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Start Menu 8 is an OS utility that picks up Window’s old start menu and brings it back to life with advanced features.

Progress is the key to the future, and Windows must certainly know it. So when clients started to complain about missing the classical start menu on their Windows 8, instead of launching the same old bar people already knew, they came up with a revolutionary item integrated with the newest enhancements. However, this tool still incorporates the spirit of Windows’ traditional bars.

It is no secret why more than twelve million professionals have already downloaded it, as it includes many advances. From allowing you to add more tabs—so you have the chance to enter into your disks, control panel or folders from the menu—to letting you personalize different utilities on the menu, like picking different icons for the start button.

How to use

Not only will the traditional list of folders be shown once you push the Windows key, but you will also unchain a list of different program folders so you can get instantaneous access to them. In case you do not find what you are looking for in the list, Start Menu 8 incorporates an efficient search bar.

In this way, it presents an easy and direct way of running your programs or shutting down the computer from the main menu. It also includes the option of programming a time-activated turn off.

Start Menu 8 Features

These are the main features of this Windows software:

  • Brings back the same old Start Menu to Windows 8 but without difficult configurations
  • It is compatible with Metro Interface, being able to switch between both visual styles in just an instant
  • More customizable than the bare visual theme that Windows 8 brings by default
  • Copies Windows 7 Start Menu options, with a quick search field for finding files and applications by typing into it
  • It allows you to configure functions, or even edit them, from the screen corners

Ifyou want to know more about this application you can check its official website.

Other options

This software is similar to other OS add-ons that you can get for free and are based on modifying Windows 8 interface. As an example there is Windows 8 Menu Switcher, a tool recommended if you are having problems with the new system, that permits you to replace the Windows Metro Style for the classic menu toolbar.

However, if what you are looking for are more utilities than Windows 8 usually offers, Metro UI Tweaker for Windows 8 is what you need as it incorporates some features you do not usually get on the OS.


In Start Menu 8, tradition and revolution hold each other’s hands in order to offer you a product you will benefit from if you are experiencing trouble getting used to Windows 8’s new interface.

  • Simple and efficient
  • Can return to Metro Style without uninstalling
  • Direct shut down
  • Difficult text display