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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play the game and to have a lot of fun i hope this download actually works not like the last ones dont you dare trojan my computer m8 i hope

  • becuase its my best game and i like it i had playing it before 7 years i would to accept download the game pleas thats is all thanks for yours

  • playing fifa because i like it, i am no robot so i will typ a few more words so i have used enough chars to finally go through this programm

What similar programs have you used?
  • torrent is the best program that i download games videos musics on this program facebook instagram snapchat whats app google chrome antarkatika

What do you like most about this program?
  • Realistic and more chances to play great matches with AI and my colleagues. I like true leagues in this game and exciting which is the most important to me.

  • playing and sounds snd comments it is very interseting I never couldnot forget it whatever all versions have been created after this game I like it

FIFA 2005 is a soccer game in which you can control the professional football player you want. It’s a quite realistic game and you will really like it if you are soccer fan.

If you suffer each time that your football team loses a match and you think you could win many leagues if you were a coach, don’t hesitate to try this football game. You could do all of this without leaving your house.

Great realism

FIFA 2005 stands out for its realism. From the first time you start playing this game, you won’t notice that everything is unreal. It has quite good background sound; you could even hear how fans support their football team.

The great difference with other versions is the inclusion of the First Division of Mexico. But for being even more realistic, FIFA 2005 includes 26 leagues from 19 countries. You can choose to play in many different countries such as United States, Germany, Brazil, Italy or even Poland.

Besides, you could play in 39 different national football teams all over the world. Play against the rival you have ever dreamed and win all the matches you can! Nevertheless, you can also select the stadium you prefer among twenty real ones. Enjoy playing in Anfield, win in the French Parc des Princes or in the great Spanish Santiago Bernabeu.

Create your own player

Have you ever dreamed of being playing in a national league in other country? Now you can do it! All you just have to do is to create your personal player. He will start from the lower level but at the time you play, he will gradually increase his abilities. Try if you are able to win the tournament you want and show your professional skills.

Other alternatives

In terms of graphic design and as it has several novelties, FIFA 13 is a good alternative. In this game there are some legends locked and they will be unlocked at the time you get some points. Also, you can try Pro Evolution Soccer 2013 in which you can choose playing in the Barclay’s Premier League or even in the UEFA one.

Fifa 2005 Features

This game has the following features:

  • Enhanced the career mode
  • Returns to a create-a-player mode
  • First-touch gameplay, real-life passes and tricks
  • It includes the full Mexican League
  • Single-player, multiplayer and online modes
  • There are almost 40 different songs included in its game soundtrack
  • Fifa Theme was developed by Paul Oakenfold

For further information, you can check developer’s website


If you are a fan of professional football and you think that you can be a quite good coach, FIFA 2005 is the game you looked for. Its realistic graphic sounds and the possibility of choosing the league you want, will fascinate you from the first time you play it.

Some restricted functions

Limited period of time

  • No great hardware requirements
  • Possibility of choosing real stadiums
  • Real football leagues
  • Quite old-fashioned