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Battle Realms transports the user to a world marked Japanese character, where the mythology and history of the land of the rising sun merge with imagination

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Battle Realms transports the user to a world marked Japanese character, where the mythology and history of the land of the rising sun merge with the imagination of a great artistic team, with the assistance of an equally competent group of programmers, has as a result a degree of strong personality, which not only provides graphics as have never been seen in an RTS, but is loaded with entirely different innovative and mechanical ideas calls to go deeper between a little tired aficionado known memory operation any ETR it hits the market.

Undoubtedly, the first thing that stands out in the game are the graphics Liquid. Units gigantic compared to what seen so far, buildings full details, different kinds of birds in the skies, mountains that seem real mountains, forests populated by different types of trees recreated with great detail.

Everything has a finishing and quality, which is only surpassed by the animations that throws any animatable thing: the beating of the wings of birds, small animals that scurry along the ground, farmers wiping sweat forehead ... anything is equipped with a grace and softness that remains even in battles with dozens of units.

Another extremely funny detail rocks are sometimes found in an elevated position, is that these "pebbles" can be pushed by your strength, despachurrando hopelessly everything that is put through (imagine the grace to do see half of your troops when converted into bloody pulp and you thought it was all earned), lovely.


  • The animation is truly amazing
  • the great variety on which it counts


  • not like other games editor



Battle Realms is a Cool Real-Time Strategic Game with a Great Deal of Enjoyment to Play

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, August 22, 2014

This contemporary, but outdated real time action game from Ubisoft allows martial arts to flourish amidst the constant fancy sci-fi stuff available in games today. Released back in 2001, this game instantly won notoriety as one of the more complicated and practical RTS video games that was ever released. In time, it further offered extraordinary graphics, exclusively in the progression of action moves by characters in the game. Combat units achieved an expanded range of battle moves. Players directly allow action of characters by clicking them and later invade enemy towns or camps. If you play against your computer, a designated AI will operate its units with exceptional capabilities. This contributes to the game’s engaging gameplay environment. To build your own town, players need to collect and consume rice and water. Peasants are used for this task because they are adept at establishing rice paddies. Player create units by training peasants to fighters.


  • Easy to play even for beginners
  • Nice video graphics and soundtrack of the mini movie


  • Has some issues and bugs




By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, August 4, 2014

Battle realm like any other strategy game.The game offers the player basic worker who can later be upgraded into other units.The task the basic workers are mainly gatherers and not fighters,manual work is their main objective.The basic workers are automatically produced without limit at no cost.Though you cannot produce many workers,since a ratio has to be followed inorder not to make the game a simple fill the earth.

Through out the game battles won will earn you points,which you can later on use to gain advantage over your enemies.The points are mainly awarded according to the side you are fighting for.

There are four clans in battle field:Wolf clan.Dragon clan.Lotus clan.Serpent clan,Each clan has its distinct attribute in what they beleive in.Some are good others are bad.

The games main character is the one who chooses on a path to follow and will give the game on which route to undertake.You can toggle from good to bad according to where you want the character to follow.Note once you choose the character to follow the route of evel you cant change this,as the game continues but you can restart the game and then choose a different path for him.You will then be expected to make decision which will lead to your clans survival.


win xp or later.

4gb free hdd space.

1gr ram

2.8gh processor

advanced graphics card memory 256mb


This is an ideal contemporary real time strategy game.Has good graphics but is mostly based on tradational warfare.The story of kenji will leave you in twists as you choose on the path to take.


  • the game has great graphics and animations
  • easy to play (user friendly)
  • allows one to choose the path to undertake


  • each clan has an advantage over the other clan




For what are you going to use the program?
  • playing with my friends and to enjoy the games for pleasure and for enjoyment. hope it will be ok in downloading this game for free. thank y

  • to play and have some fun with the game as it is a very good game solo quiero jugarlo nada mas no es para otros fines thanks for putting on this page to download

Battle Realms is a PC strategy game based on the confrontations between samurais and the honourable army that will take you to the times of the feudal Japan with good graphics and battle sounds. This free trial available to download will teach you how to play the real game.

You will be an exiled leader who returns and have to create his own army and direct it to re-conquer his territories, transforming simple countrymen into battlers and carefully planning his movements.

Be free and aware of your choices

To start playing you will have to select one of the four clans available in the game: Dragon Clan, Serpent Clan, Wolf Clan and Lotus Clan. It is also necessary for you to learn a complicated economy system based on rice that will allow you to upgrade your warriors.

In Battle Realms all your actions have consequences. All your choices affect the plot and the development of your protagonist, Kenji, both physically and psychologically, and will influence the progress of the whole game in which everything is settled by your preceding movements.

You will have to plan a very efficient and wit strategy to beat your enemies, but you will not only count on weapons such as swords, in Battle Realms you will also count on martial-arts as a means to defeat your rivals. You will also find geisha and ninja fighters.

Alternatives to Battle Realms

If you like strategy PC games there are also to download Command and Conquer: Generals which also offers different armies to choose and the option of multiplayer battles, or Stronghold Crusader, a game that, as indicated by its name, is set on the time of the Crusades in Middle East.

Battle Realms Features

These are the features of this strategy game:

  • Martial arts gameplay set in the Feudal Japan
  • Single player mode where users control Kenji, an exiled who is being heir to the Serpent’s Throne
  • Players have to choose which band he will take: the good side (Dragon clan) or the bad side (Serpent clan)
  • 4 available clans: Dragon clan, Serpent clan, Wolf clan and Lotus clan. Each clan has a certain way of living according to their ideas
  • Each faction has to upgrade its military resources and build structures
  • All factions start with three buildings for training and earning Battle Gears
  • Zen Masters are the heroes and leaders of each clan
  • Yin/Yang system: the method of obtaining points. The more Yin/Yang points you have more damage you will cause
  • Each unit has different animation effects
  • Multiplayer mode available
  • Some units are allowed to use secondary weapons

For further information, visit the developer's site .


In Battle Realms PC game you can create your own story depending on your actions, their consequences, and the choices you make before and after them. Your wisdom and plans can lead you to the final victory.

Limited time and restricted functions

  • Detailed game
  • Choice of clan
  • Difficult game