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Acrobat Distiller 4.01 update



Acrobat Distiller: Correct and Look for Errors in Adobe Reader

By Christine Diaz

On Friday, June 20, 2014

Acrobat Distiller is a small program developed by Adobe that allows you to convert any PostScript file into a Portable Document File. It was designed to modify, display, print and create PDF files. This software also fixes some of the problems of Adobe Acrobat Professional. On the other hand, with this program, I can now work with large file sized documents and show and prints documents with 3 types of fonts. Also, this software has incorporated some data about the procedure of converting files, a procedure you can watch as it takes place. Moreover, this tool is very useful especially when you want to be in digital format, the image of an entire web site. Overall, this program is very useful to any institution as it saves a lots disk space and the PDF document in a tiny size compared to a Word docs. I highly suggest it you should try this one.


  • Easy to use and no harmful to other software
  • Fixed errors and light on resources


  • The price is a bit high, but worth it
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An Excellent Software to Centralize Postscript to Adobe PDF File Creation

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, June 27, 2014

One component of the Adobe Acrobat family products is the Distiller. It is the main engine for switching PostScript files into PDF documents. Acrobat Distiller is the essential one. Some software can create PDF files from within their program, but frequently simply acts as a frontend to Distiller, which should also be installed.

With the Distiller, I can select settings used to convert files to PDFs, security options, and font information. I can also use its window to monitor the jobs I’ve lined up for PDF conversion. Distiller lets me queue PostScript documents that I create in managing the applications and then monitor them all over the PDF conversion process.

Also with this update, few bugs were fixed, along with a problem with PDF Mark operations bigger than 128K where some documents consist of type 3 fonts did not display or print correctly correlated to the original PostScript language documents, and an issue where the addition of Watched Folders sometimes crash Distiller.


  • Can run as a standalone utility or from within other applications
  • Can create reliable and compact files


  • Minimum system requirements for PC
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The software that allows users to convert all PostScript documents in to PDFs

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Monday, March 30, 2015

With the ability to convert documents in the formats within the Acrobat Editor and Adobe Reader Support, this program is just wonderful tool for conversion of Post script documents in to PDF files. This program is free to download. Once downloaded and installed, users can be able to view all the files that are ready to be converted since it allows users to queue post script files and also review the conversion process.

This software supports both PDF/X and job definition format international standards. The software will ensure that all original properties of all converted files are maintained. This software is compatible with windows 2000 with SP4 and requires very minimal hard disk space totaling around 245 megabytes.

This software comes with an intuitive user interface which all users who have used Adobe before will find very easy to also comes to erase all shortcomings experience by use of Adobe Acrobat.


  • • Requires very minimal hard disk space
  • • Ability to review and see the conversion process


  • • Only compatible with windows 2000
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to convert pdf from adobe page maker for printing n reading it on mobile anywhere and any time and aslo its very easy to print out also less

  • convert spreadsheets to pdf for work, the program doesnt work unless I have this adobe distiller dowloaded. wont know if it works till i TRY IT

  • modify document and review comments on it in order to share with students and teachers in different fields of studies and seminaries over the university

  • for the used of installing Adobe pagemaker and photoshop, as i wanted to install this two software they are asking me to have this acrobat distiller 4.01 or 5.0

  • convert .ps to .pdf date files contain rainfall data from NASA this is for personal reearch purposes exploring new data recently available so

What similar programs have you used?

  • i have some printing work so i like you may come with the say you know how to the rawo rlay fish fry try and babab is realy fruid you that y

  • none for now. this is my first try and I am hoping to get a solution out of it. I have a crystal report that I want to convert to PDF programmatically

  • well, I use a program for transferring pdf to word in a hurry time.It is very helpful, because of its high speed. But sometimes it may dmage the picture in my essay.

  • Require Acrobat Distiller 4.01 update for creating pdf file. Currently using pdf printers, which are not good quality solution and hence download the software.

What do you like most about this program?
  • I can print pdf from word and make the file for publishing in media and any other means. This helps me alot especially whenever I have to switch to other working environment (such as linux)

  • very useful software specially transferring file for correction, presentation, etc. This is also useful to convert files in different format.

  • useful for convert pdf from page maker and it is very use fult to me for my daily works. I am daily using pagemaker files both in telugu nd english

  • easy to manipulate and most efficient in working with other related application collaborated into this software. It gives you manageable services

  • acrobat reader nice to sljsfldjl ldsfjlksd hello pls give permission for downloading thanks if you text is not short then pls forward the link


Acrobat Distiller is the PC utility part of Adobe Acrobat, used to convert files into PDFs, specifically PostScript documents, most commonly used in the areas of electronics and desktop publishing. This computer software is presented as a free update, since it corrects bugs in the original Acrobat version.

Although some users have experienced problems when it comes to converting PS documents into portable document format, Acrobat Distiller lets you change file formats within the Acrobat editor as well as with Adobe Reader support, allowing you to perform the desired tasks without the need to download further apps.

How to use this editor

With Acrobat Distiller you can select the settings used to convert your desired documents, security options and source information. Enabling Acrobat Distiller means you can even view all the tasks that are ready for conversion as this software allows you to queue PS files and preview the whole process.

With this free update you can prepare your documents in a more reliable format for a easier management of your business and for improving workflow. The software supports both PDF/X and JDF (Job Definition Format) international standards for exchanging content in an easy way. After creating your conversion, you can instantly print your new document. Besides this, the editor can maintain the original properties of the file, so it will display it as if it was the authentic one.

Acrobat Distiller 4.01 update Features

The unique features of this software are listed below:

  • Can be used both as a standalone application or integrated in Acrobat
  • Adobe Reader support
  • Converts PostScript applications into Portable Document File format
  • International standard support (PDF/X and JDF)
  • You can queue PS files to manage for later modification

For more information about this program before downloading it, feel free to visit the developer’s official website here.

Minimum system requirements

The minimum system requirements to properly download and install Acrobat Distiller are the following:

  • Operating System: Windows 2000 with Service Pack 4
  • Processor: Intel Pentium III
  • Memory: 256MB of RAM
  • Hard Disk Space: 245MB free space