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Advanced Mobile Care 4.6.1 is the only application that allows monitor your idle applications.

By Kim Kiruma

On Monday, June 1, 2015

For any android device user, the question of how long the battery will last poses the biggest worry. At time we get to open many applications that end up sucking on the long life power of the device battery. When left unattended they can lead to an eventual outburst of the battery. Hence the solution to this is made possible with only a push of a button. How? Many would ask.

Advanced mobile care is the sole solution to this it enables one to shut down any idle application that is left running. As an add-on this application comes in with a feature that allows one to Scan, detect and contain malwares that might be highly dangerous to any device.

This application comes with a “Call Blocker” that enables one to restrict any calls that you do not want to receive at any one time. This is all made possible by a touch of a button. With Advanced Mobile care your phone security is taken to another level by ensuring that for every login access there is a password required.


  • Built in antivirus and malware scanner
  • Enables one to monitor the battery consumption by applications.
  • Easy to use and easy interface


  • Trial version and its ability to be stable not yet established
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By Frank Kanyua

On Monday, September 1, 2014


Basically advanced mobile care is the best care for android phones i have ever used.This application will save you alot because its a full pack,with all the essential needs of a phone.Its very easy to use since you only have to click a button and the application does the rest for you.The application will access you phones information and carry out the needed fix.


.Turn off all dormant apps that consume battery power when not in use thus will expand the life span of your battery

.Scan and remove all malware in your phone

.Will fix all the glitches in your phone and make games run smoothly and have better graphics display

.The app also works as a tracker.It creates a signal beam when activates and can thus be used to pin point the location of the phone,the signal can also be used to disable the phones functionality

.It also acts as a blocker for all those unwanted calls and messages

.The application also creates a private base where you can protect all sensitive information under the control of a password


Android 2.2 or later


If you have ever been worried about which is the best app to protect you phone then try advanced mobile care and you wont be dissapointed.


  • The application is free of charge
  • The real time gps tracker is brilliant


  • I havent had any disadvatages
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By Hande Njr

On Wednesday, January 28, 2015

This is a product of I Obit, and it is a freeware thus user can enjoy it free of charge. It is specific to android devices and it offers the user a mixed aspect in relation to maintaining their android device and ensuring that it is protected thus security. It has a simple interface that any type of user can easily use it without a problem hence ensuring that it is user friendly which is the most important aspect in relation to software development. In terms of security the application ensures that your phone is virus free among other threats like malwares thus complications arising from viruses will be history when one uses this application. In terms of maintenance or rather management of your phone, this application does a lot especially in relation to how your installed applications can be properly managed to ensure smooth running of your android device. This application is known to; block text messages and calls, ensure battery is saved when desired, Real time scanning of the device for viruses, privately store Medias, Backing up you desired data and has an anti-theft feature which is amazing. It is a great application for android device users.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It has a simple interface.


  • It is specific to android users.
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For what are you going to use the program?
  • to fix my phone from being in the blacl mode where there is no icons on the screen and I can't use it any more or making any kind of calling

What similar programs have you used?
  • Avast anti-virus for mobile phone users program version 11.2.2262 and McAfee Antivirus plus with support and warranty and Ccleaner Free V.5.18 5607 (64-Bit)

What do you like most about this program?
  • i like security and antivirusYou Your download is always availabl are about to download Advanced Mobile Care 4.6.1 from our server Advantages:

Advanced Mobile Care is a security suite which keeps your phone and tablet devices under control.

You can check your device at any time you want. What you have to do is to press the big button “Scan” which is in the main window of this application and Advance Mobile Care will make an exhaustive analysis of them. Also, this analysis is made when you download the application automatically, and it searches for malware, junk or cache files.

Anti-theft application and Call Blocker

Sometimes we don’t close apps that are consuming an important part of the battery. This will never happen again with Advance Mobile Care as it will close every app that we don’t need in that moment, saving battery and reducing our consumption in general. In addition, you can do it by yourself choosing which one you want to close or doing it in a bulk.

Your battery consumption will be generally controlled all the time thanks to a new system that lets you know when it will be discharged. Also, you will be able to reduce some applications’ battery consumption that you don’t need at all at certain critical percentage of it.

Besides, if you are always worried about if a theft steals your phone or tablet, Advanced Mobile Care includes an Anti-theft application. First of all, you have to include a password and then, if someone steals your device, you could ask for a geographical location or just block it.

In the case you are swamped with unwanted calls from unknown people, you will love “Call Blocker”. This tool lets you obstruct calls from specific numbers or for everyone who is not in your contact list.

Your files can be kept under a password if you want, thanks to the Privacy Locker. This allows you to be secure and free of any intruders because they won’t see any file within this tool.

Advanced Mobile Care 4.6.1 Features

Here you can find the unique features of Advanced Mobile Care:

  • Real-time virus scans
  • Remove malware and clean junk files, memory and cache
  • Anti-theft: once you set a password, you will be able to lock, alarm or get location of your mobile
  • Battery saver: extend battery life and tell you the apps which consume the most
  • Call Blocker: you can block undesired calls
  • Game Speeder to launch games and run them smoothly
  • Uninstall applications or transfer them to a SD card
  • Display applications which access your personal information (contacts, SMS or any kind of personal data)
  • Privacy Locker to hide personal videos and images
  • Backup and restore information related to contacts or call logs from other devices

For further information about this security tool, you can take a look at the developer's site .

Other alternatives

Avira AntiVir Mobile is an easy application destined exclusively to protect mobile phones. It works as a computer antivirus. If it detects something strange, it will be erased in that moment.

Also, ZoneAlarm Security Suite is a great solution if you are looking for an extra protection at your computer. Besides, it includes a parental control for children.


Advanced Mobile Care will make you feel safer thanks to its protection in case of steal or just by keeping under control your files. Also, with this application you will never have problems again with you battery consumption.

  • Continuous protection
  • Free
  • Anti-steal system
  • Control over the battery consumption
  • Just destined to beginners