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RockMelt for Windows 2.2.0

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For what are you going to use the program?
  • browsing the internet very fast in oder to do my work efficiently and comprehensively, and therefore excel in my fledgling journalist career

  • private use only and that is it. Can you please let me try to download this program ond see if I can get it to work my computer. So now am i done

  • to use facebook chat while browsing other websites and i already used this before and i love it and asking me is none of ur business so leave

  • navigate in the internet, browse information, i need to use this to do my hommerwork, i would like see some videos and images about relathion ship

  • Internet browsing and social networking for example facebook and twitter plus other websites that have the integration with Rockmelt browser

What similar programs have you used?
  • i was using google chrome i want to download it now i said are you listening to me oh my god i think i am wasting my time on 16 words left bye

  • i have also used chrome and internet explorer but pop ups have taken over and i cannot handle it anymore as i've tried everything to get rid of them

  • Microsoft Windows is a clear and instructive example of nonfree software. Its source code is a secret, so programmers cannot learn from it, fix it, adapt it to their clients (your) needs, or even verify what it really does.

  • google chrome, safari, opera, internet explorer, mozilla firefox, tor, puffin, maxthon, apollo, and so on.. I use a lot of browsers nowadays

  • ONE of the fastest browser i have used is chrome but i want to try new one so i chose rockmelt hopeit works fast and makes me satisfied thnk

What do you like most about this program?
  • its very convienient to me. i cant browse anything and chat with friends at the same time without changing tabs.its very helpful yet amazing

  • everything about rockmelt is fantastic i will not be downloading any other web browser for my windows 10 computer in anyway shape or for now or in the future.

  • Many options. you downloads are always available. the best dowlaod speed. file is free of spyware and viruses. Very fast compare to other browsers

  • social partners friends sport and mach more you see facebookand let me in forever do you not try to block me i am seek a try to dowload tree

  • it is easy to install and convenient to use. Other browsers take too much time downloading but it started installing instantly and it proves efficiency.

Application no longer available. Google Chrome could be another alternative to download for free.

This software is a browser you can download for free in order to keep updated with all your social networks at a time. It will run perfectly on your device if you have Windows 7 o XP.

With this Internet browser you can check instantly Facebook and Twitter since they are integrated in the application. You won't need to have a window full of tabs in order to know what is happening with your contacts.

Based on Google Chrome, RockMelt for Windows grants stability and many functions that are currently integrated in the main browsers nowadays, heavily influenced by this one.

Save resources

Thanks to its features you can save many resources because you won't need to open new tabs. This allows the system to not processing new search engines or new browser windows.

This is an open source application, which means that is created thanks to open code and its development is completely public. You can share new ideas with the community in order to improve the program.

Full control on your Social Networks

The integration with Facebook and Twitter makes this browser incredibly useful. RockMelt for Windows shows notifications immediately without causing problems or distracting the user from other kind of issues.

You will have a bar with Facebook which will show the current status of your friends and their notifications. It also includes the chat integrated, which can save you lots of time when you are chatting with your contacts. This way it offers interesting features which will charm the users.

Twitter and RSS are also integrated with the browser, thing that makes it very useful to find out all the actuality setting your likes and your interests.

Alternatives of RockMelt for Windows to download

Nowadays we can find interesting browser along the Internet with multiple features and the possibility of plugins. One of those is Mozilla Firefox, an application which grants stability and a good performance along with the possibility of a vast number of plugins for customising your application.

You have to take in mind the other main alternative, Google Chrome. It is not only a browser but also has a unique store for games and other kind of tools only available for this program.

RockMelt for Windows 2.2.0 Features

Discover the features of this software with the following list:

  • Merge your favorite social networks in just one interface
  • Get notified instantly of what’s happening in the world
  • Total control of your Facebook and Twitter account
  • Real-Time RSS updates
  • It grants stability and a great performance
  • Open application in which you can participate

In case you want to know more about this application you can check its .


RockMelt for Windows is a good browser for surfing the web while you get in touch with your friends and find out their updates .

  • Great integration with social networks
  • Saves resources
  • Runs great with Win 7 and XP
  • No email integration