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Counter-Strike Zombie 2 0.57

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Counter-Strike Zombie 2 is a free FPS game in which you will have to choose the armed forces you want to join: terrorists or counter-terrorists. This is a good download for those players who like being involved in battles against multiple enemies.

As mentioned, Counter-Strike Zombie 2 is a multiplayer first-person shooter. Whilst playing this game, you will be able to choose between two different roles: join a terrorist organization or fight against them.

Counter-Strike’s Zombie 2 armies

Besides having multiple and varied modes, Counter-Strike Zombie 2 has zombies’ game modes, in which the player will be converted into a undead man. When that happens, the rest of the players can be infected by the virus and will transform into zombies. However, the aim of the game is to maintain a safe distance from the zombies and complete all the different scenarios as a human.

As in a real war, you will have to pay extra attention to maps, which will provide you with useful information about places to hide or common spots where ambushes can be located. On the other hand, CS Zombie 2 offers the player a fast and dynamic gameplay.

If you decide to join the antiterrorist faction and protect your country against terrorism, you will have to look after yourself and the rest of your team. Be extremely careful when you are involved in a crossfire or deactivating bombs. If you lose a teammate, you will be penalized and will have to buy new equipment and weapons.

To conclude, the download and installation process is very easy and once you have an account, you will be able to measure yourself against its huge community of fans.

Similar games to CS Zombie 2

If you like playing this kind of action game, there are alternatives such as GTA San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod, Zombie Bowl-O-Rama or Counter-Strike Online.

GTA San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod is a third-person, free world game which is part of the GTA franchise. Whilst playing, you will have to escape and fight against dangerous zombies who want to take control of your city.

Zombie Bowl-O-Rama is simpler and based on monsters you have to eliminate by knocking them down as they approach you on the streets. Counter-Strike Online is an online multiplayer FPS which allows you to play the game from anywhere.

Counter-Strike Zombie 2 0.57 Features

This game includes the following features:

  • Everything is centred on a zombie’s invasion
  • Keeps CS features such as the possibility of choosing one team (terrorists or counter terrorists)
  • Great graphics and environment
  • Zombies are physically stronger than humans
  • Zombies can use only one weapon (a knife)

If you want to read more information about it, you can do so here


CS Zombie 2 is a realistic game for those who like war games and test their strategic skills modified to include zombies. Start playing this application and choose between the good side or the bad side.

  • Easy to download and play
  • Varied game modes
  • Dynamic gameplay
  • Free
  • Looks a bit outdated


For what are you going to use the program?
  • for playing games and have some fun in this game and i know that counter strike is the best of my life and yogether we play and everybodydsna


Changes in Gameplay Offers New Levels of Strategy to Survive

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, August 22, 2014

The popularity of Counter-Strike as an action game that you can play online on Windows-based PCs has made spawned a huge online community. As a result, all kinds of different mods have been created by players and various developers including the Counter-Strike Zombie 2. As a new and different mod, CS Zombie 2 completely changed the game’s core and offered a whole new different gameplay. It introduced zombies into the mix. In this mod, not only will you pay attention to your enemy team, but you must keep away from dangerous zombies, too. Your new enemies will not only kill members of your team, but turn them into zombies. Because of this, players must think of new strategies to win the game. The changes will make you cautious about how you organize your team, so you can all survive. These changes also make the game a lot more fun and exciting.


  • New gameplay for a more challenging game
  • New enemies for a more exciting play


  • New enemies will turn you and your teammates into zombies