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Zombie Game Will Definitely Give You the Apocalyptic Adrenaline Rush

By Sam James

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

While keeping yourself alive and healthy in a zombie apocalypse, you will be initially equipped with the basics – a flashlight and simple clothing, no armor whatsoever. I like the thrill of it! At first, the game will allow you to explore a large 225 square kilometers of landscape. You get to investigate various places including houses, apartments, and barns where you can also scavenge for supplies. You will be able to gather food and water, things you need to prolong your life. Aside from the basics, players will be able to find additional clothing, so they can customize their character’s armor and add more storage for the supplies they can scavenge. Weapons are also available throughout the game. They are scattered in fact. Weapons are essential for protecting oneself not only from zombies, but from other players as well. There are currently more melee weapons available in the game, than firearms.


  • Supplies and weapons are available throughout the game
  • You can team up with other survivors


  • You character can die of diseases



Play this Apocalyptic Game and Survive No Matter what it takes

By Sam James

On Tuesday, August 11, 2015

If you are fascinated with zombie games then Dayz is a fine choice. For me, this game is very intense and thrilling. It is also very addictive. Though, this game is quite difficult at first, but once you understand its concept, I am confident that you will enjoy and will keep playing Dayz. I loved that this game is very challenging. You need to find necessities like food, water, medicine or even clothes just to survive this apocalypse. You really need to survive no matter it takes. I think the graphics are just fantastic, and the sounds are somewhat creepy. The game-play is just insane. You can ride the vehicle to move faster away from the zombies, and you can take into custody other players and steal their belongings just for you to stay alive. This game is a survival of the fittest. If you want to test your strength, as well as your survival instinct, you should play this game.


  • Very intense and thrilling game
  • It has a good graphics


  • It is quite hard at first



with dayz create your own virtual world by creating human beings

By Kevin Kimaita

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014


This game first of all when I played it,it seemed a lot of real to me and I hope you too if you also download it you will also feel the same.A player can fracture his legs,get zombie bites and also gets infections wow this is so real.The following can also happen one can get shock from a bullet wounds and the one thing that amazed me is that a character can faint due to low blood pressre I mean which game can be more amazing than this absolutely none!The main objective of this game according to me is to show that a human being needs the most basic things that are thirst,shelter and also hunger. Create your own virtual world with this game I mean be creative.


The following are the features of day z

Stunning graphics

Good sound play

The game is very realistic


This game I think tries to show how a human being behaves,


  • fun to play and one enjoys alot
  • great graphics makes the game look real


  • no storyline so makes the game boring
  • the game is addictive if one keeps on playing it.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • entertainment pourposes for gaming ok banana i really ran out of words to say so yeah im boerd now banana blue berry ice creame pi echarts are awesome

  • play with friends others around the world just to have fun and learn something out of on line survival games and teach how they should respect others

  • To eliminate my bordem by playing this very popular game for awhile and to find some new in game friends. I also don't have any pc games yet.

  • play the game i realy dont have much money so thats why i wanna get it from here my freind want me to play it as well hes a really nerd into this game

  • i want to kill zombies and thought it would be nice to play a different game other than call od duty it got a little boreing for me so looking for something new

What similar programs have you used?
  • There are many games like: Angry Bird, AK Online2, Condition Zero II, Counter Strids 1.8, Football winning eleven8, Need for Speed Most Wanted

  • none aplicable towards the ammount or type of programs i have used i do say i have aboy 50 charachters oh now its 24 almost done i bid youado

  • i ve used : The Forest,Rust,Fallout,but this game still my best game i ever played in my life it could be even better tah Grand Theft Auto 5

  • i have not yet used any simillar programs but i am trying this for the first time in my life hopping to use it more often if it is good thanks

  • softonic so i can low very important that i launch eligable vavlidate program it is ver simple and easy to use or you i want you to let me to

What do you like most about this program?
  • multiplayer is what i like the most.this message needs to be shorter. thank you very much. i m typing first thing that is on my mind. computer desk mouse etc

  • its fun to play and waste time during the day. Big fan of survivial games and zombie games so this game kind of just fits perfect into my life

  • Why the heck should I write such a long text just to get to another link that probably won't even be the download link for this game. Anyways, Zombies are quite nice.

  • the game is free and this is an awesome website that helps people who have no money to spend on video games because they grew up being poor.

  • I want to play a realistic enjoyable zombie game, havent played any 'hard' games on pc yet being used to xbox 360 and ps3 but am keen to join the pc gaming empire


DayZ is a survival horror videogame developed by Bohemia Interactive, only available for Windows PC. It is focused on multiplayer gameplay and open world elements. A huge success, this game sold over 80.000 copies in the first twelve hours and over 170.000 in twenty four hours after it was first released via Steam.

The main objective of the game is to stay alive for as long as you can in a city ruined by a zombie apocalypse. DayZ is set in Chernarus, a fictional post-Soviet state in which a virus has turned the population into violent flesh-eating beings. You have to explore the whole map looking for basic resources such as water, food, medicine or even clothes. Those items can be found by scavenging through houses, farms, abandoned vehicles, etc. To help you cross the vast map there are some vehicles available such as a bike - a fast and silent way to move without alerting anyone.

You can drive vehicles to move faster.
You can drive vehicles to move faster.

You have to take care of your character’s health, for instance feeding him correctly. Diseases are another major threat to your life, as your character can be affected by cholera, dysentery or hepatitis - contracting those by drinking polluted water or from the undead. However, you can resist disease by using the right medicines.

Survival of the fittest

When we talk about survival horror games we tend to think that zombies are the bad guys, trying to relentlessly eat whoever is still alive. But we are completely wrong. Zombies are just victims of the circumstances; the real bad guys are other survivors, and DayZ excels in demonstrating this fact.

The main objective is to stay alive as long as you can in a zombie apocalypse

Players can capture other players if they feel like it, keeping them as hostages or even handcuffing them to steal all their belongings. To prevent this happening to you, you are free to build a safe house in which you can gather all your objects so they can’t be stolen if you get caught. Additionally, you can clean up an area to make it safer for some time, as the undead will not re-spawn there for a while.

You have to team up with other trustworthy survivors to avoid being assaulted by hostile groups. You can communicate with other players using text and voice chat or using whispers, which allow you to send messages to other players across short distances. DayZ also offers radios that enable long distance communication, including encrypted frequencies and radio stations.

DayZ Full Version Features

Check out the features of DayZ before you download it:

  • A vast map: explore every corner of Chernarus to find food, water, guns, etc.
  • Realistic survival: take care of you character’s health to avoid illness and starvation
  • Take a ride: use vehicles such as the bike or the UH1H to save some time or escape faster
  • Cooperate to succeed: team up with other players, create a safe house and increase your chances of survival
  • Hunt or be hunted: fight against enemy survivors or capture them to steal their weapons

If you are interested in DayZ and need further information before you download it, feel free to check the developer’s official website.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements to download and run this horror title are:

  • Operating system: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: Intel Core 2.4 GHz or AMD equivalent
  • RAM memory: at least 1 GB
  • Video card: Nvidia GeForce8600GT or equivalent
  • Hard disk: 10 GB free space