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For what are you going to use the program?
  • private use only for my own use as an individual in as much as I represent that which is autonomous and free willed with agency and a single minded purpose

  • i amn going touse this program to stop ads on my pc from spotify i expect mnot to find viruse s nice shot if ur goin to infect me i'll kill u

  • blocking ads on spotify so that I can write my paper in peace. Ive heard its the best program for this but haven't had the chance to try it yet

Blockify is a spam silencer which avoids advertisements from interrupting your enjoyment of music on your Spotify session.

If you are tired of listening to annoying adverts between song and song on your free Spotify account, this software might be the tool you have been looking for. Blockify looks for spam and silences it, so thanks to this application you will never have to deal with it again.


Simplicity overall

Presenting itself with a simple design, the user may be able to manage all of the tools from the program’s main window. It does not include infinitude of useless functions that make the program a mess.

Along its simplicity, Blockify also offers the advantage of not having to be installed in the computer. This characteristic, which guarantees little resource consumption, will let you run the software the moment you download it into your computer.

Other available options

Blockify is not the only security system you can find for free. If you are looking for protection for your computer, you can benefit from software like AdwCleaner, a tool used to erase unwanted content like toolbars or spyware.

It is true that toolbars can get a little bit annoying, so a convenient program in order to prevent them from appearing is Toolbar Cleaner, which helps you remove these toolbars.

Blockify 0.4 Features

These are some of the main features of this tool:

  • Silences ads while listening music in Spotify
  • Intuitive interface
  • Concentrates all options in only one main window
  • Works also as lyrics searcher
  • It doesn’t need to be installed on the PC

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Blockify appears as the advisable software in order to avoid spam and adverts on Spotify. Although it does not delete them, muting ads seems to work perfectly as it lets you enjoy your music without a break.

  • Silences ads
  • Integrates keyboard hotkeys
  • Works efficiently
  • Simple handling
  • Needs Spotify to be open to use keyboard hotkeys