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Simulator Farm 2011 is a Strategy PC game in which you will be in a farmer’s shoes and will have to work a lot of hours per day in order to keep going his business.

Care about the profits your farm produces, and try to raise its production and gains. You will be the only responsible for the success of this project.

Main characteristics

With this simulator you will have to perform the same actions a farmer has to do every day. You will have to feed your cattle and make them breed, but first you will have to choose if you want to own cows, sheep, or another kind of animal. And of course you can have more than just one species.

Some other of your tasks will be making hay bailing, cutting wheat, and make your crops grow. Users will have the possibility of choosing among a wide range of tractors which look pretty real and other farming machinery such as seeders, balers, harvesters and combine harvesters…

No matter if you want to focus on the agriculture, in the cattle, or manage both at the same time, you will be able to sell your products to a small market of your region or maximize your production and try to reach a massive one.

Players of Simulator Farm 2011 can play in multiplayer mode which will give them the possibility to take care of their farm together with any friend, sharing its management.

Alternative software

If you are interested in online farm games we can find Farm, a game with which you will also be the responsible for your cattle and crops and furthermore will offer you 3D graphics.

On the other hand, besides farm games there also are games that simulate real life situations like Bus Simulator. Thanks to this game users will be able to experience the driving of a bus without having to acquire a driving license.

Simulator Farm 2011 Features

These are the main features of the game:

  • The simulator includes more than 100 different tools and vehicles
  • Original and real brands such as Lamborghini, Horsch or Amazone
  • Different systems for the Career Mode
  • You can buy new fields, manage your money and animal husbandry
  • New multiplayer mode online or LAN
  • Dynamic terrain virtually made
  • Building of new constructions and objects
  • Animals in the simulator: Sheep, cows and chickens
  • New growth state

For further information check the creator’s web


Simulator Farm 2011 will allow users to experience farming as if they were in real life. Completing tasks, taking care of the cattle and of the crops and make the farm rentable.

Some features may be restricted

  • Multiplayer mode
  • Realistic
  • Full control
  • Graphics a bit outdated