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KEmulator Lite 0.9.8

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It Is More Fun Playing Our Java Games in a Wider

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Tuesday, July 15, 2014

If you are a Java games or Java application lover, and you want to run these applications in your computer, the KEmulator Lite is definitely what you’ve been looking for. Now you can enjoy playing all these mobile Java games in your desktop computer, and you are also enabled to run some mobile application in your computer like Opera Mini for instance.

The best thing about KEmulator Lite is that you are allowed to customize the resolution of your game and run it in full screen. So, we can enjoy more playing game in a wider screen. Also, the first time I've tried to run Opera Mini in KEmulator Lite, I was totally shocked, it was blazing fast.

I've already tried three different emulators that can run Java application and games, all those three emulators can do the same thing, but the performance are somehow differently with one another depending in the needs of the users. I must say that KEmulator Lite is the best among those applications. Thanks for making this application, now, I’m enjoying a lot playing my java games in my PC.


  • You can adjust the resolution of your game
  • It is a good emulator for java application


  • It needs a higher RAM
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An Emulator For Playing Java Games without the Need to Install Them

By Sam James

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Kemulator Life is a mobile java game emulator for games on your Computer. The installation process of this software is very easy, and even though Kemulator’s interface is hard to understand and not quite friendly to its users like me, still it can accomplish its function very effectively. The software is acting like a mobile Internet device on your computer. It enables users to move its mobile Java games to their desktop with no need to install them, all they have to do is to run the program and choose their phone operating system. Easy right? Kemulator Life also supports any Java game in order to offer its users the chance of playing any application. All in all, this program is a tool that runs Java games from your mobile phone directly to your PC, as it emulates your mobile phone OS. Using this software you can now play any kind of game thanks to its compatibility.


  • It has many graphics options
  • High level of compatibility and many graphics options


  • The Interface not very accessible
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Use your computer to play any java games without even installing them

By Irene Mugambi

On Monday, April 6, 2015

Kemulator Lite is an application for windows and advanced mobile phones, This application is used to play jave games and applications without actually installing them. Kemulator Lite emulates mobile operating systems thus making it possible to operate. To work, choose the phone model you want to emulate, load the application and it opens in the programs window and then you can control it with your keyboard, or a screen keyboard. Kemulator Lite supports different graphic engines like the 2D and 3D and with this compatibility you can run many games even the complicated ones. It also has an option to capture video making it possible to save programs sequence in Avi format. This program is very ideal and it acts like a mobile phone on the PC with the power to save your games images.

It is highly recommended since it has many advantages than the disadvantages. It runs java games from mobile to PC and it is very compatible. Game lovers go for Kemulator Lite.


  • It is very high compatible
  • Its performance is very high
  • It has many graphics options
  • It has video and image capture


  • Does not have a very accessible interface
Ease to access guides and manuals:




For what are you going to use the program?
  • i got many jar files but want an emulator to play games like prince of persia forgotten sands danger dash call of duty medol of honer megaman

  • For Entertainment and to play old games again that were lost omewhere after arrival of android phones. this is the main reason for kemulator

  • i am going to use this program for whatsapp and game amd any ru for java apps You are about to download KEmulator Lite 0.9.8 from our server

  • I get this program to use it in old games. I remembered than I played Splinter Cell, Prince of Percia, Civilization on my symbiant and I want to try again.

  • This application is to be used for games and graphics,also for editing files and programmes installed on device as a way to getting the best out of capacities and programm run.

What similar programs have you used?
  • I have always liked kemulator and as such never cared how other emulators performed. It is just a nice software and I recommend it. Mike madu.

  • why will you be asking me to write something long just to download a very common app that i can get from different websites across the internet?

  • i ddnt used any emulator because its hopefullywill work because im tired of searc not working in my pc so itry this kemulator if it will work

  • I have tried many programs, but none worked at all or kept crashing. I was hoping that this one works, because I've been searching everywhere for a Java emulator.

  • bluestack is an pc application that run android applications. it is very nice iand i think you should try it somethime in the future. its a good good software

What do you like most about this program?
  • yes thank you very much for deliver this program that makes most of convinient useing java application during working and testing for new apps

  • entertainment is most and check my phone considerations and it will be very usefull because i love java and i use some emulators to play the jar files

  • It lets me play my childhood games awesome and it really easy to control. It's not like other emulators it works perfectly. thank you alot for making it

  • i like to open java dictionaries on pc and it is always wonderful to see on a pc than in phone. I thank you very much for giving this as free

  • i can play cellphone games like real football and asphalt released by gameloft that i love for mobile phones on laptops and personal computers.

KEmulator Lite is an emulator used to play Java games without having to install them. This software allows users to try multiple applications for your mobile phone and acts as an OS emulator.

With this tool, users who want to use apps from their mobile don’t have necessary to download or install them. It supports multiple files during its process and also many graphic engines, to work with any kind of Java game.

Installation process is very simple and although its interface is not so friendly for users, it achieves its function effectively.

How it works

KEmulator Lite acts as a mobile phone on your PC. This tool allows users to transfer its mobile Java games to their desktop without installing them, you only have to run this program and select your phone operating system.

KEmulator Lite loads JAR files and supports any type of Java game in order to offer users the possibility of playing any application. This utility has multiple graphic engine support, both in 2D and 3D being able to run even the strictest games.

This program is also a video recorder in which you will be able to capture videos in AVI format and keep sequences of your favourite games. You can also save images of games.

Other alternatives

This OS emulator has the ability of acting as a mobile phone on your desktop, but there are also other alternatives with similar features that may suit your needs as well. One of them is , which is an Android emulator for your PC.

On the other hand, there are other kind of emulators which imitate old arcade games from recreational rooms and take them to your computer, as Mame32.

KEmulator Lite 0.9.8 Features

This emulator includes the following features:

  • Enjoy playing your mobile Java games in your computer
  • Take snapshots easily while you’re playing
  • Includes other mobile features and characteristics such as the keypad
  • Record everything you make in AVI format and reproduce it afterwards
  • Possibility of using 3D and 2D graphics
  • Adjust every key mapping
  • Uninstaller included

If you’re interested in reading more information about it, you can do it here


KEmulator Lite is a utility which runs Java games from your mobile directly to your computer, as it emulates your mobile OS. With this tool you will play any kind of file type thanks to its compatibility.

  • Great support
  • Multiple graphic engines
  • Video recorder
  • Image capture
  • Not user friendly