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Play This Football Game and Try to Score Many Goals as You Can

By Sam James

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Although, PES 6 is a bit outdated since it was issued years ago, I still find this football game interesting and exciting. It is undoubtedly one of the finest football games that I ever played. Though its graphics is not that appealing anymore as it was almost a decade ago, there are still gamers out there that can still appreciate the beauty of this game. In my opinion, the gameplay is quite realistic, and the movements of the players are more polished than its older versions. In addition, I like that there are lots of new tricks that players can do and also they have an aggressive attacking mentality. There are also lots of licensed teams that are included in this edition, plus player’s physiques are much better and they have a new hairstyle and new boots as well. In my opinion, PES 6 is an excellent football game with realistic gaming experience and lots of intense matches. This game is maybe old but I am sure it will still entertain you.


  • It has a realistic gaming experience
  • Lots of licensed teams are available


  • The game is a bit old



Winning Eleven Takes Center Stage in the International Soccer Video Game Arena

By Daren Garius

On Monday, September 1, 2014

You’re asking why Winning Eleven? It’s because in the US, South Korea, and Japan, PES is known as the Winning Eleven video game. Now enough trivia and let’s get to business. Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is marked as the first game in the PES Series to feature the International Challenge Mode. The Japanese version usually features this as a player who plays as Japan and bring the team through the qualifying rounds until they get to the International Cup and try to win it. In PES 6 however, players can choose which nation to play on the game. Players can choose from teams in Europe, South America, Asia, Central America, and North America. Before each game, PES 6 users can select teams and players as long as they have eligible nationality. In addition, even though the tournaments in PES 6 are not licensed, the qualifying rounds are almost the same as the qualification process in FIFA World Cup.


  • It features the PES Shop
  • Includes more challenging ball physics


  • Has no Manual Pass feature



An Excellent Game of Football with Better Gameplay and Realistic Movements

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Friday, July 25, 2014

I thought that PES 6 may appear to be just like the other past editions with no big time modifications. However, once I start playing the game, I suddenly feel the changes that make this soccer game a huge hit on the market. I noticed that the defending system has gotten much better which I find very challenging because every player is becoming aggressive and active, plus players’ movements here are more accurate and very realistic unlike the previous ones. The shooting here is a bit harder, and once the player got into a pressure situation, you will see a significant drop of accuracy and power of this shooting. Its graphics is not that attractive anymore since it is a bit outdated, but for me it is still playable with its fantastic gameplay, I am sure there are football game fanatic out there that will still enjoy playing this one. Overall, PES 6 is a brilliant soccer game that dramatically changed for the best. This game is certainly a must have.


  • Players’ movements are precise and realistic
  • It has a fantastic gameplay


  • Graphic is a bit outdated




For what are you going to use the program?
  • for enjoy life because i like football it is the best sport ever, i want also to play again with zinedine zidane, ronaldinho, ronaldo, thierry henry


  • enjoying my self im not going to use this progrm for something no l wil never do that noy at all and also program is going to help me improve more of my skills

  • Hobby and entertainment at home with all my male children, mostly those who are interested to soccer. This scholar holidays are welcome for such games; Thanks!

  • i am going to use this program because its the best and its very nice also pro evolution soccer contain the good players in history of football

What similar programs have you used?
  • Nothing beacause i m happy in the roof, african winners dodgers leaders vandals red devils club africain for ever , you ll never walk alone .

  • i have used fifa and another pes games but they werw not very good so they can suck my dong i wanna play this game as a proof that not all pes are bad

  • its from algeria i am a people at yamina oudai school my father works in a company softonic and play store in french my mother it is a dentiste

  • i used pro evolution soccer 2015 last year .it was very is a good sport that why i like to play fifa or pes 3 ..they are all same

What do you like most about this program?
  • like playing football and rally baseball, basketball, handball,scrabble voley ball, rugby, natation, marathon, boxe, catch, hunting, combat,

  • all of them .it s great and fantastic .cups and united of clubs are muny weile to do when you game have started i want to finished here cwecly

  • i like this program because it is very fun i enjoing playing with my friends pro evolution soccer in holidays simply this game is my favorite

  • what I like most on this program is playing football with freinds and my favorate theams are real madrid bayern ac milan manchester united and juventus

  • this program is really great, it helps in relaxing, i like its features, it doesn't need many experience to use it, it has full and perfect guidance. thank u

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is a football simulator with which you can play with several clubs and a wide variety of National Teams with a great gameplay control.

Years have passed by and we find a new PES version annually, but this one of 2006 is different. Now you can find people playing this edition online due to the realistic control of the players and the movements of the ball this game offers.

Get started with your Master League in order to become the best football team on the world. You can choose to start with a bad team which will improve with a regular evolution or to play as an actual team with their best players, the decision is yours.

PES6 ’s Gameplay

PES6 offers a good game control with great possibilities during the match. You can change everything like the strategy, players’ positions and even the attitude that can be offensive, defensive or neutral. The performance of your players will depend on their physical form so take care of them and don't let them be injured.

The way you make your game style affects the yield of your sportsmen. If you abuse of them with running they will be very tired and may fail at making even easy passes. Take a good look into the game and wait for your opportunity to go full throttle.

Alternatives available to download

Many gamers argue about which is the best football simulator. PES has many fans in the world, but FIFA 13 is also a popular game so you will have to decide yourself which one is better.

If you want something different, United Football is a massive online game which is addictive enough for you to give it a chance.

Pro Evolution Soccer 6 Features

The main features of this game are:

  • First in adding the International Challenge Mode
  • Random Selection Match
  • Users can buy uniforms
  • Improved celebrations when players score a goal (additional content in PES shop)
  • Online multiplayer game
  • Licensed leagues (Ligue 1, Serie A, Eredivisie, La Liga)

For more information, you can visit the developer's website .


Pro Evolution Soccer 6 is a real classic among football simulators released in 2006. Experience the thrill of a match, be smart and the victory will be yours.

Some functions are restricted

  • Good gameplay
  • Online multiplayer
  • Player editor
  • It doesn’t have all the team licenses