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Adding life and realism to 3D graphics with Maxon Cinema 4D

By Gfx Syne

On Thursday, March 26, 2015

Cinema 4D Studio developed by Maxon is the ultimate design software for 3D graphics. Think of Cinema 4D Studio as a combination of the Adobe Suite but with much powerful options in terms of 3D modeling. The powerful tools enable users to render high-quality 3D and motion graphics. The advanced utilities in Cinema 4D Studio allow much flexibility in the design and creation of realistic animations and 3D graphical outputs. The software includes functionalities ranging from digital sculpting to customization, advanced lighting, and rendering of still and motion 3D graphics.

Given the software’s advanced abilities, Cinema 4D Studio is an ideal program for professional graphic artists. Despite Cinema 4D Studio’s advanced 3D options, the software has been designed keeping usability in mind. This means that the program is easy-to-use and can be used by all sorts of 3D graphic artists, including novices. Even the most complex effects can be carried out in a few clicks.

Cinema 4D is particularly geared towards 3D design and animations which sets it apart from other graphics programs. The presence of advanced tools in the software makes it one of the best programs in the domain of 3D modeling and design. With the right set of skills, users can create breathtaking animations and 3D graphics using Cinema 4D Studio.


  • Support for a wide variety of file formats
  • Advanced 3D graphic design tools
  • Fast rendering of 3D graphics


  • Programming in C.O.F.F.E.E. can be difficult
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A Complete Software Animation Tool That Can Give You a Professional Output

By Sam James

On Monday, September 22, 2014

Cinema 4D gives you all the possibilities to do anything when it comes to television, film, architecture, product design or any job that needs a professional output with their work. Cinema 4D offers you a very professional environment that brings you a massive collection of animation design ranging from short movies up to complex architectures. This application comes out with lots of useful functions that you can use in every project that you are working on, as well as generators, cameras, splines, materials, deformers and environment items. These can be easily moved, adjusted and scaled in order for you to reach your personal preferences. Cinema 4D allows you to create an advanced character animation and character rigs in a much easier way. The engine makes it simple to do complex interaction and collisions between every object, while its network rendering allows users to take control all computers that are connected with your network to support rendering of your animations faster. Overall, Cinema 4D is perfect tool for advance users that needs a good quality animation output.


  • It includes lots of useful settings
  • Single click used on enhanced key-frame buttons


  • It is quite hard to use
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The next generation of powerful and professional 3D video animator software

By Kyle Daniels

On Friday, August 22, 2014

For software graphic animators, engineers, industrial designers, architects and many software graphic professionals Cinema 4D may possibly be the new application that will be able to make their work easier and faster.

Cinema 4D is a software application that allows users to create high-quality, professional video animation computer graphics. Right off the bat, it’s clearly evident that this software is not for novice users. This is a powerful and versatile video animation application, perfect for creating both virtual still and animated computer graphics. Having downloaded and started the software, I noticed that it appears to have the very same layout as the previous version. The user interface contains the essential main menu functions and options on top and a layer control panel positioned on the right panel. The working interface is to the left and center, where the project you’re working on can be viewed and manipulated. Of course all this is highly customizable according to your preferences. Cinema 4D now comes with faster and even better rendering capabilities. The application also allows me to render and control ambient light even more easily than I previously experienced with other similar software/

Overall, Cinema 4D appears to have the versatility, power and flexibility computer graphics professionals need to achieve a high-end, extremely professional output. I really recommend downloading and trying out this application.


  • Highly customizable modules available separately
  • Neutralizes the steep learning curve required for similar previous software
  • Perfect for professional computer graphics professionals but intermediate users can start exploring too


  • Software is very powerful and designed produce professional results, may be intimidating for beginners
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to make really good edits because im on a cod eam and they need new editors and i asked if i could tryout for the editor spot so that is why i need this.

