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SkyMI 1.0.2

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SkyMI is a VoIP freeware that allows you to have different open Skype accounts at the same time. Then, you can use for example both your personal and professional accounts without logging out and logging in the whole time.

It’s very useful software which helps you by saving some of your time. You can keep two conversations at the same time in an easier and safer way.

Main characteristics

SkyMI lets you keep more conversations open simultaneously in different Skype accounts. Can you imagine how much time will you save? You won’t be ever worried about not being in touch with your friends or with your co-workers!

The beginning of both sessions is done automatically, so you don’t have to introduce your passwords. But for being safer, SkyMI allows you to include a password that will open the different accounts at the same time. This way, we can avoid the phishing and our privacy will be under control.

This application also consumes just a little resource and it’s very comfortable to use. Its interface is quite simple and easy. The only thing you have to do is to enjoy the conversations and don’t confuse one with another!

Other alternatives

VoipCheap is another VoIP tool used mainly to communicate with other people in different countries. It doesn’t allow you to manage different accounts at the same time but you can use it in the telephone too. You can also try PC-Telephone which is a utility quite simpler than the others but specialized in communication between the desktop and the phone.

SkyMI 1.0.2 Features

Here you can see the useful features of SkyMI:

  • It allows several Skype account in the same client
  • You can set a master password for your application
  • You can manage each account separately
  • It encrypts your personal account information
  • Log in automatically each account
  • Updates checking

For more information you can check the official .


If you are a fan user of Skype and the need to change the accounts to talk to your friends and to your boss always annoys you, SkyMI is the freeware you were looking for! You can use several Skype accounts at the same time in an easier and safer way.

  • Free
  • Multiple conversations
  • Creation of a general password
  • Security problems