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Call of Duty 1 Single Player

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One of the earliest prototypes of first person shooters set in World War II

By Kyle Daniels

On Monday, November 24, 2014

I’ve always loved the Call of Duty game series and the first game in the franchise is still a great game to play once in a while. In Call of Duty 1, you take on the role of an infantry soldier, armed with a couple of primary weapons and a handgun. You’ll also have grenades at your disposal.

You’ll be playing on a mission-based game level system, where you need to complete the current mission to be able to proceed with the next. Unlike the newer Call of Duty versions, the original allows you to load and save at any point in the game. You’ll also be able to use mounted, stationary weapons as you go forward in the game, such as machine guns and more. One of the things that I like with Call of Duty 1 is that whenever a blast or explosion rips nearby, my character experiences “shell-shock”, or the temporary ringing sensation caused by the blast, as well as blurred vision and slowed-down movement.

Also, your character will move along with other allied forces as you proceed with the mission, and if you’re under the Soviet campaign, your character will be blasting forward with a whole regiment of tanks.

Overall, Call of Duty 1 is one of the best original first person shooters still worth playing today.


  • Software lets you fight with AI controlled friendly units, such as soldiers and tanks
  • Awesome shell-shock blast effects adds to the game’s realism


  • Limited motion means a restricted gameplay but still exciting nonetheless




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Call of Duty 1 Single Player is a FPS game set up in World War II launched by Infinity Ward. It was first created as a PC game but over the years it has become one of the most commonly played videogames for PlayStation or Xbox 360.

The saga has increased its versions and now there are multiple game extensions creating fictitious or real environments. This first action game is the successor of Medal of Honor, another war game located in the same period.


Players can control three soldiers: a Russian, British and American who fight against the German army. The locations of this game are based on real war battles which happened in the same area during World War II.

You will play in three different campaigns, each of them from one soldier’s perspective. There will be other characters that you cannot take control of and your objective will be to fulfill all the missions to finish with the Germans. You cannot play the next level until you haven’t completed all the objectives of your current level.

You will have real World War II weapons to use. At first, you will be able to fight only with a few of them but, as you will succeed your missions, you will have the possibility of taking weapons from your dead enemies.

Call of Duty 1 Single Player Features

These are some of the main features of this videogame:

  • Three different campaigns available
  • Real WW II weapons and locations
  • Unlockable new weapons in every new level
  • You can choose to play with three different soldiers from three different armies, Russian, British and American
  • Improved AI that makes non playable soldiers act realistic

If you need further information you can visit the developer’s website

Realistic graphics and sound

What makes this FPS game stands out are all sounds and graphics which provide a lot of realism. As the characters are moving, they produce sound with their movements that makes its environment one of the most realistic ones.

When a bomb explodes near one of your characters he loss momentarily his vision and thanks to the game effects and graphic engine, it seems real for players which enjoy these kind of videogames.

Another feature is that artificial intelligence has been improved, as the rest of soldiers who are not playable differ from each other, they don’t have the same look anymore, an issue that has been removed since Call of Duty fans and other similar games such Counter-Strike wanted them to look different.


This action game comes along with improved and realistic graphics to provide users a better performance to enjoy their experience.

Some functions are restricted

  • Excellent graphics and sound
  • Variety of arms
  • Many characters
  • It may look outdated