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Make International Calls to your Loved Ones at Very Low Rates

By Reinalei Jamir

On Wednesday, April 23, 2014

I was searching for a cheaper way to communicate with family and friends while I was traveling when I came across VoipDiscount. It provided me with a spontaneous broadband telephony that I used to contact my loved ones, no matter where I was. Through the use of the Voice over IP technology, I was able to send SMS messages and create cheap calls on the Internet.

Good thing for me, it supports both mobile and landline networks from around the globe. What’s more, it charges no taxes for many popular destinations. With the calls I make with VoipDiscount however, different rates are applied depending on the target country. Like the other instant messengers, I can also use VoipDiscount to chat with others. I can customize my profile with its status message and avatar features.

VoipDiscount can also be used as a regular phone. It includes features such as Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Call History, automatic phonebook pop-up, outgoing and incoming call notifications, and customizable hotkeys. It also has an integrated contacts book that can group contacts into categories for finding phone numbers quickly. A backup feature is available to prevent loss of data.

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative to Internet communication, VoipDiscount is the app that I can recommend. Stay in touch with your loved ones at a low cost, and if you can get them to create their own account, you can call and chat for free. Contacts from Outlook, Windows Live Messenger and Skype can also be imported.


  • Call rates are very cheap
  • Can import contacts from other instant messengers


  • Customer service is not always available for support
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Communicate with family and friends as much as you wish using VoipDiscount 4.14

By Jackson Mbindyo

On Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cost is the main factors that hinder people from calling their loved ones and friends as much as they could wish. Making international calls in Kenya especially using cell phones or landlines has been costly for most people. For instance it charges at least 0.85 usd or minute to make a call to the Middle East and more that 1 usd to make a call to Europe per minute. It becomes so expensive therefore to communicate but not any longer thanks to the VoipDiscount 4.14.

This software uses the internet phone system and allows users 300 minutes each week to call the people they want. This software allows users to make call without using mobile phone devices. If the user exhaust the minutes before the week comes to an end he/she can call by using the area call rate. This software allows the user to avoid unnecessary call by creating a list known as blacklist which includes number you can’t call.


  • • It is very cheap to use it because of the 300 minutes packages
  • • Does not need one to own a mobile device
  • • Can access number without using the area codes


  • • Only available for people who have internet connection
  • • Only available for computers only
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Free Calls to Landlines and Cheap Long Distance Calls via VOIP

By Christine Diaz

On Monday, May 19, 2014

If you find yourself frequently calling abroad to friends, family or even colleagues and racking up huge bills, it’s time to consider getting an application called VoipDiscount. It’s simple, easy to use and most of all; the call rates to international numbers are super economical. This application even allows you to call landlines from selected countries such as Argentina, Spain, Belgium, Greece and more for free!

There is a wide variety of options that cater to most user preferences. To make calls, you can install the application on your desktop PC, use your regular landline or even your mobile phone. Chat option is also available. The interface is user friendly and allows you to quickly check your remaining credit so you can effectively manage your call costs and avoid surprises when you receive your traditional monthly phone bills. Purchase of additional credit is also a breeze as there is an assortment of payment options that suit your preference from popular ones such as Visa to Mastercard up to Paypal, Western Union as well as WebMoney.


  • Free calls to landlines on selected countries
  • Flexible as it can be installed on PC, landline or mobile phone


  • Limited number of minutes per week for free calls
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to make calls and chat with my family members in India as well to get one of the best mobile voip dial companies available in the world and a

  • professionnel : i'm working for a great companie which asks me to be free all the time for customers. Also is very practice to have a telep

  • to make international calls back home in africa to speak with my chidren my siblings as well as friends and relatives others being in europe.

  • calls to communicate with the employees and potential clients our business is still growing and we are trying by all mean to cut overhands cost

  • only for calling to my coutryandother countries arround the world for cheep rates and free calls because i think its too cheap calls programme then oters

What similar programs have you used?
  • i used action voip which is also good but my friend told me that voipdiscount also good app so thats why i want to download this program as well

  • voipconnect i have used but its frequently disconnecting and sounds also not properly working so need to download this software which can be

  • Similar no other programs i used before this program i want to download to talk family and friends i hope its a good software people can enj

What do you like most about this program?
  • this program is very good to make international calls any where and any time in the world to anyone whomever i like that keeps the contact alive and usual happiness

  • not bad product but very bad service still have problems with it cannot talk to any support people , and I am a ceritified MS engineerer so do understand the program

  • good connectivity,effective communication , cheaper call rates easily to operate .Have been using this for years together,liked the way it gets connected even to the remote location

  • for make call without counted time,and we can use all over country.no need worry about local money and SIM signals,once recharge don't worry for balance.

  • For people like us who wants to talk to the family and friends for a long time without spending much money, VOIP discount applicationis the best shot.

VoipDiscount is a communication software that is used to get in touch with people through an Internet connection, with different choices available.

This client allows you to contact with the people you know through VoIP calling, that is the Internet phone system. This way of communicating is cheaper than the traditional landline calls, since you are not required to have a phone line to make a call.

You can not only call to other VoipDiscount users, but also regular phones using the functions it provides through your connection.

VoipDiscount as a way of calling people

VoipDiscount gives you 300 free minutes per week to be used as you please. Once you've spent your minutes, the cost of the service will be the same as your local price. But don’t worry because you can get more free minutes each week or buy them on the developer’s page.

It's performance is quite good; it allows you to communicate with whoever you want through your personal computer with all the facilities it can provide. You are asked to create a new account in order to access to the contents and features of the program.


If you want to try out similar applications you have Skype with all it's features, also for free. For mobile devices you can download Tango which lets you call and chat with your contacts.

VoipDiscount 4.14 Features

This VoIP has several features, detailed below:

  • Make phone calls through WiFi SIP
  • Calls directly from your browser
  • Send free SMS through your computer to any mobile phone
  • Make calls with low rates thanks to its Local Access Number feature
  • You don’t have to dial the area code
  • Resell the service
  • Save your contacts list
  • Chat with your contacts
  • Avoid undesirable calls by creating a blacklist

If you want to read more information, you can do it here


VoipDiscount is a simple VoIP application which can be useful for calling your friends and relatives in an easy and fast way. Create your account and be ready to use it's service for as long as you want.

  • Free calls
  • Chat service
  • Very customizable
  • Only available in certain countries