  • training on cinema 4d to develope my skills and see the difference between architects programmes such as auto cad revit 3d max etc and see the benefit of it

  • Banners for the minecraft theme game making and lots more there will be a link to this webiste in the youtube channel so u get more popular and that is it really

  • What im going to be able to learn create the new creativity by 3D modeling something i wanted to try out in awhile, also image design, and other things as well

  • Intros for youtubers that look amazing when played it is my dream o have a good software to use to make quality intros for people love them all

What similar programs have you used?
  • source filmmaker a software made b y valve that is free to use on steam made to 3d animate i thought it was kinda complicated so i found out about cinema 4d

  • source filmmaker a software made b y valve that is free to use on steam made to 3d animate i thought it was kinda complicated so i found out about cinema 4d


  • videos and picture animation, my windows is window 7 ultimate and i am very happy to use this programs by the way its very easys to create an

What do you like most about this program?
  • i can create proffesional animations for my games i make and youtube movies and everything i really need i guess ive never tried this app but i would like to

  • it is easier to learn but can create superrealistic models .I also use other softwares like blender and poser but i hear that cinema4d is very good and even better

  • I like this program because I can download Cinema 4D for free instead of buying it on maxon which is a lot of money to me personally. Wel thanks

  • i like it becuase its awsome for making intros for your videos so i can here by the way my friends told me to get this program to make my channel higher

  • I like that i am able to make awesome animated thumbnails for minecraft undertale and other games for me and my friends have youtube channels to record on


Cinema 4D is a 3D modeling software designed by Maxon which will help the user to create high definition 3D shapes and dynamic graphs. This program is frequently used for broadcast graphics, since its rendering speed is much faster than other programs of the same kind, like Autodesk 3ds Max.

This new version offers some tools and improvements such as enhanced text modeling or advanced rendering optimizations. You will be able to render your projects faster with new global illumination methods and use Team Render, a new online rendering tool which uses peer-to-peer communication to distribute different rendering tasks; it also offers an easy setup and smooth workflow.

How to use

First of all, keep in mind that Cinema 4D is not a utility for the casual user. This software requires some previous knowledge and loads of hours experimenting until you get something good. To start with something, you can generate primitive shapes like spheres or cubes and then customize several parameters such as number of segments in X, Y or Z, the radius, coordinates, etc. Then, the program offers you the possibility to modify those objects by using effects like bending, melting or bulging. You can also model text in 3D space and add some effects previously mentioned. Modeling primitive shapes is the basis of complex works. You can create a realistic strawberry from a single sphere by applying the right effects and model processes. You have the option to sculpt right on your polygonal models, modifying the mesh effortlessly by editing polygons, edges or points.

When you are happy with your models, you can start adding some textures so they become more realistic. You just have to create new materials and then start tweaking some settings. Materials will look the way you like, since everything is customizable: change the color, add reflections, set the environment, add a bump map or specular. One of these elements is what will give the texture to your materials: the bump. You are free to set some fractal noise to act as a bump map, or you can load an image from your PC. Then you are free to set the strength to make it more or less noticeable depending on your needs.

Now your model is ready, but you can still improve it. This software gives you the option to add a camera and move it if you are looking for an animated scene or create a background and a floor; but you are still missing the most important element: light. You will have to create individual lights in order to clearly see what you need or hide some parts of the models, or you can go to render settings and choose global illumination. One quick tip if you want global light but you need total control over it is to create a single light and an array and then drag the light into the array. This will give you seven lights equally distributed. Now, you are able to configure the number of copies as well as light properties easily.

Aside from this global effect, you will find some more which will help you to improve your model or the environment. You can enable ambient occlusion, which tries to recreate the way light radiates, especially off non-reflective surfaces. If you have some semi-solid simulated surfaces like water, you can turn the caustics on. Caustic Networks are created when the light gets reflected or refracted by semi-solid or curved objects and gets projected onto a solid surface. After applying these final effects, you can render your model and save a single frame or the whole composition in case of being an animated scene.

Cinema 4D Features

Here you can see some of the features of Cinema 4D:

  • Slide tool will allow you to adjust edges with a single drag
  • Intel Embree Raytracing makes complex rendering processes easier than ever
  • Non-linear animation for creating animations with keyframes
  • Supports several output formats such as BMP, TARGA, TIFF or JPG
  • Gain total control over your texts with MoText and Text Splines, kerning individual characters in your 3D view
  • New Project Mesh feature allows you to combine multiple sculpt objects with optimized edge flow

If you are interested in Cinema 4D and you need some more information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website .

System requirements for the download

The minimum system requirements in order to download and install this software correctly are listed below:

Operating System: Windows Vista or higher

Processor: Intel Pentium 4 Athlon 64 or equivalent

RAM Memory: 1024 MB or higher

Video Card: OpenGL 2.1 capable graphics card

Hard Disk: 7 GB free space available