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Virtual DJ Home 8.0.2139

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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Have you ever been to a disco hall and wondered how DJ’s always create nice music that always rings into your mind once you leave the club? DJs always have equipments that are quite expensive but if you don’t have one worry no more since you can download this application in your PC and speakers to act as a real DJ.

You can create good entertainment with this application by mixing your own music by dragging and dropping down the music to the software. The interface is quite simple and not complicated and can be used by anyone. I see it more convenient since you only need to click and drag music while the real DJ instrument you have to turn the tables and decks of the machines. It supports a wide variety of audio files and you can create your own playlist. It adds real time filters to your tracks and has a good learning curve. You can also process and apply effects on your music to create good entertainment. It is a free version that I’ve tried to use before and applying the effects and beats is quite easy.


  • It creates your own mixes.
  • It allows PC to act as a real DJ turntable.


  • It is complicated for beginners.
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browden your dj skills with the new virtual dj 7.4

By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, December 15, 2014

The virtual dj is a mixing softwares which has by far seen the light of users everywhere,it plucks the option of using decks to mix songs and videos and puts them in you desktop. Its simplicity has been welcomed very well because it is easier to user and at the same time free. optional plug ins are offered but this doesnt mean that you cant use decks to mix using this tool. There is an option where you can join external decks into your pc and use them to mix while choosing songs from your computer.

The virtual dj tool offers a vast selection of actions you want to undertake like displaying multiple screen decks depending on you screen resolution. Some sound effects come intergrated in vartual dj while some can be manually uploaded into the system, also there are some sound tweaks which come inbuilt like the brakes which makes the song currently playing stop as if it it has been haulted like a car.

Virtual dj also has video editing tools with which you can decide how you want the current or the next video to be displayed. By going to the settings you can choose all the devices you want to use with virtual dj and the type of output you want. The part where you want to scratch a song is a bit hard since you have to use a mouse if you dont have any mixing device added to virtual dj, the mouse is slow and doesnt give a 100% satisfaction rate.


we can expect to see more from the creators of virtual dj because the virtual dj is one of the most used tool in the music industry as it adds a touch of reality to audio and video


  • it is very user friendly
  • adding devices to the virtual dj is easy
  • there are free sound and video effects


  • requires an activation key .
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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, September 23, 2014

The art of djiing is great especially for professionals physically turn tables are used by Dj’s to accomplish the task of mixing audio or video mixes for entertainment. There are a lot Mixing software’s have been produced that one can use on their personal computers that simulate the actual machine and accomplish their task whether it is a live or recorded session.Virtual Dj 7.4 is a virtual audio and video mixing tool created by Atomix productions Inc. mainly for windows and mac operating system users. On this edition there are numerous decks and various skins which help in changing of appearances of the interface. All the aspects ranging from cueing, scratching, looping among other effect based features can be done on the music you are recording on this software. I actually like the fact that you can drag and drop music on the inactive decks and it will tell you the beats per minute which is essential in the mixing business. This way you can know which songs have close or matching beats per minute. The user can also access the music from their personal computer from the virtual Dj interface which is clever because it ensures that there is efficiency. This application also provides for recording of mixes as you create them on real time basis. It is simply a good tool for users who love Djiing.


  • It has a great interface.
  • It is simply a good tool for users who love Djiing.


  • It can be complex to new users.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • i am downloading the app for the purpose of occupation thatwould leed to entertainment to others as i use it as a dj in some home clubs and s

  • this is the djs software that has got a lot created for talented and enthausiasim peolpe who want to take the entertainment to the next level

  • practising dj at home when am not doing anytin so that when we have any party in our house i will be the one to play for them and playing in

  • I want to make use of it for personal use, the other one i downloaded was outdated so i need a newer and latest version. Anyways i love this

  • Recreational purposes. I want to play at different parties and become famous and make a lot of money and get rich an see the entire world so i can

What similar programs have you used?
  • media player,vlc,jetaudio,jukebox,mp3wizard,plug and play which are the best i have used so far, i want to try virtual dj as it seems its the best

What do you like most about this program?
  • enjoing listenig to my own mixing at home,friends come to hear me when am mixing neighbours,children, visitors,aunts auncles dads mums grand

  • This program is very user friendly and I know many people who are using it. There is also a sync option which makes it very easy for mixing the tracks.

  • i really love this programe because itbjdyybhujdsjmakes me fill the tune of the music when am doing my display show both at home or at school

  • i have not used any new programs beside the virtual dj home version 2012, this program has given me the basic ideas and now i need to explore

  • it is easy to use and very helpful for beginners. even when one is not understanding the program well he/she can be able to see what they need to do

Virtual DJ Home is a music application with which you will be able to mix your own tracks easily like if you were an actual DJ.

Especially designed to work with digital files, this application reproduces your music items while you can modify them in real time with the different options it provides. Mix different files with just a couple of moves or fade in and out the tracks in order to create a good opening or ending for your projects.

With Virtual DJ Home you can bring the party everywhere you want with your favorite playlists and your personal modifications.

Drop the music

In order to create your own track list drag and drop them into the application, this way they will be included on the main list and you will be able to select them with just a click. Then drop the files into the different decks provided and push the play button. Now you are ready to bring it out.

Virtual DJ Home acts like a real set with all its options and features. Select the BPM of the tracks manually or automatically, play with the pitch or add different effects to your projects to make them more personal and original.

Easy to use

One of the main good things about this application is that it is almost ready to work once it is installed. The functionality of this software is very simple since it is designed for all kind of users. If you never tried Djing before don’t worry, the interface is so intuitive that you won’t have any problem with it.

Now is the time to get your turntables spinning with good music and to record your own sessions directly from the program by selecting the options from the menu. If you want to share it directly through the Internet try opening a streaming channel.


The world of digital Djing have grown so much in the last decade. There are constantly new programs to try out in order to get the one that suits you better. You may check Zulu DJ if you want more quality for your mixes or even Traktor DJ Studio if you want the real feeling of vinyl in your fingers.

Virtual DJ Home 8.0.2139 Features

Check below the features of this application:

  • Support of a great variety of audio files
  • Create your own playlists
  • Compatible with external MIDI devices
  • Include your own audio libraries
  • Add real-time filters to your tracks
  • Mix your sessions and test your musical skills
  • Good learning curve

For further information check this link to the official website.


Virtual DJ Home is a good application for those who want to start in this world by getting the knowledge about the basics. Turn on your mixer and be ready because the party is about to start.

  • Good quality
  • Create your own mixes
  • Easy to learn
  • Not very advanced features