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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Full Version




Antiterrorist fighting No. 1 in network continue in this new release of Counter Strike

By Juan Jesus Adalid Ramos

On Monday, January 18, 2016

A few years ago, one of the complaints was that Source "remained Counter-Strike". But it was a time when Counter Strike was everything, or almost, in the world of PC gaming and at that time maybe you could feel a certain weariness of him and his many attempts copies, a phenomenon that recurs every game which proves to be popular. Source eventually improved a lot and found his community, but the focus shifted to other games. Global Offensive comes to trying to revitalize a classic in a world where online gambling is more dominant than it ever was and the truth is that we feel lucky that we did. Perhaps the formula of Modern Warfare with progression systems and those lonely players playing Rambo is maintained at the peak of popularity for long. But it is good to know that Counter-Strike is still there: team play, the balance between the sides, the brilliance of the maps, tactical games and duels of pure skill. Hidden Path has done a great job and created a much more refined than it was version Counter Strike: Source in its infancy, making it a great starting point to begin. You may even end up many fans enjoying this 1.6 version and that's saying a lot. In any case, a large version of which we predict a long life.


  • The visual design of classic maps is striking.
  • Counter Strike formula remains unaltered


  • "Dirt" in the sniper peepholes
  • The absence of silencers on weapons




By Martin Maguna

On Tuesday, July 14, 2015


This is a great to play shooter game and it is all about you as the user having to finish some of the terrorists in the game and also prevent them from harming you and when they do harm you just forget about it because the game will be over. I can also say the sound track of the game is very real and this is because as you are playing the game and you just start shooting the game just looks very real and also there are grenades that you will have to pick and then throw at the enemies for them to die and also you cannot know your way around the area unless you have maps of the area which you will have to download and get know where those guys are.


There are advanced weapons in the game.

There are also various games mode to play


The game is just very classic


  • The game is very fun to play
  • The graphics of the game are just very excellent


  • the game is just very addictive




By Dann Kamau

On Monday, June 15, 2015

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Full Version

This version of the Counter Strike series comes as a latest edition of the series with a lot of improvements in design, features and special effects plus some additions. The game features two different squads, being the Terrorist squad and the Counter terrorist team. The plot behind the game is built on the current world crisis situation where we have murderous and suicidal terrorists and the Counter terrorist groups.

Besides the usual maps in earlier versions we now have additional maps to play the game in. Redesign has been carried out on earlier maps like de dust or de azter to bring them out in a more impressive way. We have real enhancements done on special effects e.g the effects of weapons shooting, spilling blood, injured characters etc come out very clearly as if it is a real life situation. The sound effects try their best to go along with the tempo of the action.

This game has five multiplayer modes to play in thus prolonging the duration of play. This game offers you an online multiplayer mode where you can play with friends. It has an online Leaders board where you can check your match scores to gauge your competency.


  • Version comes with very positive improvements in many areas
  • Offers five multiplayer modes to play in


  • It is a very addictive game




For what are you going to use the program?
  • gaming and stuff like that. Please just let me play the game. A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Now I know my abc's, next time won't you sing with me?

  • Im going to play it and level up forever and have lots of fun it will be fun thanks your welcome please let me get the game now before i go.

  • research for scientific purposes and i like to conduct a experimnet where does trolling affect the amount on anger in different people and players

  • lay and kill people get a good kd snipe maybe meet faze members yepp faze upi also want to see howgodd the game is because i never played this game in my whole entire life bro

  • to play with friends , i.e. want to play multiplayer through lan connection and enjoy each other by playing from morning till evening , that

What similar programs have you used?
  • counter srike 1.6 was i last used its so good aand i loved it very much if want to enjoy online game use thai website for more use u can consider

  • team fortress 2,minecraft,need for speed underground 1,2,roblox,pokemon go,slash mobs,tap titans,growtopia,cs 1.6,tanki online,run 1,2,3,5,6

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  • ive used team fourtress 2 and gmod aka garrys mod. and you can get cool weapons and skins in counter strike global offensive thats why i want

  • the similar programs i have used are stream media and blue stacks and i have also played super smash flash 2 on pc by myself may i please download counter strike now

What do you like most about this program?
  • This game is fun to play, a great MMOFPS to play if you come from other FPS games you will fall right into line..Multipule weapons along with character mods

  • its free and i love that most of the frippllling games are here. one of the best websites i have ever used positive reviews from all my friends

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  • This program provides an easy to use website that allows me to locate things easily and find new games that are actually playable also great

  • killing fun adrenalin head shots ball shos and every thing how much is hould writ i don now even i can put in words what i like about counter strice its crazyyy


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is the last edition of the CS series and is one of the most popular online First Person Shooters. This team-based title consists of two different squads: terrorists and counter-terrorists, with different objectives in which you will try to take down the opponent. Developed by Valve, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is one of the most played games worldwide; as one of the leaders of the industry, it infamously pioneered the FPS competitive genre, present on the main e-sports tournaments.

With an improved Source graphic engine, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive really impresses technically. The classic maps are now redesigned for this edition, bringing maps like de_dust or de_aztec to life in an impressive way. The developer also includes new maps to download periodically. Effects such as the spilled blood or weapons shooting are enhanced from CS Source, making Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to seemingly more realistic. The sound effects try to emulate real steps and real shots of every weapon, and in this aspect it creates an immersive environment when playing with headphones.

Regarding the multiplayer gameplay, we return to the roots of FPS with some new contributions. As in the classic title, the game is divided into a number of rounds. Each one of those rounds will finish once all the members of a team are eliminated or when one team fulfills a map objective such as rescuing hostages or successfully exploding the C-4 bomb in marked areas of the scenario.

More game modes

The difference between this game and the original launched several years ago, is that it now includes several game modes that increase the duration of the game. Not all of them are online multiplayer, there are some modes focused on playing against bots in a local area. As always, you will be able to play in classic maps with the same gameplay, but in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive there are new modes.

One of these new modes is the Arms Race. Taking as a starting point the classic deathmatch - this new mode forces the player to change the weapon once they eliminate an opponent. You will start with good weapons, but in the final part you will be armed only with a knife. This mode will test your skills with different arms and your competencies in different game modes. The online mode delivers new leaderboards for keeping check of your match scores.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Full Version Features

These are the main features of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

  • Five different multiplayer modes
  • New Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist units
  • Increased number of maps
  • Source graphics engine better developed
  • New weapons added such as the incendiary grenade
  • Achievements included in this new version
  • Classic gameplay adapted to nowadays titles
  • Free skins to download

If you want to know more about this game you are free to check the official website .

System Requirements

Here you can find the minimum system requirements for the download of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or later
  • Processor: AMD Phenom X3 8750, Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 or faster
  • Memory: 1GB RAM for XP or 2GB for Vista or more
  • HDD: 7.6GB free space
  • Video Card compatible with DirectX 9 and 256MB