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GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod 1

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for enjoy timepass please let me download this and it should work i want more mods from this website is this mod cool or not i dont know ok bye

  • gaming and playing in personal system mostly this what i will do with these game mostly people play games for relaxsation mind releaf even i

What similar programs have you used?
  • i hadn't use any similar programs. are you kidding me? what else shoud i write? 61 charts left? ok, i can make this. i've never seen stupidest thing xD

GTA San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod is a free action game mod available to download in which you will have to escape from dangerous dead men who have come to your city.

GTA San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod is an expansion of the GTA series which incorporates new characters to the popular franchise.

The installation process could be a bit complicated for some users. However, once you have installed the game, you will quickly get used to its exciting gameplay, especially if you have already played another GTA game.

Frightening storyline of GTA San Andreas Zombie Mod

GTA San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod is a third-person free world game which offers the player a big realism thanks to its graphics and sound effects.

The game is set in the fictitious city of San Andreas, where you will live a terrifying experience every time you encounter one of the fifty zombies who quickly approach to you.

If you want to win this particular battle against them and show that you are a real survivor, you will have to wisely use the weapons you have and be faster than your enemies.

The key of the game is to save all the people you love from the zombies. In order to successfully achieve your mission, you will have to avoid these dangerous characters as well as shoot and fight against them.

Finally, if you want to play this mod, it is important not to run other scripts at the same time because the application won’t work properly.

Similar alternatives

For action players, there is an alternative called Counter-Strike Zombie 2, a first-person shooter game (FPS) in which you will have to defend a country that is under a terrorist threat.

On the other hand, there is Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, another good alternative that enables you to beat monsters and knock them down like you were in a bowling alley.

GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod 1 Features

The main features of this mod are the following:

  • Two files which contain scripts that you need to run in order to enable the game
  • Finish with waves of zombies and protect people from them
  • Use your best weapons to kill your enemies on the head
  • Be careful to not run other mod’s scripts at the same time
  • 50 characters in the new gameplay

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GTA: San Andreas Zombie Alarm Mod is an action game utility in which you can put into practice the strategies you would use in case of a real threat.

  • Realistic
  • Good graphics
  • 50 new characters
  • Installation process is a bit complicated