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Fast Internet 27.0.1460

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There are many ways to browse the internet but no Browsers has been able to offer a truly customizable experience. This will change once you have downloaded and installed Fast Internet.

The name of Fast Internet might not be a good indication when it comes to what it does. Indeed, this is a utility for browsing the internet. Fast Internet has landed in a field that has been long dominated by big players like Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. However, Fast Internet is free and does not have a marketing agenda as the aforementioned competitors.

A smart browsing engine

With this tool, you have access to a fast load of web pages. The interface of the browser is free of ads and other unnecessary features. Just like with Firefox, it can let you browse the internet anonymously. You can open as many tabs as you desire and the automatic session restoration feature is the best asset of this application in our opinion. When it comes to internet downloads initiated from this program, you will be blown away at how fast the speed is.

There is no one in the field of web browsing like Fast Internet. You will be free to browse the internet exactly the way you want. In addition, the browser has a very small toll on most Windows machines. It also sports a smart search engine that will return the results you were expecting. Your safety and privacy are two aspects that this browser takes very seriously.

Fast Internet 27.0.1460 Features

The main features of this web browser are the following:

  • Safe navigation
  • Intelligent engine to find the correct page you want
  • No ads and toolbars
  • No additional software required (add-ons)
  • Fast performance

If you want to know more about this software, you can visit the official site .

Although being a newcomer, this software is simply the best web browser.

  • No ads or toolbars
  • Comes with a search engine
  • Very light interface
  • Offers an anonymous browsing
  • Has known issues with some extensions
  • Might crash when overloaded