiful and personalized. AIMP 200 Skins Pack is very easy to install. After the installation process, all you need to do is unpack the whole file that has the set of skins in it. And voila, all the skins are now readily available. In applying the skin that you want, you must first select the file and put it in the AIMP folder. So when you open your AIMP media player, you will see the changes in its skins immediately. Overall, AIMP 200 Skins Pack is a very practical application for all AIMP media player users. Easily modify the skins of your media player by choosing the design that you fancy.


  • Several cool designs are available
  • Easy to install and use


  • Some designs are considerably old-fashioned
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • play music, because it has the most amazing graphic than these other players, that's why i find it very attractive. it's one of my favorite.

  • aimp3 player on my computer that i use privately at work and at home since i bought it for five years now. i am a great fan of aimp3 palyer d

  • Play Music, listen last fm, edit tags, i'll give it to my friends and other cool things. Aimp is the best audio music player round the univer

  • Run it on my computer for better and improved appearance. thus far AIMP3 is my most favourite player software besides the many other apps. i will appreciate if you let me download it.

  • listening the music, watch video files, eventually record some of my on music, make it a default media player and if I notice any other possibilities, will looking forward to test, or use them

What similar programs have you used?
  • THE defaut music player of windows 10 which name is Groove Musique and I like it too much as I can't describe the feeling in my heart. so nice

  • i used kmp player before and i just tried aimp several days ago i liked it and try to make a batter interface,therfore i was looking for skins

  • I've used AIMP, potplayer,windows media player,quick time, and alot of other programs to test them,so that I can know what is the best program.I love AIMP

  • Always tailor your answer to the audience. As the above posts have suggested, the type of programs you would want to list for one job could

  • km player,vlc,i tune,windows media player,angry birds,NFS most wanted,kaspersky antivirus,google chrome,mozilla firefox,picasa 3,winarchiver

What do you like most about this program?
  • a very simple application and its so light for my pc it responce emediately.its nice to look at with lots of skin can be choose my wife also like this.

  • audio playerbecause it so amazing exe and can use to release some tension was carry on by some one besideit alsocan make maney in bussines management

  • lite, easy to use, free of course it doesn't take much space in komputer.we can get the skin every where all we need to do is google it and no license key required

  • sound quality is best among all the players. amazing skins give it a personal customized look. works great with HD drivers. output is awesome.

  • its graphics is the best i can looks so great and shuld come up with more interesting stuffs like this for this player

AIMP 200 Skins Pack is a skin package that will improve the options of customization of your AIMP player to give it a deeper visual impact.

The most common advantages of the audio player AIMP are usually known, as for example its supporting of radio and of karaoke, its option of editing tags and carefully organizing your music library, and the easy customization of its interface.


This software will allow you to adorn and beautify your player offering more than two hundred different skins. Users will be able to choose any of them which will appear in their menu.

In order to start using these new designs you will only have to decompress the contents you will download; these options will appear in your menu bar.

Alternative software

If you are interested in customizing all your programs and every aspect of your computer, a good option would be Transformers 3 Theme for Windows 7 , a theme for your computer based on Dark of the Moon. Another alternative could be Custom Skin Clock , which apart from decorating your desktop is a good way to stop watching the time in the small clock of the corner.

AIMP 200 Skins Pack 1 Features

The main features of this media tool are listed below:

  • Customizes your AIMP media player
  • Over 200 different skins to apply: Barracuda, Black Grass, AimPod, Neon, etc.
  • Some skins have similar look than Windows Media Player, Winamp, iPod or some mobile phones
  • High quality skins
  • They are gathered in the same folder to change them when you want

For further information you can visit the author's website .


This software will improve the appearance of your player and users will be able to change its skin whenever they want and an unlimited number of times, from plain colors to carefully designed ones.

  • Wide range of options
  • Easy installation
  • Keeps your score and downloads
  • Some skins make difficult AIMP’s use