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FIFA 11 perfected the formula achieved in the past and remained the king of football.

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, February 4, 2016

The pass system has changed, becoming more demanding and balanced, satins inaccurate passes, requiring the player more measurement and placement centers and more effective in order to achieve a better balance between the air and the ball centers, and passing and uncheck previous games.

But certainly, improved game modes accounts for the Carrera, better organized than ever, we can play as a player, manager or player-manager mode. EA has unified arrangements of previous games in one, allowing several options, and making the player have created become our "Virtual Pro", a player may use for online 11 games to 11, and in other game modes, such as training the menus.

This integration of the "Virtual Pro" in the rest of the game is a great success, because it makes the career mode will become much more interesting, and that prevents start, play a couple of games because it makes you grace be evaluated and play with one player, and leave it to focus on the most classic or online versus modes. The player evolution system is fully integrated into the game, making better real-time. If playing a game we put a stunning goal as the player progresses we will see instantly, and the game will tell us as showing an achievement. Hits a shot into the top corner and immediately tells us that the game has improved our goalscoring ability and accuracy of our shots.


  • It was the first game in which you could play as the goalkeeper
  • Change some things not convinced and, above all, it gives more importance to the players and their characteristics


  • No striking novelties introduced, reinventing what already had




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play and eperiece the awesome game of football in my own personal computer , i am also bored with my studies i wanted to rela for sometime !

FIFA 11 is a football game developed by Electronic Arts. In this new version you will be able to control your favourite soccer players and take your club to the top.

This game has become a revolution among football videogames, as it has enhanced its gameplay and its character’s realism, which makes it a big competitor for Pro Evolution Soccer 2011.

Its graphic engine has not been so modified, but the behaviour of players is much better since creators have modified their faces according to real ones.

FIFA 11 Features

Below you will find some of the main features of this soccer game:

  • With Personality+ they have improved AI making players act like in real life
  • Personality+ makes the celebrations more real and like players do in real life
  • Now defenders can raise their hands to stop the ball when a player is going to shoot
  • Pro Passing system, passing balls have been improved
  • New 360º dribbling engine

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Many game modes in high quality

FIFA 11’s strong point is its graphic engine. In this football game, animations, graphics and AI provide loads of realism as you were on a real stadium.

It has also added a new game mode, Career mode, which offers the possibility of playing a character –player, coach or manager- during fifteen seasons. Besides, you can still enjoy of exhibitions, leagues and training.


FIFA 11 has come with many new features to offer football games’ fans along with improved graphics and sound in which you will control players full of realism.

  • Excellent AI
  • Personality+ system
  • Career mode
  • Goalkeeper control
  • Penalties are difficult