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For what are you going to use the program?
  • for playing online with my friends and get more entertained this is the only software to do that and at my home i can play with many peoples

  • I will use this program to play with my friends online So that we can have lots of fun and I can cheat and be crowned king of the mountain you see

  • I am gonna play a game and i need some type of program to open servers for me.that's why i am using gameranger btw i have already used gamer

  • I am going to use gameranger to play need for speed undergroung 2 online with people all over the world in order to pass some good quality time

  • i want use these programe to entre in game age of empires 3 and play with my frend in internet online so please let me download it before they go

What do you like most about this program?
  • not needed to say my friend that i am hosting and also its easy to find out country host and low ping server easily :) :D vai r koto koitam b

  • Like an all-powerful Force controlling everything, GameRanger, a free Mac and ... Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain review: future legend.

  • easy to find servers & play online games with people from anywhere around the world in a short time & by a simple click that's all what i know

  • multiplayer gaming friend chatting hosting joining gameplay easier way to join online servers support every game almost meets the need of users

  • enjoying latest function animated contact with friends not boring at all good for time pass learning for children light weight for pc for process

GameRanger is a gaming service which enables users from all over the world to interact with each other and organize multiplayer games.

As if you were in a community site, GameRanger allows you to get in touch with other gamers and play with or against them as it is compatible with more than 600 games. Moreover, thanks to its available chat sessions you will be able to speak with other users and exchange experiences and stories with them.

Besides, it is a very simple software to use as it imitates the aspect of a typical community site, with the classical chat rooms and users searching. However, it comes integrated with unique features such as game rooms or personalized profiles. Users can customize the application too.

Main characteristics

As mentioned above, GameRanger supports more or less 600 online games you can play with by yourself or accompanied with the rest of the people that integrates this community. Just join a game room and start playing with them by double-clicking over it. As simple as it is, this program is suitable for all sorts of users; the only requirement is for you to like to play.

Its installation is pretty simple and you will only need to create a user account in order to join and then create your profile so the rest of the members can recognize you. Moreover, it comes integrated with chat rooms for instant messages where you can speak with the rest of the players and exchange with them strategies or tips from the games.

GameRanger 4.9 170610 Features

  • Supports more than 600 online games
  • You can play with other community’s members
  • Easy installation
  • It has chat rooms integrated
  • Suitable for both PC and online games

If you want further information about this platform, you can visit the developer’s website /p p

Other alternatives to GameRanger

There are different alternatives to GameRanger in terms of communication with other people over the Internet. As an example, we encourage you to check TeamSpeak Server, which enables you to speak through the Internet with other people by using a microphone.

Another possibility SHOUTcast Server, an application that allows you to share the music you have gathered in your computer with your friends and relatives through the Internet by using Winamp Full.


Enjoy an improved experience while playing games by doing it with several people thanks to the community site built by GameRanger.

  • Free software
  • Incorporates more than 600 games
  • Multiplayer features
  • Too basic interface