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Picture Motion Browser 5.8.02

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By Joseph Wachira

On Monday, June 8, 2015

You probably attended an event or had that excursion where you took many photos to preserve the memories. You might want to make them user friendly or even enhance their appearance? Well, the Picture Motion Browser is the solution. With its face recognition ability and a slide show mode that gives a full screen view, it facilitates efficient edition and management of images and videos to suit your preference such as color enhancement, resizing, date insertion, red eye removal, video trimming, conversion and capturing images from them. It makes quick searches in your computer library enabling instant access and export, sending, printing, tagging, sharing of videos and creation of backups to several optical discs, memory sticks among others. The minimum system requirements include the Intel Pentium III 500 MHz CPU or faster Processor, the Microsoft Windows 2000 Operating System, 400MB Hard Disk Space free for installation, 256MB RAM and Direct Sound compatible sound card.


  • • Can organize multiple images and video editing and conversion
  • • Ability to detect people’s faces appearing in pictures
  • • Enables choice of method of file importation, destination and display


  • • Works with a fast processor
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An excellent application that helps you manage photos and videos

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, July 18, 2014

Have you experienced spending lots of time just searching for photos? Instances wherein you get irritated when you cannot find them immediately? Picture Motion Browser is what you need. It can help you find images in just a matter of seconds. This application lets you manage and arrange all your photos. I am impressed how this app automatically organizes the pictures as well as videos into folders according to the date when the photos or videos were taken. I also like that this app gives you a number of possibilities to control your photos and videos. Moreover, PMB has various video tools. You can edit your videos and even extract frames and make it as a permanent picture. In addition, you can share your videos through the internet. You simply have to click the World button and select a platform in which you want to upload it. Overall, Picture Motion Browser is a helpful tool especially for those people who love taking a lot of photos and videos.


  • Organizes all pictures and videos
  • Can edit and share videos


  • Too simple for advanced users
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A Photo and Video Managing Tool Which Can Easily Upload to the Internet

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 18, 2015

I simply love photos. I like taking pictures with my DSLR for high resolution images. For fast capturing of moments, in case I don't have my SLR, I just use my handy mobile devices including an iPad and iPhone. I love it! Usually however, having multiple devices and several SD cards makes me wonder "Where should I store the pictures and how can I retrieve them fast?" In this case, I should have a tool that will help me organize, manage and easily retrieve my wacky photos. I found this photo and video managing tool that allows me to keep my photos and videos in chronological order for easy retrieval. Another nice feature is the face search which allows me to find images of the same couple or person. Next feature is the basic video editing tool that allows me to extract frames and take it as a picture. Lastly, I can even share the photos and videos I made! Isn't it amazing? The bottom line is, this photo and video managing is a very powerful tool which has a basic video editing tool, a face search feature, can easily upload the images and video to the Internet and the best of all, it is easily retrievable! What else do you need? Everything is here!


  • It is a free of charge
  • It is quite complete application
  • It has tools for videos and photos


  • It is somewhat simple for advanced users
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • Home videos download from sony camcoder and burn dvds for distribution to friends, relatives, students and devotees of the Sri Senpaga Vinayagar Temple

  • Export, delete, and view picture from Sony DSC H20 Cypershot camera. I have waiting a long time for this opportunity. Today is the day that I can do it.

  • copying handycam data to the PC and then further creating the movie file out of it. I have one Sony HDRXR150 for video recording. Need to download files.

  • i had an old version of sony pmb with i love but nolonger is avaliable fro windows 8 looking for ap product wich will give me a bood iesing.

  • to stream my mini dv camera. because the win 10 not identify the sony trv-33 cam. so I want to try. maybe driver included it in. thank you..

What similar programs have you used?
  • ipikh hhjg gkhghk jhgv,b j Free Download You are about to download Picture Motion Browser 5.8.02 from our server Advantages:gv ghcv fgj vjg


  • sony pmb on my other computer whitch the screen had stopped working, and painting a lot images of my characters to make everything on my tablet

  • many programs similar toved them but most important is that i dont really care what i use for as long as they work for my needs thats all i have

  • Picture Motion Browser 2.0.06 from a CD delivered with a DCR SR32E handycam bought someyears ago and still used on different occasions. Software is verry usefull and I want to update my version.

What do you like most about this program?
  • I always trust Sony so it was an easy decision to download it. I also love the storage facilities and the wy I can edit my photos. Brilliant

  • Customer friendly and easy to use. Enhances my videos and photos, making my offerings look quite professional in every way. I am thankful for all.

  • This is an excellent program. I am able to pull off of my videos in one spot and like it when I plug my camera into a USB port the program auto

  • all of the pörogram is good for photography and moff files are only to be open by this great programm that offers all needed features for beginners

  • I like it because it is user friendly. I have worked with the software since many years ago and find it very easy to handle my pictures and movies


Picture Motion Browser is a picture application used for managing and editing the different images you have in your computer. With this software you can efficiently organize your own images collection following your preferences. It comes along with different useful editing tools that can help you to improve files with color enhancement functions or red eye reduction.

Picture Motion Browser manages your pictures in a way in which you can always immediately access to your content and export it for external use, sending photos via e-mail or just printing your documents. This way, this multimedia manager is helpful for users that have a great number of pictures and want to add tags in order to correctly organize the images.

Picture Motion Browser also allows creating backups to several optical discs, memory sticks or even to specific Sony Cyber-shot cameras. The application also includes face recognition technology, which detects the people’s faces that appear in the pictures, helping to correctly edit the file in different ways. This version of the software is also compatible with different video formats and allows exporting or uploading them to different video pages or just to save them into a disc.

How to use this photo editing software

The download of this program won’t take you too long. Once you have completed the process, you will be able to import videos or photos to the computer by connecting the device (for example, a camera) through an USB cable or just searching in your PC library. This will be an easy step since a window will automatically appear when you launch the program. Then, you can select the method you prefer when it comes to import your file, the destination of files and choose if you want to delete them from their original folder once they have been imported. After few seconds, your pictures will be displayed in the interface.

There are different ways you can select for your images or videos to be displayed, like Calendar View, Index View or Map View. Besides, in the Edit menu, you will be able to insert the date in a photo or changing it in a batch, cropping or resizing a photo, trimming videos or capturing images from them, converting video format or adjust brightness, saturation, sharpness, etc., among some others. Finally, you can print, copy in a disc, send by email, share on the web or export your results to an external source.

Picture Motion Browser 5.8.02 Features

The unique features of this program are the following:

  • Edition and management of pictures, such as color enhancement, cropping and red eyes removal
  • Integrated images’ browser that makes quick searches in your computer library
  • A new picture viewer has been included in the interface of Picture Motion Browser
  • Slideshow mode provides full screen view
  • Different sources’ backup, including CD and DVD among some others
  • Face recognition technology
  • Picture Motion Browser imports AVCHD video to the PC
  • Images can be geotagged by using Google Maps
  • Possibility of uploading videos to social networks like Facebook

If you want to read more information about this program before you download it, feel free to visit the developer's site .

System Requirements

Below you can find the minimum system requirements for the free download and setup of Picture Motion Browser:

  • Processor: Intel Pentium III 500 MHz CPU or faster
  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 2000
  • Hard Disk Space: 400MB free for installation
  • RAM: 256MB
  • Direct Sound compatible sound card