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Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients 6.80c

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The way to win this game is through great teamwork and strategy

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I am a great fan of this awesome game. Unlike other real-time strategy games, Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients or simply called DotA gives you the opportunity to interact and form a team. It basically follows a team against team format. The game offers diversity because of the different game modes available. With more than one hundred heroes to choose from, you will not get bored with it since there are many things about this game that you need to master in order to triumph in the end. But the main thing to consider is teamwork. Each of the team members has to develop a strategy for his unit. If you are not familiar with the game, it consists of two teams positioned at the other sides of the game map. They have to protect their respective building called the “Ancient” against their opponent. As a beginner, I suggest playing against the computer first. Once you think you’re ready, then you can battle it out against other players. Nevertheless, you will surely enjoy this superb game.


  • Select from different game modes
  • Choose from around 112 heroes


  • Game takes time to learn



Your game plan and excellent skills will determine your victory

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, July 18, 2014

I love playing Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients. In the gaming world, it goes by its common name, DotA. Two teams namely the Sentinels and Scourge battle each other to protect their territory. I enjoy playing this game because of so many reasons. The graphics and effects are great and the intricate scenes are fascinating. The saying, no man is an island, suits this game perfectly. The game requires up to five players in each team and in order to win, there needs to be teamwork and great strategy. The members of each team need to support each other by managing their respective units. With a wide range of heroes to choose from, it may take time to master the game and get to know that different skills of each one. Nevertheless, it is one of the main factors why this game has become very popular. You can even buy weapons to make your heroes stronger and superior. I can’t think of anything bad to say about this game though sometimes it takes too much of my time.


  • The game offers multiplayer support
  • Provides a variety of add-ons


  • Some missions are long and time-consuming



Dota: Sentinel vs. Scourge clashing to protect their Frozen throne

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, September 1, 2014

Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients well known as Dota nowadays is a multiplayer game wherein players compete using their selected heroes to destroy their opponent’s throne to win the match. DotA is a game consisting of 2 competing teams namely the Sentinel and the Scourge wherein every team can have up to 5 heroes each. This game needs the cooperation of each team member in order to acquire victory because you can’t stand the force of your 5 opponents when you just do it your way, DotA gives me lots of entertainment because each hero has its own ability and special attributes, and there are 112 heroes to choose and try. Each player has to coordinate with one another in choosing their hero because every hero has to take a part in defending their base or otherwise offending the base of their opponent. A hero can dominate the game by killing creeps in which they can gather gold coins (small amount of gold coins), or rather killing the opponent’s hero or destroying the opponents tower can also gather gold coins (higher amount of coins). A hero that has been killed cannot spawn immediately advantage to those who takes care of there hero in order to achieve their dominating level. Max level is up to level 25, each level gives additional attribute points to your skills and stats (Damage, Armor, Strength, Agility and Intelligence). You can also make friends using the gameplay chat, and also to coordinate your teamplay with them.


  • There are 112 heroes to choose, to try and to master.
  • It is available in multiplayer mode and online gaming.


  • When your teammate quits, he or she cannot go back to your gameplay.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • Play with my friend so i can get better happier life with it. and maybe wanna remember how to play defense of the ancient asdawdasdawdasdwaw

  • gaming dota and practicing for enhancing my knowledge about how to use the another or other character in dota 3 I will always play this game for my excellently

  • for play games like fifa dota pro evolution soccer i also lik play badminton and cycling and joging thanks for lending me your ear to listen

  • i really wanna start playing with my friends, because we cant play dota 2 over local area network. that and we are big moba fans so yeah that.

  • Because I trust with your website and about the game that you are showing me thats call Warcraft 3 : Defense Of The Ancient (DotA) and enjoy it

What similar programs have you used?
  • counter strike global offensive free download it was pretty good i liked it. expert bots kodak black slaps vlone thug twitter.com/dominickbaron

  • none first time to download just requested by a friend and trying if this truly works I do hope it does so as not to disappoint my friend. ok

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  • First time playing this type of game. Not sure what is required here. Most other programs used are for work, not for games. So nothing similar I guess.

What do you like most about this program?
  • Free downloads and it's stability when its downloading and what the player wants to play is here so plsss dont ask other this question because they are on hurry to play

  • I really like that it is so simple amd easy to download something for free without all the things I really do not need or will ever look into with interest

  • lovely game and one of its most famous thing that i was liked is to kill ancients keep it up and plz give its full version thank u very much

  • enjoy to play test my mind even if sometimes i thought trashtalk . This a wonderful game and many people addicted to dota it's okay but you need to handle yourself

  • free of viruses and spyware, i like the classic feel of the old dota and i dont have a speedy stable internet connection in my current location


Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients (also known as DotA) is a custom map created for the videogame Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, developed by Blizzard Entertainment. It was entirely made using Warcraft’s world editor, a built-in tool that allows players to create their own scenarios and share them online. This mod is based on Starcraft’s “Aeon of Strife” scenario, and it was created by the user IceFrog. Nowadays, DotA is the father of every MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game out there.

There are many modifications to the original DotA map. The most popular one is DotA Allstars, developed by Steve Feak (Guinsoo). Since the Allstars mod was created, it has turned into an essential characteristic of many recognized tournaments all around the world, such as BlizzCon or World Cyber Games. This title is probably the most popular videogame modification ever created.

How to Play

There are two different teams in a DotA match: The Sentinel and the Scourge. Sentinels will start at the lower-left side of the map, while the Scourge has its base in the upper-right corner. Each base is heavily defended by structures called towers, and waves of AI controlled units (creeps) move along the three paths that connect both bases: a central path and two side paths. At the bottom of each base each team has an Ancient for each team, a building that must be destroyed in order to win the match.

Each player controls a powerful unit with unique skills known as a Hero.

Each player controls a powerful unit with unique skills known as a Hero. Heroes are chosen according to their main attributes: intelligence, agility or strength. There are many available heroes, each one with different skills and tactical advantages over others. This title requires players to play as a team or lose the match: it is hard for a single player to carry the entire team to victory. Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients allows matches for teams with up to five players (although there are modified versions that extend the limit up to six players for each team).

Heroes will get stronger for every unit destroyed (creeps or enemy Heroes). They will also gain experience points. When a Hero gathers enough XP, it levels up, which makes it stronger and tougher. It also allows the Hero to upgrade its skills. Additionally, Heroes obtain gold when they eliminate enemies. Players are free to use gold to purchase items and equipment to make Heroes stronger.

Warcraft III: Defense of the Ancients 6.80c Features

You can check the features of this title before you download it:

  • Multiplayer action: compete against other players in online matches
  • Choose your Hero: there are 112 available Heroes with different attributes and skills
  • Customize your character: purchase different items and weapons to make your Hero unstoppable
  • Create the best strategy: there are multiple ways in which a match can be won. Find the best one for your team and destroy the enemy Heroes
  • Mod supported: you can install different modifications to change some aspects of the game

If you are interested in this title and want further information before you download it, feel free to check the official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this title are:

  • Operating System: Windows 98 or higher
  • Processor: Pentium II 400 MHz or AMD equivalent
  • RAM Memory: 128 MB or higher
  • Hard Disk: 550 MB free space available