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An easy and cheap way of communicating with your loved ones

By Reka Gimbi

On Monday, September 1, 2014

VoipDiscount is a communication software used to get in touch with people through internet connection. It is a phone system where you are not required to have a land line but communicate through the internet connection. This make it very cheap. The way you make your connections give you more options to communocate with more people.

It gives you 300 call time minutes per week and when you exhaust your 300 minutes you pay for the rest until the following week where you get some more 300 minutes. This is a computer application very cheap indeed used in communication.

If you like talking too much over the phone, go for VoipDiscount, talk all you can and you will leave nothing out not said because you do not have to worry about running out of airtime.

However free Voip discount if to use it has its terms and conditions. If you do not exhaust your weekly free talk time, they can not be carried forward to the following month, they will be cleared and be issued with some more weekly free talk time. You can also send free sms to your friends for free even to their mobile phones.


  • Free to use all over the world through internet connection
  • Can send free sms to one another
  • Has an option for black list to avoid disturbing people


  • Resets every week so can not carry forward the free talk time
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By Shikoh Kariuki

On Wednesday, December 10, 2014

VOIP discount is a good communication tool that can be used in the office since it is cost effective. It allows you to connect your landline phone to an internet connection though you can only use it with users using VoIP discount.

VoIP discount allows you to make calls through wifi and you can call directly from the browser. It has a local access number where the cost is similar and it gives you 300 free minutes per week but once they are over you can still get more. You can make a contact list and save your friend’s contacts and it allows sending free text messages. The application has the ability to determine fraud callers and put them on the blacklist. Not only calling landlines you can also make calls to mobile devices. The application has an ability of determining an area code automatically and you don’t have to keep on looking for an area code if you don’t know it.

For office users who talk more to clients and their other branches they should not worry of the cost of calling since this is the perfect communication tool and the interface is quite easy to use and simple.


  • You can call worldwide at free charges.
  • It has free sms It is able to determine fraud callers


  • It is not available in some countries.
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Now stop counting seconds on international phone calls with VoIPDiscount!

By Elizabeth Tweetee

On Friday, August 1, 2014

VoipDiscount software is a boon to all emigrants as it provides worldwide calls at affordable prices. It is revolutionary communication software that allowed people to keep in touch with their dearest ones without counting seconds.

VoipDiscount can be activated by purchasing one from the wide range of tariff plans at discount prices. You can call landlines or mobile phones as you like through it. You can connect by either dialing the number or by selecting a saved contact. That means you can use it as a virtual phone. VoIP calls are very cheap and you can save a lot of money by using it. Also, you won’t have to pay for the in-call alerts while making international phone calls.

VoIPDiscount is great software for making worldwide calls at cheaper rates. It lets you connect with the world without emptying your purse. If you are one who makes a lot of national and international calls, you should definitely try this software!


  • Affordable tariff plans for connecting with world
  • Amazing call quality with less noice
  • No paid alerts on dialling
  • Intuitive user interface makes it better


  • Not affordable in some countries
  • VoIP restrictions in some countries can hinder it
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • To communicate with parents, relatives, other family members, friends in order to exchange messages related to day today information such as family and social circle matters.

  • calls to communicate with the employees and potential clients our business is still growing and we are trying by all mean to cut overhands cost

  • for calling friends and family members while using network with best quality rates and free for many countries on land line nos even some mob

  • i want to use the programe to call african countries like nigeria,south africa and america because is the cheap program to make internet calls.

  • to make calls and chat with my family members in India as well to get one of the best mobile voip dial companies available in the world and a

What similar programs have you used?
  • i used action voip which is also good but my friend told me that voipdiscount also good app so thats why i want to download this program as well

  • voipconnect i have used but its frequently disconnecting and sounds also not properly working so need to download this software which can be

  • Similar no other programs i used before this program i want to download to talk family and friends i hope its a good software people can enj

What do you like most about this program?
  • for make call without counted time,and we can use all over country.no need worry about local money and SIM signals,once recharge don't worry for balance.

  • this program is very good to make international calls any where and any time in the world to anyone whomever i like that keeps the contact alive and usual happiness

  • For people like us who wants to talk to the family and friends for a long time without spending much money, VOIP discount applicationis the best shot.

  • not bad product but very bad service still have problems with it cannot talk to any support people , and I am a ceritified MS engineerer so do understand the program

  • good connectivity,effective communication , cheaper call rates easily to operate .Have been using this for years together,liked the way it gets connected even to the remote location

VoipDiscount is a communication software that is used to get in touch with people through an Internet connection, with different choices available.

This client allows you to contact with the people you know through VoIP calling, that is the Internet phone system. This way of communicating is cheaper than the traditional landline calls, since you are not required to have a phone line to make a call.

You can not only call to other VoipDiscount users, but also regular phones using the functions it provides through your connection.

VoipDiscount as a way of calling people

VoipDiscount gives you 300 free minutes per week to be used as you please. Once you've spent your minutes, the cost of the service will be the same as your local price. But don’t worry because you can get more free minutes each week or buy them on the developer’s page.

It's performance is quite good; it allows you to communicate with whoever you want through your personal computer with all the facilities it can provide. You are asked to create a new account in order to access to the contents and features of the program.


If you want to try out similar applications you have Skype with all it's features, also for free. For mobile devices you can download Tango which lets you call and chat with your contacts.

VoipDiscount 4.14 Features

This VoIP has several features, detailed below:

  • Make phone calls through WiFi SIP
  • Calls directly from your browser
  • Send free SMS through your computer to any mobile phone
  • Make calls with low rates thanks to its Local Access Number feature
  • You don’t have to dial the area code
  • Resell the service
  • Save your contacts list
  • Chat with your contacts
  • Avoid undesirable calls by creating a blacklist

If you want to read more information, you can do it here


VoipDiscount is a simple VoIP application which can be useful for calling your friends and relatives in an easy and fast way. Create your account and be ready to use it's service for as long as you want.

  • Free calls
  • Chat service
  • Very customizable
  • Only available in certain countries