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Firefox 8 is a web browser developed by Mozilla Corporation used for making their browsing experience faster and safer.

This new version of the well-known free and open source browser Mozilla Firefox is continuously undergoing changes and improvements, as its developers upgrade and update it in order make it fit into the needs of every user. In fact this was one of the first browsers in breaking the dominance of Internet Explorer.

Security features have been added to this new version Firefox, as well as components that maximize its speed in browsing, even when you have to load very graphical pages. Besides, it will use the same keyboard shortcuts than Google Chrome.

Security first

Safe browsing is the most noticeable feature of this software and now no installations will be made without looking for a safe connection, Firefox 8 itself handles third party add-ons for avoiding security problems, especially with extensions.

Furthermore it has renewed its searching bar and now users will be able to make safe searches from Google as it establishes secure connections with it. Similarly, it has integrated an anti-malware too.

More functions

This browser is full of options and useful functions such as parental control to use at home, the option to forget websites so no one will know you have visited certain webpages, and private browsing to increase privacy as well.

Firefox 8 has integrated support for Twitter that will allow you to search for tweets and private messages from the address bar. For the displaying of webpages this browser uses Gecko engine.

Firefox 8 24 Features

These are the main features this program includes:

  • More security support (Security Manager to avoid malware, phishing and to recover passwords) and parental control
  • Twitter integration in the navigation bar (search hashtags, usernames or topics)
  • Additional apps to customize your browser (Adblock Plus, Video Downloader, eCleaner, gTranslate, etc.)
  • Smooth Scroll option to have your most visited sites always opened
  • Enhanced UI
  • Web Developer Toolbox
  • Improvements in HTML5

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Firefox 8 will help you to browse in a safe way without the need to renounce to quickly searches and will offer you lots of useful options.

  • Increased safety
  • Support for Twitter
  • Fast
  • Still unestable